PuppyGames Ultrabundle 24 Hour Sale

PuppyGames, a UK based indie game studio announced an Ultrabundle where they put all four of their pc games on a 75% sale at Steam for the price. The games include Droid Assault, Revenge of the Titans, Revenge of the Titans Sandbox Mode (see the trailer above), Revenge of the Titans Soundtrack, Titan Attacks, Ultratron. PuppyGames uses a retro visual style to create some fun action strategy games for the PC.

We interviewed one of the Alien Generals in from Revenge of the Titans two years ago. He was a tough interview.

Indie Life Episode 2: Publishers

Tim Keenan, Indie Game developer and owner of Misfits Attic, released the second episode of his funny puppet video series called Indie Life. The series tells the story, using puppets, of an Indie game developer and his experiences with different people who work in the video game economic ecosystem. Episode 2 Publishers shows the conversation between the indie game creator and a representative from a prospective publisher.

Conan Wins The Late Night Tablet War

So who wins the Late Night Tablet Wars? Jon Stewart and the Daily Show? No. Jay Leno in the last year of his deal with NBC? No. The nutty HarryBalls.com editorial team declares Conan the winner of the Late Night Tablet Wars. (more…)

Pretty Good Solitaire is Out on The iPad

Pretty Good Solitaire Out on iPad

Pretty Good Solitaire Out on iPad

I wonder if Larry David, co creator of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, would like Pretty Good Solaitaire out now on the iPad for $9.99? He often describes different elements that enter his life as “pretty pretty pretty good. I am sure Mr. David would enjoy pretty Good Solitaire because it comes with 500 versions of solitiare games prices at $9.99. What a deal! (more…)

Mark Malkoff Challenge: Watch Grizz Chapman Carry Mark Like a Baby

Watch what happens when Grizz Chapman, from 30 Rock, carries comedian Mark Malkoff around like a baby in New York City in this episode of The Mark Malkoff Challenge from the folks at My Damn Channel.

Rock Jocks Sci Fi Comedy Movie Starring Felicia Day

Felicia Day, creator of The Guild, stars in a new sci fi comedy called Rock Jocks which centers on the under achieving employees of AMI, The Asteroid Management initiative who lack ambition, attention spans and a budget when a massive asteroid belt arrives at earth’s doorstep. Will Rock Jocks win an Oscar? Maybe? Will you enjoy Rock Jocks? Definitely a possibility. (more…)

Naughty Boy Sling and Shoot Game Out On iOS and Android

Have you ever stayed home from school? Have your family members ever chased you around the house? Did you ever shoot your family members with your sling shot? (more…)

Interview with Louisa Toff, star of “Trouble at Toff Towers” novel

Louisa Toff Star The Funny Novel of "Trouble at Toff Towers"

The unhinged HarryBalls.com editorial team interviewed Louisa Toff, the protagonist in the funny novel called Trouble at Toff Towers written by Anne Ullah and available for purchase and download at Amazon for $2.99. (more…)

Comedy Central Standup Specials for $5.00

The Comedy Central team decided to sell a bunch of their standup specials for $5.00. The specials are playable on most platforms including the PC, iOS, Android, Mac, XBOX 360, Playstation and Wii U. Check this page for the complete system requirements.

We have included links to the participating comedians Comedy Central individual pages below: (more…)

Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC Out Now

TellTale Games and SkyBound Entertainment released Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC on iOS as an in-app purchase in The Walking Dead game for $4.99. You must have the first episode, which comes free, installed on your device to buy this episode of Walking Dead. TellTale Games and Skybound Entertainment created an intense entertaining game.

Walking Dead iTunes Store Link

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