Axon Runners iOS Arcade Game Download

Streamline Studios and Coke Zero released a really cool iOS arcade game called Axon Runners for $3.99 as a universal iOS game for the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch. Streamline Studios describes “Axon Runners as a futuristic 3D hoverboard action game for mobile”.

Axon Runners iOS Arcade Game Download $3.99

Streamline Studios set Axon Runners in a city of the future called
Persepolis where the main character named Julio searches for two friends who have disappeared while trying to discover the secrets of the mysterious energy tunnels, called the Nightstream. You must join Julio in his dangerous mission to unravel the trail of corporate espionage that will lead them through the city of Persepolis to save the two missing Axon Runners and eventually themselves.

We think the game controls really make Axon Runners unique. Then screen displays the character floating in the air on an elevated skateboard. You swipe the screen slowly to move him forward. You swipe quickly to get him to jump. You tap the screen with two fingers to blast your enemies. Jumping higher accelerates your flight through the air testing your eye hand coordination. In other words it gets harder to prevent a crash.

Axon Runners iOS Arcade Game Download $3.99

Here’s a more detailed description of Axon Runners from Streamline Studios:

“Axon Runners features 15 levels of fast-paced gameplay that will test players’ skill and agility in three modes of play, including Campaign, Challenge and Nightstream. First players must choose a character from six available at launch, each with a different outfit and look, and then a hoverboard. But with 10 different hoverboards available at launch, each with unique attributes, such as slowing down the time matrix to accomplish “super jumps” or shoot shockwaves to destroy obstacles in the way, the choice must be made carefully. Players are rewarded for in-game accomplishments and tasked to collect energy orbs throughout each level, providing hours of replayability. Join the ranks of the Axon Runners and enter the Nightstream now!”

Axon Runners iOS Arcade Game Download $3.99

Zombie Burst iOS Game Download

Zombie Pea Head from Zombie Burst Game

Another day, another Zombie themed video game. This time Los Angeles based CatFoster Media released Zombie Burst on the iOS platform priced at $0.99. Consumers can also buy Mrs. O’Leary’s (Chicago Fire) lantern for an additional $0.99. (more…)

IBubble Trouble iOS Game Download

Pentaloop released iBubble Trouble, a bubble themed arcade game for the iOS platform priced at $0.99. IBubble Trouble looks simple to play after watching the video but it’s kind of hard. Maybe we need to sharpen our eye hand coordination but the bubble keeps crushing us. (more…)

Busted Prototype Android Game Download

Mentalwarp Games released three screenshots and a new prototype version of Busted! for Android Devices. MentalWarp Games describes Busted as an arcade game in which you drive your ship through futuristic tube-like highways and while avoiding the local law enforcement. The game play looks interesting although we wished for something more than avoiding the local police as the objective.

Busted Android Game Download

Busted Android Game Download

Busted Android Game Screenshot

Busted Android Game Download

A Little Turbulence iOS Arcade Game Download

With Inc and Will Jardine released “A Little Turbulence” an top down scrolling retro arcade game on iOS for $0.99. You guide a cloud through the sky as the cloud absorbs other clouds to increase its size. The cloud’s size determines how you will fair when you run into objects in the sky like birds, planes, jets, helicopters and anything else flying in the sky. The cloud transforms into a “rage mode” when it hits its maximum size. We see game mechanic influences from Tasty Planet, Tasty Planet 2 and any vertical scrolling arcade game.

A Little Turbulence iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99

Hollyweird Zombies iOS Game Download

We like to highlight apps that may inject some humor into our lives. With a name like “Harry Balls” would you expect otherwise? We came across Hollyweird Zombies, a free ios game consumers can download to their IPhone, IPod Touch, and IPad using iOS 4.1 or later. What does Hollyweird Zombies do? As you might guess its a Zombie themed side scrolling game that let’s you turn photos of your favorite and less than favorites folks into Zombies so you can destroy them with weapons like machine guns and chainsaws. Admittedly the game mechanic won’t win any awards for innovation but Hollyweird Zombies may help you blow off steam.

Hollyweird Zombies Free iOS Game Download

Zepi Dark Rabbit Hole iOS Game Download

Ostin Games released Zepi:Dark HD 1.2, an iOS game with a new feature called the Rabbit Hole, a parallel world where characters like TimePills and CrazyRockets which act as power-ups reside. If you grab one of the characters before the hole closes they will help you score higher in the game. In Zepi Dark you have to form as many links as possible between same characters either Skulls, eyeballs, vampire teeth and a blue heart shaped bottle. The more links you connect the higher your score. When you unleash the CrazyRocket power up it creates a massive link before you even start the game. (more…)

Don’t Fry the Frog iOS Arcade Game Download

Don't Fry The Frog iOS Arcade Game Download

Black Torch Games released “Don’t Fry The Game” as a free to play game on the iOS Platform. You must make sure the Frog eats the “right” kind of healthy bugs by zapping the not so healthy bugs. You create the zapping by touching two fingers to your screen at the same time. You move your fingers towards the zapping targets while avoiding the frog and healthy flys. Don’t Fry the Frog has promise although you need both hands on your device to play the game. Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad requiring iOS 4.3 or later. Consumers can play Don’t Fry the Frog for free and pay for a jar of Fly pennies. (more…)

Pizza Vs Skeletons iOS Arcade Game

Pizza Vs Skeletons iOS Arcade Game Download

Riverman Media released Pizza Vs Skeletons, an interesting arcade game built specifically for the iOS platform. In Pizza vs Skeletons you play a giant pizza who must defeat bad guys like skeletons and fire breathing robots, by crushing them while avoiding their pointy spears and fire. You do this by tilting your device to the left or right. You can also make the pizza jump by tapping device’s screen. We applaud their creative approach to building a unique game. Pizza Vs Skeletons requires iOS 5.0 or later. (more…)

Pop Corny iOS Arcade Action Game Download

Pop Corny iOS Arcade Game Download

Independent game developer Charilaos Kalogirou also known as “nlogn games” released Pop Corny, an arcade action game for iPhone, IPad and IPod Touch consumers can download for free. You must feed Corny by aiming a heated laser at unpopped corn kernels so he can snatch them with his tongue before time runs out. The kernels swirl around Corny so you must anticipate each kernel’s path to successfully shoot them with the heat laser. It’s a little more difficult than Fruit Ninja. Consumers can play Pop Corny on the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch requiring iOS version 4.0 or later. (more…)

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