Smash Cops iOS Action Game Download

London Based Hutch Games released Smash Cops, an interesting action game for iOS platform priced at $2.99. If you have an iOS device running the 4.2 or later platform your set. You play the game from the perspective someone in a helicopter following a police chase like the infamous O.J. Simpson slow chase in the early 90s. The Smash Cops game player chooses one of two types of controls: push or joypad. The controls take some time to get used to. In Smash Cops you (The Police) must “smash” the bad guys vehicles as they drive through the city. (more…)

Battle Group iOS Game Update

Bane Group released a big update to their naval battle game called Battle Group for the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch. Battle Group costs $0.99. Bane Group added ICloud support for syncing your progress in Battle Group on multiple devices, a new survival mode. Consumers can play Battle Group on their IPhones, IPads and IPod Touch devices. (more…)

King of Opera iOS Free One Day Only December 16th


Tuokio, an Finnish indie studio maker multi-player video games, are offering King of Opera for free one day only December 16th. In King of Opera gamers play the role of one of four tenors and must knock the other three tenors off the stage to steal the spotlight while avoiding a bull tenor with super power. You can play against the computer or with your friends and family or complete strangers. (more…)

Lumi IPad Puzzle Platform Game

Foundation Games released Lumi , an HD action puzzle game for the IPad priced at $2.99. The game features Lumi, a creature who players must guide to save the universe. Darkness reigns in this universe but Lumi has the ability to lighten things up so to speak. Using Lumi’s abilities players must use magnetism and light through the keyboard controls to play Lumi. Foundation Games plans to release Lumi for the IPhone and IPhod Touch December 20th. (more…)

Angry Chickens iOS Game Download

Angry Chickens iOS Game Screenshot

Angry Birds, Angry Zombies, Angry Bomb, Angry Hippo, Angry Frogs, Angry King Kong, Angry Viking, and now Paulo Reis and Digital Minds released Angry Chickens, both in lite and paid versions on Apple’s iOS platform both for the IPhone and IPad not to be confused with the Angry Chicken game available in the Android Marketplace which isn’t the same game. (more…)

Candy Carnage Free Android Game Download

German based Handy Games released Candy Carnage, a free Android game download. Children and families may want to avoid Candy Carnage.
Candy Carnage takes place in Candyland where the local butcher boys, apparently bored with life, decide to corral the princesses of the land into meat grinders. The game player must save the princesses by tapping your finger on each prince before she sinks into the meat grinder. (more…)

Superman IPhone IPad Game Download

Who’s “faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”? That’s right Warner Bros, DC Comics have released Superman for the iOS platform in partnership with Chillingo and Tiger Games priced at $0.99. The IPad HD version costs $2.99. The iOS version of Superman offers consumers action packed side scrolling fun. We were pleasantly surprised. We wonder if Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the creators of Superman, would approve.

Superman IPhone Game Download $0.99
Superman IPad HD Game Download $2.99

This iOS version of Superman opens with Lux Luther announcing his company’s launch of satellite designed to prevent global climate calamity. Obviously Superman smells more of a Lux Luther created calamity. He investigates and discovers a force field surrounds Lex Luther’s satellite. Without walking you through whole plot the game does offer $0.99 worth of fun.

Like a few of the newest iOS games they built control buttons right into the screen with the directional button on the left and the action buttons on the right. You have to fly and fire the heat ray at moving targets which takes some practice. So far we have enjoyed the IPHone version of Superman after playing the first four levels. We will report our progress throughout the week.

Snap Trap iOS Puzzle Game Download

8 Bit Grenade released Snap Trap for the iPhone 3 GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd & 4th generation iPod Touch priced at $2.99. 8 Bit Grenade says Snap Trap uses Apple’s touch screen technology, in an unique and intuitive way. We aren’t sure about that but the game looks like a souped version of the classic game Snake and consumers think twice about paying $2.99 for Snap Trap. (more…)

Zombie Gnomes Attack Android Game Download

Arowx Games released Zombie Gnomes Attack for Android phones for $0.99. We would describe Zombie Gnomes Attack as a first person shooter as the Zombie Gnomes relentlessly come at you like Kamikaze piloted planes. (more…)

Babes Vs Robots iOS Game Download

Babes save the world! Babes save the World! Guess what happens in the iOS game Babes Vs Robots? In Babes vs Robots, the Babes, dressed like women from Wonder Woman’s island, launch weapons at invading robots. The game play does resemble Angry Birds but rather than launching birds you shoot weapons like rockets, Molotov cocktails and hand grenades. So far the initial levels present more challenge than Angry Birds. (more…)

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