Morning Star Alpha Sneak Preview

Here’s a sneak peak of Morning Star Alpha, a graphic novel written by John Scalzi and illustrated by Mike Choi. John partnered with Industrial Toys to bring the Morning Star story to life in the form of the graphic novel and game.

The Morning Star story takes place 120 years into our future when humanity receives mysterious alien signals. Earth’s leaders initiate The Morning Star Protocol to handle the situation. The graphic novel tells the story of the events that lead up to the game. The novel doesn’t serve just as eye candy for the game but actually allows readers to acquire “goodies” to be used later in the game. The video explains how the graphic novel and game uniquely work with each other. You can check out John Scalzi’s description of the novel and game here.

Peter Jackson Shares His ComicCon Status

Here’s a production video diary from Peter Jackson, on the set of The Desolation of the Smaug where they are shooting pickups which are minor shots filmed after the main production wrapped. Peter Jackson explains why he will miss Comic Con this year. While its not comedy, ebook or video game related its the Hobbit for goodness sake. Evangeline Lilly and Orlando Bloom make an appearance in this video.

Blackout Arcade Game Launches On iOS

Montreal based Adrenaline Entertainment released Blackout, an iOS game based on their popular arcade game, features a race of funny looking Googabonga creatures. You must help the Googabona defeat bothersome race named Gooranos who have blacked out all the suns in their Googalaxy. You do this by employing two actions. (more…)

A Virus Named Tom Coming to Mac and Linux

Misfits Attic announced plans to port their funny indie action puzzle pc game called A Virus Named Tom to the Mac and Linus platforms presumably after today but before December 2013. A Virus Named Tom tells the story of….three guesses… a virus named Tom created by an angry eccentric recently relieved of his employment scientist to destroy the city of tomorrow today. You must infect objects like Robot dogs and teleporters as you wreak as much electronic havoc as possible.

You can buy the PC version for $9.99 here. iOS and Android versions may come sometime in 2014.

Dark Nebula HD Episode One – Fantastic Puzzle Game

Free Lunch Design, the folks behind the classic arcade game Icy Tower 2, released the HD version of Dark Nebula Episode 1 with 12 new levels, Dark Nebula offers a spectacularly designed puzzle game with excellent labyrinth game mechanic appropriate for all fans of puzzle games on the iOS platform. (more…)

The Lame Duck Show: Private Eyes

President Obama addresses the NSA Tracking controversy with German press during his recent European trip in this funny animated video written and directed by John Busher.

Funny Game Of Thrones Parody W/Zooey Deschanel, Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza

Cineflix released this Game of Thrones funny video parody featuring Zooey Deschanel and Michael Cera impressionists plus a few other famous funny folks like Aubrey Plaza.

Funny Video: Indie Life Episode 1: PC Game

Tim Keenan, an indie game developer and owner of MisFits Attic created this funny video about what happens when an Indie game developer tells someone they are creating a PC video game as opposed to a game for iOS and Android. Admittedly we always wonder why indie game developers build their games for the PC rather than iOS and Android.

Misfits Attic created “A Virus Named Tom” a really fun puzzle game you can buy for $9.99 for the PC. “Hey Tim when are you going to release it on iOS and Android?

Wow – Check out Stickets, A Great Puzzle Game out on iOS

We have wasted the afternoon playing a highly entertaining, melodic, puzzle game on our rusty iPhone called Stickets, created by Wanderlands based in Australia, we think. Stickets offers an exceptional puzzle game experience. Stickets features three colored Tetris like square wedges on a rectangular grid. (more…)

Funny Interview with Jake Barnes Hero of the Comic Novel Killin Machine

Interview with Jake Barnes Here of Killin Machine, A Dark Comic Novel

Interview with Jake Barnes Here of Killin Machine, A Dark Comic Novel

The kooky editorial team interviewed Jake Barnes, the protagonist in the funny free quirky, dark comic novel, Killin Machine written by JT Pearson and available for download from Smashwords.

1. HarryBalls: Hello Jake Barnes. Thank you for stopping by the virtual offices. Were you able to find our hidden virtual location without any problems?

Jake: You’re welcome. At first I had trouble getting a hand on HarryBalls. But after becoming more familiar, I really love them-you-I mean-your magazine. I’m not gay. (more…)

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