Celebrity Jeopardy SNL 40th Anniversary Edition

SNL 40th Celebrity Jeopardy

SNL 40th Celebrity Jeopardy

Here’s Will Farrell as Alex Trebek hosting a brand new Celebrity Jeopardy sketch for SNL’s 40th anniversary special.

Lost Toys Puzzle Game Named Most Promising

Casual Connect Association’s Indie Prize named Lost Toys, from San Francisco based Barking Mouse Studio, the Most Promising Game of the Year. Barking Mouse calls Lost Toys “a meditative puzzle game” and reminds us of The Room, a puzzle game Apple Named Game of the year last year. (more…)

Wow – Check out Stickets, A Great Puzzle Game out on iOS

We have wasted the afternoon playing a highly entertaining, melodic, puzzle game on our rusty iPhone called Stickets, created by Wanderlands based in Australia, we think. Stickets offers an exceptional puzzle game experience. Stickets features three colored Tetris like square wedges on a rectangular grid. (more…)

Sporos Puzzle Game Download Out Now for iOS and Android

The HarryBalls editorial team loves to highlight simple puzzle games we can play anywhere like on the toilet, online in the movie theater or during the movie trailer presentation pregame at the theater. We have previously written about games like Goats and Gadgets, Connectrode, Word Carnivale, and Dark Nebula. Sporos, a new game from a game studio named Appxplore may join the list at some point. Consumers can play Sporos for free on both their iOS and Android devices (more…)

John Boehner’s Boner Comments on Uplifted, A New Mobile Happiness Game

Wow. We can’t believe how lucky we are today. The nutty HarryBalls.com editorial team scored an exclusive guest interview/game review with the honorable Congressman John Boehner’s Boner who shares its thoughts on a new free happiness inspiring game called Uplifted, out now on iOS and Android created through a partnership with the UK’s Channel 4 and a digital creative agency called Kanoti. Consumers can play Uplifted on their iPhones, iPads as well as their Android phones and tablets. (more…)

Connectrode iOS Puzzle Game Download

We came across a fantastic puzzle game for the iOS platform called Connectrode created by Deep Plaid Games who say Tetris, Drop7, Dr. Mario, and Bejeweled games all influenced the game design. Many many game developers and publishers uses the adjective “addictive” to describe their work. Rarely does it apply. In the case of Connectrode we use words hypnotically addictive to describe this great puzzle game. (more…)

Eufloria HD IPad Game Download

Eufloria IPad HD Game Download

Tuna HQ and Omni Systems Ltd have published the award winning Eufloria HD for the IPad for $4.99. If you own an IPad and like strategic ambient video games than you must download and buy Eufloria HD. Originally named Dyson the game takes place in deep space where you command floral life forms who grow on asteroids. (more…)

Solar 2 Slated for June 2011 Release

Murudai, an independent game developer, have announced their plans to release Solar 2 for the PC in or around June
2011. They plan to sell Solar 2 for $10 for download from Steam and other distribution partners. Murudai released the original Solar for Bill Gates favorite platform, (not the Wii), Xbox Live Indie Games.

Murudai describe the game as “an open-world, sandbox game where you play as asteroids, planets and stars in an infinite universe. The game will feature many missions all activated and played during the extensive sandbox mode. You can grow your system, destroy other systems, gather objects to become more powerful, grow and nurture the life growing in your system or just use the planets as wrecking balls. There are many ways to tackle the missions, if something isn’t working take a step back and think again. Other features include hidden missions, game modifying physics options, secrets to discover and more.”

The game will feature 30 to 40 minutes of original music from JP Neufeld who created the Sound track for the first Solar game.

Nifflas Nightsky Action Puzzle Game

Nifflas’ Games, creators of ambient games, have released their latest downloadable game called NightSky which they describe as “an action puzzle game offering an ambient gameplay experience.” We describe it as a puzzle platform game with some interesting audio elements. They offer the game for $7.20.

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Nightsky Screenshot

NightSky Puzzle Action Game Screenshot