Fleece Based Finger Fun with Baa Baa Bomber for the IPhone and IPad

When is the last time you had “fleece based finger fun”? How does the phrase Fleeced Based Finger fun sound? That’s what we thought. RatJar Games released a action physics game called Baa Baa Bomber on the iOS platform for $1.99 for 60 levels. (more…)

Joe Danger Touch iOS Arcade Racing Game

The world can be a dangerous place. Just ask Joe Danger, allegedly the world’s most determined stuntman who stars in a new game on the iOS platform called Joe Danger Touch from Hello Games, a UK based entrepreneurial game development company. Hello Games originally released Joe Danger on PSN and later on XBLA. However if you are familiar with those versions of Joe Danger be forewarned they have completely reworked the game to leverage the touch mechanic popular, eliminating the reliance on the virtual joystick. Joe Danger Touch costs $2.99 plus you can buy coins in the app to accelerate your progress. (more…)

To Bee or not to Bear HD iPad Arcade Game

In real life would you rather encounter a bee or a bear? Do you like honey? Do you like the swiping (think Fruit Ninja) game play mechanic popular on tablet devices? You are in luck. Russian based Anton Studios released the IPad HD version of To Bee or Not to Bear for $2.99. The iPhone version costs $0.99. (more…)

Space Janitors: Episode 7 Rebels Seem Like Nice Guys

So two janitors work on a Death Star like space vessel. Their friends include a couple of clones, a hot female android, and a human female worker. Find out what happens when their crew interfaces with a rebel prisoner in Episode 7 of Space Janitors, one of our two favorite scripted web series. The other being “The Guild” written by Felicia Day.

The Space Janitors production team just wrapped shooting Season 2 and will debut the episodes on the Geek & Sundry web site presumably in the spring.

The Room IPad Game of the Year

Congratulations to UK based Fireproof Studios. Apple named their puzzle game The Room, The IPad Game of the Year. The Room game takes place in a dark room where you follow a trail of clues leading towards a new energy source. You must decipher these clues to hack into a ornate cabinet which contains a even more elaborate wooden container. You must slide hatches, solve mechanical and visual puzzles, using the swipe and touch functionality of the IPad.

The Room IPad Puzzle Game Download $1.99
The Room IPhone Puzzle Game Download $1.99

The Room definitely offers an unique and puzzling game experience the first time you play it. It took us a three days to solve the game the first time played during our holiday travels. The second time took one day. The third took two hours and we solved the room in 65 minutes on the fourth go round. There is only one way to solve each puzzle so once you figure it out and can store the solution in your brain’s memory slot the challenge dissipates. It would be great if they added a timer function to create a sense of urgency and to compare my score to other players. Mind you this comes from someone who still has yet to solve the Rubik’s Cube without taking it apart.

The Room costs $1.99 and consumers can play it on the IPhone and IPad using iOS 5.0 or later.

Space Keeper Free Android Game Download

Here’s Space Keeper, a unique new action arcade Android game from CodaWeb Interactive UG.

The game takes place in the year 2312 where all natural resources have dried up. You have to find and collect elements in outer space to create new sources of energy. The game mechanic employs lots of physics.

Obstacles include explosive particles, asteroids and aliens. You will need logic, speed and dexterity to succeed.

Space Keeper Free Android Game Download

Zombies Office Horror Satire Game Download

It looks like someone has a case of the Mondays. Ever dread going into work? Do the management dolts frustrate you? Maybe the head of your division who is so incompetent that he can’t open a link emailed to him, sleeps with two of his female married direct reports and gets promoted. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then maybe a game called Zombies will help you blow off steam as you smash a few heads.

An indie game developer named Nic Gorrisen created Zombies, a self described “violent, sarcastic, 2D isometric rampage game” which takes place in a cube filled office environment where the IT Help Desk guy, our hero, must fend off the masses of drooling middle managers who happen to be zombies.

Gorrisen employs retro pixel visuals as you slash your way up the corporate ladder. The game includes some fun humor and an even better soundtrack and can be played on the PC($4.00), the IPhone ($0.99) and the IPad.

Zombies PC Game Download $4.00
Zombies IPhone/IPad Game Download $0.99

Freeze! Physics Puzzle Game Download

Gotta love those ambient music playing iOS puzzle games. We have been addicted to one called Connectrode since March of 2012. Then we discovered Dark Nebula and now comes Freeze! from German based Frozen Gun Games. (more…)

Maria Bamford’s Special Special Special on Sale

Maria is coming! Maria is coming! Tonight, tonight the most important event in the history of humankind happens at 8 PM PST. Maria Bamford, one of the frakking funniest comedian’s alive today will offer her 45 minute Special Special Special for sale for $5.00 at chill.com tonight at 8 PM PST.

Comedians Louis CK and Aziz Ansari have offered similar sales in the past.

Maria uses a lot of entertaining voices and funny characters in her standup routine. She’s hilarious. We grabbed a sample of one of her stand-up routines from Youtube above. Support her.

Atomic Frogs IPhone IPad Game Download

What do you get when you blend Disney’s Where’s My Water with Rovio’s Angry Birds? A game called Atomic Frogs from Cocos Games available both in a free limited version and a full paid version ($1.99) for the IPhone and IPad. (more…)

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