Cargo Game Demo Download

Cargo Game Demo Download -800 Mbs

Bit Composer published the demo version of downloadable action adventure game Cargo: Quest for Gravity, the game where the gods have reduced the landmass on earth to a few islands and they removed gravity from earth. The Cargo download demo isn’t exactly dainty at 800 mbs. (more…)

Revenge of the Titans Game Review

Revenge of the Titans Game Review by Matt Bird
Game Rating = 5/5

You should buy Revenge of the Titans if:

– You like tower defense games
– You appreciate a challenge
– You can balance a budget

You should avoid buying Revenge of the Titans if:

– You fail at tower defense games
– You have trouble with real-time strategy titles in general
– You like to spend your money willy-nilly (more…)

Heavy Hogur Game Review

Heavy Hogur Game Review by Jerry Curtis
Heavy Hogur Game Rating: 5/5

Heavy Hogur Game Download
Buy Heavy Hogur $9.99

Heavy Hogur is a gorgeous 3D rendered experience and challenges the game player’s mind. As the adorable little hairball Hogur mines crystals in a wide variety of “caves,” puzzle aficionados will love its truly superior and increasingly difficult levels. Download and buy Heavy Hogur and it will stay in your inventory a very long time because it is so challenging and difficult. (more…)

Zombies on Zombie Video Games

The cracked editorial team at recently noticed the proliferation of Zombies in many downloadable video games. We find this Zombie games trend perplexing, alarming and slightly disturbing so we thought should investigate the matter. Why are zombies popping up in downloadable video games, what’s or who is behind this? Should “regular” game characters be fearful for their jobs? Do Zombies work in video games for lower salaries? WTF? (more…)

Smuggle Truck Game Download

Owlcherry released the not so PC (as in politically correct) downloadable platform game Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration for the PC and Mac for $5.99. The Smuggle Truck game player must guide a truck full of illegal aliens across the border with the clock ticking. This physics based driving game looks like an extremely funny downloadable adventure. Consumers can buy the IPhone and and IPad version within the Apple Store.

Buy Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration $5.99

Smuggle Track Game Download

Also Owlbert from Owlcherry predicts the 2711 World Series will be won by the Cincinnati Jetpacks.

Cargo: Quest for Gravity Game Download

Cargo: Quest for Gravity Game Download on Steam

Ice Pick Lodge and Viva Media released Cargo: Quest for Gravity on Steam, a downloadable action and adventure game. Angry Gods created a new breed of beings called Buddies while reducing Earth to a series of small islands and removing gravity from Earth’s atmosphere. The game player must pursue fun quests while finding a way to return gravity to earth. The concept for this downloadable adventure and adventure game looks interesting but we haven’t played it yet.

Cargo:  Quest for Gravity Game Download

Cargo: Quest for Gravity Game Download on Steam

System Requirements
OS: Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP
Processor: Pentium 4 3GHz or equivalent AMD Athlon processor
Memory: 1GB XP / 2GB Vista
Hard Disk Space: At least 4 GB of Space
Video Card: 128 MB or more, DirectX 9-compatible with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 (ATI Radeon X800 / NVIDIA GeForce 7600 / Intel GMA HD Graphics)
DirectX®: Enhanced for DirectX 9.0
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible

Hector Episode 1 We Negotiate With Terrorists Pre-Order $9.99

TellTale Games and StrandLooper, from Northern Ireland, released the first episode of a funny point and click adventure game called Hector We Negotiate with Terrorists for Pre-Order for $9.99 for the PC and Mac. The main character, Detective Inspector Hector wrangles with a terrorist whose demands include fixing the town clock and ridding the town of pornography. Telltale Games plans to release Hector Episode 1 on April 27th for the PC, Mac and Ipad. If you pre-order Hector Episode 1 you also get point and click humorous adventure game Puzzle Agent featuring Nelson Tethers who works for the FBI’s Puzzle Division.

Hector We Negotiate with Terrorists

Back to the Future Citizen Brown Episode Released

Back to the Future Citizen Brown Episode

TellTale Games released the third episode in the Back to the Future Adventure Game series called Citizen Brown. The Citizen Brown episode introduces the character Jennifer Parker. TellTales Games has made Back to the Future available for download for both the PC and the MAC. You can buy the whole series for $24.99 from the TellTale Games Web site. (more…)

Funniest Video Games 2010

Funniest Video Game list created by Matt Bird and Annalyn Andriyenko

Every year video game publishers and developers release hundreds of video games across all platforms – IPhone, IPAD, XBOX 360, the Playstation, Wii, PC, Mac, PSP,flash, and HTML5. Sometimes users have to download the games to their pcs and mac and sometimes they can play a browser based Facebook game. These video games come in all genres from the casual match 3 Bejeweled clones, indie first platform puzzlers to the hard core 3D action rock sock’em shoot them dead and dead again games. Sometimes the games simply challenge users mental acuity with frustrating puzzles. Ok get to the point already.

Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch

We came across this new downloadable RPG called Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch created by Uglysoft. According to the game developers inspiration came from “Christianity, double rainbows, Kim Jong Il, flaming trolls and Final Fantasy. Try it out.

Download The Free Game Trial 450 bs
Buy The Game Now $12.99

Mark Leung Revenge of the Bitches

Mark Leung Revenge of the Bitches

Download The Free Game Trial 450 mbs
Buy The Game Now $12.99

Game Trailer

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