Puzzle Bots Game Trailer

Here’s the trailer for Puzzle Bots, the upcoming puzzle adventure game from Wadjet Eye Games creators of Emerald City Confidential, as well as the Blackwell series of games.

Frobot Video Trailer

Here’s a game trailer for Frobot from the folks at Fugazo. Check out the theme music. Did someone say “Shaft”? Fugazo plans to release the game in 2010.


WildHollow Adventure Game Trailer

Here’s the trailer for an adventure game called WildHollow created by Karjasoft, the folks behind Spandex Force. Karjasoft plans to release Wildhollow in November of 2009.

Lylian Side Scroller Game Play Video

Here’s a look at the first game play video of Lylian, a side scrolling arcade game from PixelPickle games out of Australia.

Shank PAX 2009 Demo

Here’s a demo of Shank, the next game from Klei Entertainment creators of Eets.

Shank PAX2009 Demo Playthrough from Jamie Cheng on Vimeo.

Gratuituous Space Battles Strategy Game Preview

We decided to check out Gratuitous Space Battles (GSB for short) currently in beta, the latest game from Positech Games, a UK indie game developer and creator of simulation games like Kudos, Democracy, and Rock Legend. You can pre-order the game through this link.

GSB assigns the game player the task of building a space battle fleet taking into consideration factors like ship design, budget, weapons, defenses, power supplies and staffing levels. Once you complete the fleet you battle the enemy.

Here’s a video of the action:

You can pre-order the game through this link.

Runman Platform Game Trailer

Here’s a trailer for a game called Runman: Race around the World created by Tom Sennett and Matt Thorson. They plan to release the game next week October 1st. Feel free to check the trailer out. The game looks very interesting and we love their choice of music for the sound.

Marian Teasing Trailer

Check out this trailer for Marian, a new indie game from Infinite Ammo.

Mole Control Beta Game Trailer

Do you know the difference between Moles and Gophers? We don’t. Does it matter for this game? Not really. Remode, a UK based game company, produced this trailer for their upcoming game called Mole Control which they call The Ultimate Test of brains and bravery. Surely they haven’t seen Bill Murray in CaddyShack.

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