A Magnetic Adventure Game

Youda Games released A Magnetic Adventure Game where the player uses magnets to solve over 50 puzzles. From the developer: “Welcome to an adventure of magnetic proportions! Using a shttp://harryballs.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=3113&action=edit&message=10mall magnet, solve 50 physics-based puzzles that will stretch your gray matter in ways you never imagined. Once you learn to utilize the magnetic force of your little hero, you’ll be able to manipulate a variety of mechanisms, all of which are holding a totem you need in order to protect your world. Open safes, repair clocks and activate teleporters in this innovative brain teaser for casual gamers. ”

They are offering the game for $9.95. Download and buy the Game at their site.

A Magnetic Adventure Game Screenshots

A Magnetic Adventure Game Screenshot

A Magnetic Adventure Game Screenshot

Game Trailer

Codeminion Released Phantasmat in Beta

Codeminion released Phantasmat in beta and they are looking for feedback on this horror adventure game. The beta build allows you to play for an hour and then asks you to fill a short survey. It also gathers some gameplay stats while you play, so don’t be alarmed if you firewall calls it out.

Download Windows Beta
Download Mac Beta

Phantasmat Screenshots:

Phantasmat Horror Adventure Game Beta Screenshot
Phantasmat Horror Adventure Game Beta Screenshot

ClockWork Man 2 Game Download

Game Review by Matt Bird
Game Rating = 4.5/5

Clockwork Man 2 Review Summary

You should buy this game if:

– You like point and click adventures
– You appreciate voice acting
– You have a keen appreciation for art

You should not buy this game if:

– Item hunts bore you
– Fast-paced action is your thing
– You have little patience for puzzles

Download Free Game Trial
Buy The Game Now $19.99

Clockwork Man 2 Game Download

Scavenger hunt-esque games are pretty common these days, especially among independent game companies, and that fact alone makes marketing one a bit risky. So when one manages to stand out among the pack, you know it’s probably worth the money.

Such is the case of The Clockwork Man 2. Miranada Calomy and her robotic pal Sprocket have returned for a new adventure with more puzzles and surprises than before, this time delving into a new world – and, with some unease, the past of Miranda’s mother and father. What she finds will likely change her world forever.

The fact that this game has a story alone is enough to make it worthwhile, especially considering that it’s a relatively good one. Nothin mind-bending, true, but fairly involved and nicely detailed. Every step of the journey has just enough conversation to keep the plot going without pulling the player away from the action for too long. There are also nice cut scenes that, while not as animated as we’ve come to expect of games these days, are still beautiful to watch and listen to (by virtue of the fact that the game has voice acting, an excellent touch).

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Clockwork Man 2 Game Download

At its core, of course, The Clockwork Man 2 is about item hunting. You proceed through various environments and search for any number of hidden objects, quite vast in number and occasionally odd in location. Unlike a lot of other games, however, The Clockwork Man 2 doesn’t extensively re-use the same objects or graphics, so even though you’ll be spending a lot of time searching you’ll at least get some variety. And most of the objects are logically placed and more or less make sense in their given environments, which really helps the story flow. (Some even come in handy when progressing through other parts of the game. Imagine that, an item hunting title that actually makes sense.)

There’s more than that, however. Not only does Miranda still have the assistance of her buddy Sprocket in looking for items, she also has to circumvent obstacles via puzzles and mini games, all of which break up any tedium that might stem from relentless item hunting. And, again, these games all make sense within the flow of the story.

What really makes this game shine, however, are the visuals. It’s obvious that the programmers and artists painstakingly crafted The Clockwork Man 2, and with tons of awesome environments and near countless, unique backdrops to trek through there’s little reason to feel bored while playing. Polished and perfect, as far as click and point adventures go.

It’s not a game for everyone, of course. There are few high-octane moments beyond the cut scenes. Fans of this genre will find it a delightful distraction, however, and any gamers who appreciate a good yarn will enjoy the one told here.

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Delve Deeper Adventure Strategy Game

Game Review by Matt Remley
Game Rating = 4/5

Developed by Lunar Giant, Delve Deeper is an adventure/strategy game that is being released on PC and Xbox 360 as a downloadable game. Boasting a small price tag and interesting box art, it’s very clear that Lunar Giant may be the next big hit from a small gaming developer.

Download Free Game Trial

Buy The Game Now $5.00

Delve Deeper Downloadable Game Screenshot

Most people will initially have their doubt’s about downloadable games like this without trying first. Good thing that sitting down for at least a hour will take care of those doubt’s, but is Delve Deeper really worth it compared to other downloadable games? To be short, yes, Delve Deeper turns out to be an amazing game for a 5 dollar price tag but lets take a moment to discuss it. (more…)

Puzzle Bots Game Review

Puzzle Bots Game Review by Phyllis G.
Game Rating = 4.5/5

This is an adventurous goofy but charming video game of clever puzzles. An outstanding presentation in an adorable cartoon style setting. Fantastic voice acting with of course adorable mechanical companions. Human and robotic alike. More pro’s to purchasing then cons.

Puzzle Bots Screenshot

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There is Dr. Hugo’s Factory for making cute little mechanical companions of all sorts. Plus it is packed with plenty of humor. You will get to control five robots as they search the factory for clues as to how to open a mysterious metal box found. There are flamethrowers with deviously clever puzzles.Creativity with innovation exudes from this game. The sounds are so pleasing to your ears and nothing about them is annoying. Once or twice while I was playing the sound skipped. It is not very obvious and can be dismissed. (more…)

WadJetEye Games Released PuzzleBots

WadjetEye Games released Puzzlebots, the story of a group of robots who outwit mischievous children, curious animals and dysfunctional inventors on their quest to find the truth. Sounds like Scully and Mulder if you ask us.

This downloadable game sells for $14.99 or $24.99 if you buy it on CD. They offer a demo as well as the option to but it directly. We will publish a review soon.

Download Free Game Trial
Buy The Game Now $14.99

Puzzle Bots Screenshot

Puzzle Bots Screenshot

Download Free Game Trial
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Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal Beta

Codeminion, publishers of Saqqarah, Stoneloops and Magic Match, have released Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal in beta. They describe it as a casual Adventure Hidden Object Game. TwinBottles created the game.

Feel free to try the beta using this download link Here are some screenshots.

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal Beta

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal Beta

Hamlet Video Game

Someone finally turned Hamlet into a video game. Now, finally, the world can rest a little easier.

mif2000’s Hamlet. Trailer from mif2000 on Vimeo.

Emberwind Platform Game Download

Game Review by Richard Winterton
Game Rating = 2/5

Game Review Summary

Buy this game if
-You want a simple yet satisfying 2D action game.
-You are looking for a game with a lush but charming visual style
-You love classic fantasy with a warm and light hearted touch.

Do not buy this game if

-You want a deep and engrossing story and characters.
-You want deeply developed gameplay.
-You want a little more RPG with your medieval fantasy.

Full Game Review
Do you like Gnomes? Do you like Goblins? Do you like Gnomes beating the ever-loving Snot out of Goblins? Then you will love Emberwinds. Emberwinds is a 2D-action platform game from indie developer TimeTrap. While the game sports an interesting visual style and entertaining gameplay, it seems somewhat unpolished. (more…)

Anka Puzzle Adventure Game Download

Anka Game Review by Cindy Shanks
Game Rating 4/5


Anka happily lives in a forest with his parents. One day his parents leave the house and do not return. His life changes forever. Anka has the challenge of finding out what has happened to them, where they have disappeared to and why.

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Anka Puzzle Adventure Game Screenshot (more…)

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