Hector Episode 1 We Negotiate With Terrorists Pre-Order $9.99

TellTale Games and StrandLooper, from Northern Ireland, released the first episode of a funny point and click adventure game called Hector We Negotiate with Terrorists for Pre-Order for $9.99 for the PC and Mac. The main character, Detective Inspector Hector wrangles with a terrorist whose demands include fixing the town clock and ridding the town of pornography. Telltale Games plans to release Hector Episode 1 on April 27th for the PC, Mac and Ipad. If you pre-order Hector Episode 1 you also get point and click humorous adventure game Puzzle Agent featuring Nelson Tethers who works for the FBI’s Puzzle Division.

Hector We Negotiate with Terrorists

Adventure Stories: Dungeons of Peril Chapter 1

Dungeon's of Peril Chapter 1

Project Zero Games released the first chapter of a point and click adventure series for free called Adventure Stories: Dungeons of Peril Chapter 1. The game features a character named Jim as he explores dangerous and mysterious locations. If you don’t watch yourself Jim may die a glorious death.

According to the Frank Walls, the creator, “This game is inspired by some of my favorite games like Zork, Myst, the Lucas Arts games, and even RPG’s like Zelda. I also want to capture that quality of “mystery” I would get when playing those old games without instructions or hints.”

Project Zero offers the 1st chapter, which is really short, for free and is raising money through pre-orders of the 2nd chapter.

Adam’s Venture Ep 2 Solomon’s Secret Out

Iceberg Interactive has released a downloadable adventure game called Adam’s Venture Episode 2 Solomon’s Secret for the PC for $19.99. Dutch game development studio Vertigo Games created Adam’s Venture Solomon’s Secret. The game’s hero uses his noodle (that’s his brain) rather than brawn to progress through this gaming adventure. (more…)

Driftmoon RPG New Trailer Out

Instant Kingdom, a husband and wife game development team, released a new trailer for their adventure rpg called Driftmoon. Driftmoon, an adventurous role-playing game tells the story of something called The Pendant of Life and how it came to be. The game developers emphasize story telling by enabling game players to talk their way out of situations but you can still physically harm your enemies. They also emphasize adventures and quests. You can pre-order the game for 20% off the full release price here

Back to the Future Citizen Brown Episode Released

Back to the Future Citizen Brown Episode

TellTale Games released the third episode in the Back to the Future Adventure Game series called Citizen Brown. The Citizen Brown episode introduces the character Jennifer Parker. TellTales Games has made Back to the Future available for download for both the PC and the MAC. You can buy the whole series for $24.99 from the TellTale Games Web site. (more…)

Pirates of Black Cove PC Game Trailer

Paradox Interactive and Nitro Games today released the first gameplay footage for their RTS Pirates of Black Cove coming out this spring in a downloadable format for the PC. The game takes place during the 16th century which was apparently the hey day for the pirating industry.

Sugar Killerz Official Game Trailer

Sugar Killerz Action Adventure Game Screenshot

We came across this action game trailer for Sugar Killerz from Fun Hazard. They originally released this action adventure game on the Xbox 360 and plan to release a downloadable PC version at some point in 2011. The game’s graphics look very sharp. You can play the game against AI or with up to four friends.

Mac Game News – Brunhilda and The Dark Crystal

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal Puzzle Game Screenshot

Codeminion, publishers of the downloadable game classics Ancient Quest of Saqqarah, StoneLoops! of Jurassica, Magic Match and Phantasma, have released Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal for the Mac at $9.99. Twin Bottles created the game featuring Brunhilda, a linguistic student from New York who travels on a wild adventure to the Magical Realm, a not so innocent fantasy destination conjured up by her unique aunt. Twin Bottles included elements of hidden object, puzzles and point and click problem solving.

Game Trailer:

Mac Store Link:


Windows Links

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal

Gemini Rue Adventure Game Released

Gemini Rue published by WadJet Eye Games came out today. Created by Joshua Nuernberger, an UCLA undergrad with sound design by Nathan Allen Pinard, Gemini Rue, a downloadable point and click adventure game, tells the story of Azriel Odin, a formerly ruthless paid assassin with a crime syndicate called the Boryokudan on the planet Barracus. Azriel’s perspective changes and he works with the local law enforcement to rid the planet of the Boryokudan. Nuernberger has included interesting characters like Delta-Six, Matthius Howard, Kane Harris, Epsilon-Five, Balder, Giselle and a mysterious “Director”. The game looks interesting. We will publish a complete review in a few weeks.

Download Free Game Trial
Buy The Game $14.99

Gemini Rue Adventure Game Download

Gemini Rue Adventure Game Available For Pre-Order

Wadjet Eye Games and Joshua Nuernberger have partnered to release Gemini Rue, described as a point and click retro style adventure for pre-order now for $24.95 on CD and $12.95 for Digital Download. They plan to release the full game February 24th 2011. (more…)

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