Zombicider Game Character Development Diary

Written by Slow Pete, Star of the game Zombicider, by Better Bug Games coming to Kongregate.

Avast ye scurvy dogs! Slow Pete here, an the scags over at Better Bug Games ‘ave tasked me wit relayin news from the front lines. Would that they’d tell ye themselves, but ‘tween fighting off hordes o’ zombies and building Zombicider, they’ve given the duty te me. (more…)

Nano Assault DS Game Download

Majesco Entertainment released these big bright colorful screenshots for their upcoming Shin’En shump game coming out November 22, 2011 for a $29.99. Did you see the 1966 classic movie starring Raquel Welch called Fantastic Voyage? in Fantastic Voyage Raquel Welch’s character and her medical crew are miniaturized and injected into the body of a diplomat to kill poison in his blood to save him. In Nano Assault, Raquel and her crew are missing but you battle nasty little virus called the Nanostray inside people’s body’s to save humanity.

Nano Assault Screenshots:

Nano Assault Screenshot
Nano Assault Screenshot

Naval Warfare Game Download

Slovak based Indie game development studio Games Distillery have released their PC Steampunk Shooter “Naval Warfare” free testing at www.awomo.com. Be aware the site Awomo presents information in German without an option for English. The first 60 minutes of the game will be made available to everyone free of charge. If gamers buy the game, they can resume the game exactly where they left off when the test period came to an end. They are offering the game with a 75% discount to consumers. Normally Naval Warfare costs 9.99 Euros.

They describe Naval Warfare “as a stylish steampunk naval-action shooter with tactical elements, driven by an entertaining story-campaign with beautiful hand-drawn comics.”

Naval Warfare Game Download

Voxatron Game Download

Wolfire Games and Lexaloffle have released the alpha version of Voxatron, Lexaloffle’s latest game. Voxatron is a 3D platform shooter using retro looking cubes available on the Mac, PC and Linux platforms. Lexaloffle will ultimately charge $15.00 for Voxatron but consumers can now pay whatever price they want to get their hands on the Alpha version which offers 20 levels. (more…)

Bunch Of Heroes DLC Pack Download

Argentinian based NGD Studios released a new free survival mode for their funny 4 player cooperative top down action game for the PC called Bunch of Heroes. In the Bunch of Heroes game, a bunch of characters like Agent Liu, Jared Joe, El Comandante and Captain Smith must save humanity from aliens and zombies. Bunch of Heroes costs $9.99. (more…)

TurtleWorld IPhone IPad Game Download

PlaySnack, self described “makers of delicious games”, released TurtleWorld, a physics based arcade game for the IPhone and the IPad priced at $0.99. Turtleworld stars Frank, an ordinary turtle tasked with doing extra-ordinary things like shooting Frank’s shell at the bad guys. (more…)

Orcs Must Die Game Download DLC Packs

Robot Entertainment plans to release the first DLC pack for Orcs Must Die, their action strategy game on Tuesday October 25th for $2.49. In Orcs Must Die, game players defend castles from invading Orcs using traps and weapons like spiked floor traps and arrow shooting wall panels. In reality, the Orcs are just looking for a little shelter and wouldn’t hurt anyone but for some reason Robot Entertainment thinks Orcs represent a danger to their privileged castle living population and must live less than everyone else. (more…)

Worms Crazy Golf Game Download

We love Worms. Not the kind you use for bait, silly, but the Worms game franchise from UK based Team 17. They have released Worms Crazy Golf on multiple platforms: PlayStation┬« Network, PC from Steam and for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Golf? Will Tiger Woods make an appearance? How about his golf club swinging ex wife? Maybe. (more…)

Rocketbirds: HardBoiled Chicken Game Download

Ratloop released this trailer for Rocketbirds: HardBoiled Chicken launching on the PlayStation Network in North America October 18th for $11.00 and in Europe October 19th. RocketBirds HardBoiled Chicken takes place in Albatropolis, where the evil penguin leader Putzki rules with an iron penguin leg and must dodge the assassination attempts by HardBoiled Chicken, the hero.

Powder Monkeys iOS Game Download

XMG Studio released Powder Monkey, an action arcade monkey’s battling bugs game consumers can download to their IPhone and or IPad for $0.99. In Powder Monkey the world has emerged from another ice age where monkeys and bugs battle each other for the surviving assets in the world. This mobile game features the good guys i.e the monkeys led by Beardy McEyePatch and the bad guys (the bugs) led by Fidel Mantis. The Monkeys and Bugs battle each other in wooden 17th century ships using watermelon cannonballs, rockets and umbrella bullets which ward off the flying missiles. (more…)

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