Curse of Slate Rock Manor Game Download

Curse of Slate Rock Game Download
Buy Curse of Slate Rock 19.99

Red Panda games released their downloadable visual novel game called Curse of Slate Rock Manor for the PC for $19.99. The game player must help Delilah and her friend Lyle find their friend Trent who failed to show up to graduation. (more…)

Last Half of Darkness Game Download

Last Half of Darkness Game Demo Download
Buy Last Half of Darkness Game $19.99

WRF Studios released a downloadable point and click adventure game called Last Half of Darkness: Society of the Serpent Moon for $19.99 plus $4 for shipping. You play the game as Mr. Black, who received a note from someone who claims to have captured his fiance who was working on investigating a story involving vampire like murders in a small European town. Mr. Black must follow clues left behind by his fiance and solve the mystery of the murders in the Last Half of Darkness Society of the Serpent. (more…)

J.U.L.I.A Game Trailer

Cardboard Box Entertainment have released the first official game trailer for their downloadable sci-fi logic game J.U.L.I.A. The game J.U.L.I.A tells the story of Rachel Manners, a 35 year old microbiologists stranded with a huge robot and temperamental artificial intelligence in a space ship far from earth. Rachel and her colleagues left earth on a mission to search for alien life in the galaxy. Cardboard Entertainment plans to release the downloadable PC game J.U.L.I.A in 2011.

Mechanic Infantry Game Download

Slak Games have released a playable demo of their downloadable platform game Mechanic Infantry slated for a May 2011 release for the PC. Set in futuristic world, the game player must rescue 5 hostages on each of the 50 levels of 5 different universes while evading the menacing giant mechanical monster robot.

Mechanic Infantry Download

Mechanic Infantry Game Download

Proun Tube Racing Game Coming Spring 2011

Joost van Dongen will release Proun aptly described as a downloadable tube racing game later this spring for the PC. You are racing against time on the outside of a tube while avoiding modern art like obstacles by rotating your position using the control buttons or arrows. Proun looks very interesting, unique, addicting and fun. Proun belongs in any city’s museum of modern art. Dongen, Proun’s game developer combines beautiful art with challenging eye hand coordination with speed. You can still download Proun’s beta here.

Proun’s price is to be determined.

Proun Tube Racing Game

New Star Soccer 5 Game Trailer

New Star Games has released the trailer for their upcoming downloadable soccer arcade game. New Star Soccer game looks like it has some decent potential based on the game trailer.

Back to the Future Citizen Brown Episode Released

Back to the Future Citizen Brown Episode

TellTale Games released the third episode in the Back to the Future Adventure Game series called Citizen Brown. The Citizen Brown episode introduces the character Jennifer Parker. TellTales Games has made Back to the Future available for download for both the PC and the MAC. You can buy the whole series for $24.99 from the TellTale Games Web site. (more…)

Hoard Avail for Pre-Sale on Steam Now

Hoard Action Game Screenshot

Hoard, a downloadable dragon treasure loving action game from Big Sandwich Games, has gone on pre-sale at Steam for $7.50 (25% off the 9.99 price). This pre-order sale for both the PC and Mac versions of Hoard will last through April 4th.

Buy Hoard at Steam Here

In Hoard, a dragon plays the hero role who gets to pursue standard dragon activities like kidnapping princesses, burning villages, collecting treasures and toasting knights over a fire pit. Hoard offers both single and multi-player co-op and competitive game play. (more…)

Defenstar Side Scrolling Action Game

Playniax released Defenstar, a side scrolling action game inspired by games like Defender, Datastorm and Dropzone. Here’s the description from Playniax Games:

“The object of Defenstar is to protect your pods on their perilous journey. To do this, you must pick the pods up, one by one, and carry them through the portal. Note that the so-called ‘soul collectors’ can also pick up your pods. If a soul collector succeeds in reaching the top of the atmosphere with a pod, the pod is infected and turned into a traitor leaving you with only the option to destroy it. If you lose a pod a bounty killer will appear and try to ‘relieve’ you of your duties. Keep an eye out for cargo ships. They carry upgrades for your weapon systems which can be collected by flying into them after you have destroyed a cargo ship. To end each level, all invaders must be destroyed.”

Download and Buy The Game $24.00 at Playniax site.

Defenstar Screenshots

Defenstar Action Side Scrolling Game

Defenstar Action Side Scrolling Game

Substream 3D Musical Shooter Game Trailer

Ben Bradley has released a new trailer for his 3D Musical Shooter which looks very intriguing. It’s due out on the PC in 2011.

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