Dex CyberPunk RPG Out on Steam

Dex CyberPunk RPG Out on Steam

Dex CyberPunk RPG Out on Steam

Czech based Indie game development studio Dreadlocks released 2D cyberpunk action RPG called Dex out on Steam and the Humble store. Inspired by ’80s cyberpunk novels, Dex combines hand-crafted art, an immersive atmosphere and gameplay elements reminiscent of classic PC and arcade games of the genre (Deus Ex + Blade Runner + Double Dragon). (more…)

A Wolf Among Us Season Premiere Trailer

Telltale Games released the season premiere trailer for A Wolf Among Us, a new game series based on Bill Willingham’s comic book series Fables. The original Fables comic book series won the Will Eisner Comic Industry awards for best serialized story and best new series in 2003.

The season premiere will debut this fall on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®Network, and on PC and Mac from the Telltale Online Store and other digital distribution outlets.

TellTale Games creates high concept beautifully orchestrated adventure games like The Walking Dead, Back to the Future, Sam & Max, Tales of Monkey Island.

Gamers play the role of Bigby Wolf, formerly known as The Big Bad Wolf. who now lives in a hidden community in New York City as their sheriff. Snow White, the big boss, commands Bigby to keep order within a society of mythical creatures and characters trying to remain undetected in the world of the mundane. You will see characters like the Three Little Pigs and other famous folks from your favorite fables.

MeatBot Upcoming Mobile Game Trailer

“AMAZING MeatBot!” Trailer (iPhone/Android/mobile game) from Milkman Games on Vimeo.

We came across this game trailer for MeatBot from San Francisco based indie game developer Milkman Games. The game features an anti veggy robot named Meatbot who clearly prefers meat for his nourishment. The game play looks interesting with some original mechanics and some influenced from games like Fruit Ninja. You flick Meatbot’s head to allow the meat to fly into his mouth and let the head drop to block the veggies from gaining entrance into Meatbot’s oral orifice. You will also be able to slice the veggies in half a la Fruit Ninja. MeatBot comes out April 19th on multiple platforms: iOS, Kindle, Android, BlackBerry, Nook and HP’s Web OS. Prices are TBD.

Creepy Creeps Android Tower Defense Game

Evil Lemon released Creepy Creeps, a tower defense game for the Android platform. Android gamers can play the first three levels for free and play $1.99 to access the remaining 7 levels. Creepy Creeps takes place in the desert where the evil creeps attack and steal your people. You can use eight different towers, traps and weapons to stop them dead in their tracks. Atomic bombs make an appearance. (more…)

Unstoppable Gorg Tower Defense Game Download

FutureMark Studios released this trailer showcasing game play for their upcoming tower defense game for the PC, IPad and XBLA, Unstoppable Gorg, a homage to the early Sci-Fi films of the 40s and 50s. The Gorg, lead by the Lizard King, attack earth in the classic flying saucers. The tower defense battles take place in orbit around earth as opposed to land based battles. The Unstoppable Gorg game play looks unique. FutureMark Studios plans to release Unstoppable Gorg in early 2012. Price is TBD. (more…)

Gratuitous Tank Battles Alpha Game Trailer

Positech Games released this Alpha trailer for Gratuitous Tank Battles, their next pc game scheduled for a Q1 2012 release. This video shows the attack and defense perspectives of the game described as a RTS/Tower-Defense/Attack/Management/plan-em-up game. (more…)

Huespace Arcade Game Download

Indie game developer Nonsuch Games released their first video game for purchase and download for the PC called HueSpace for $4.99. In Huespace you pilot a flying saucer to fight evil forces draining energy from the galaxy.

Huespace Arcade Game Download $4.99

Unity of Command Game Trailer

Croatian based Independent game developer 2×2 Games plans to release their upcoming World War II turn based strategy game, Unity of Command, for digital distribution on November 15th on their site, Matrix games and a few others. The price is TBD. They released the game trailer above. (more…)

Orcs Must Die Interactive Game Trailer

Robot Entertainment released this interactive game trailer for their upcoming orc discriminatory game called Orcs Must Die. During the Orcs Must Die trailer the viewer can choose to play the trailer with two different traps: a spike trap or a cross bow. Again we don’t know or understand Robot Entertainment’s problem with Orcs. Haven’t they heard Rodney King ask “Can’t we all get along”? WTF? (more…)

Orcs Must Die Game Trailer

Robot Entertainment plans to release their downloadable action strategy game Orcs Must Die on XBox Live Arcade and PCs later this summer. Microsoft Studio will publish Orcs Must Die. (more…)

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