Running Dead iOS Game Download

Leal Arts released their take on the running video game genre called “Running Dead”. As you might guess you are running away from zombies who have overtaken your town. Running Dead costs $0.99 on either the IPhone or IPad but we think the game plays better on the IPhone. (more…)

Icy Tower 2 iOS Arcade Game Screenshots

Icy Tower 2 iOS Arcade Game Download

Imagine if a video game stays on the Top Games list in both the Itunes or Google Play stores for 11 years by offering simple fun addictive game play rather than spending millions of marketing dollars to accelerate the game’s install velocity. (more…)

Do Penguins Fly.. in the Air?

Do you know if penguins can actually fly? Zoologists have classified Penguins as birds with wings. Maybe penguins cannot fly in real life but that’s the objective for the game player in Penguins Wings 2 from InfiApps. You must make the penguin fly the greatest distance possible to earn points and embarrass your friends (in the multi-player mode). (more…)

Jake Escapes Arcade Game Download

Too Funny Games released Jake Escapes, an unique and frustrating HD arcade game consumers can play on their IPhones and IPads for $1.99.

Jake Escapes iOS Arcade Game Download $1.99

The game stars Jake, described as the world’s greatest thief who partner’s with a character named Doc to steal something called the Holy G.R.A.I.L. Extra Terrestrial aliens allegedly deposited the G.R.A.I.L. on earth and now finds itself at Area 51. Everyone in the world fights Jake and the Doc to get their hands on the device. (more…)

Frisbee Forever 2 Free iOS Arcade Game Download

How’s the weather where you live? Hot and humid? Do you want to toss a Frisbee around without breaking a sweat? Denmark based indie game studio Kiloo and Wham-o released Frisbee Forever 2, the sequel to last years Frisbee Forever. Consumers can download and play Frisbee Forever 2 for free to their IPhone and IPad devices. Consumers can buy coins at different levels that give them access to power ups and different themed Frisbees. (more…)

Guano iOS Arcade Game Download

Has a bird ever crapped on your head? Have you ever wanted to crap on a human? In Guano, an iOS arcade game for the iOS Platform where the game player must “dump” some bird doo on human heads from Baltimore based Big Goose Egg Games became available last week. Guano costs $0.99. (more…)

Centipede Origins iOS and Android Game Download

Does anyone remember playing Atari’s Centipede in the arcade or your local diner? Have you ever wanted to play Centipede during your commute or while you are sitting on the toilet? We have good news for you. Consumers can now play Centipede on the IPhones, IPads and their Android devices. Atari released a version of Centripede with some enhancements called Centipede: Origins on the iOS and Android platforms for $0.99. (more…)

daWindci iOS Game Download

Have you ever wanted to conjure up wind or tornadoes with the stroke of your finger? In daWindci, a mobile game from German based Mimimi Productions, you slide or swipe your finger on the screen to generate wind to power a hot air balloon through 45 levels of the game. You can even cause rain to fall and tornadoes to whirl. We think daWindci offers fairly unique game play.

daWindci iOS Arcade Game Download $1.99

Here’s the complete daWindci description from Mimimi Productions:

In daWindci, you take control of the wind that shall lead a homemade hot air balloon through 45 levels. Therefore a sensitive multi-touch gesture control is required, because sharp cliffs, wind tunnels, dangerous electric fields and a lot of incredible inventions are standing between you and the success of your mission. With your fingertip you create hurricanes, short blasts or powerful thunderbolts to push your balloon forward. As a sovereign of the weather, you open doors with the wind or you blow down heavy levers, just to help your balloon through the mountains. On your way, a lot of mysterious physics puzzles have to be solved.

daWindci iOS Arcade Game Download $1.99

For the 5-8 hours of playtime, the developers of Mimimi Productions made a point of creating a nice mixture of charming graphics, a meditative soundtrack and a challenging gameplay. They also integrated a special social network connection into the game: Any results of daWindci — as highscores or the design of the balloon, which can be changed in a special shop — can be shared with friends on Facebook. So the game isn’t just challenging yourself — you also can challenge your friends online. With their first commercial game, the developers therefore combine an entertaining gameplay with the latest mobile- and online-features.

• Multitouch finger gestures
• Meditative soundtrack, beautiful graphics, innovative gameplay
• 5-8 hours of gameplay
• 45 levels and over 20 designs for your balloon
• 14 special tasks (Achievements)
• Facebook and Game Center support
• Cooperative gameplay
• Winner of the German Developer Prize (Newcomer-Award)
• Nominee of the German Computer Game Prize 2011
• Nominee for the Unity3D award
• For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

daWindci iOS Arcade Game Download $1.99

The Skull iOS Arcade Game Download

Playberries and Massive Photon jointly released The Skull, a platform game for the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch. The Skull will drain $0.99 from your wallet.

In The Skull you are dead. Get over it. However your skull came loose from the rest of your skeleton which scattered throughout the land. You must shoot the skull from a cannon and then collect as many skeleton body parts before your forward movement stops. You must tap the screen to keep the skull moving forward traveling as far as possible as measured in meters. At first we thought the game was kind of dull but it grows on you.

The Skull iOS Arcade Game $0.99

Back Nomsters Game on Kickstarter

You have 20 plus hours left to back Nomsters, a fast paced arcade puzzle game from New York based indie game studio Large Animal Games, on KickStarter. (more…)

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