Air Forte Educational Game

Game Review by P. Stephen Baker
Game Rating = 4/5

Game Review Summary: Learning and quirky fun for the kids in one package.

Three Reasons to buy Air Forte

Quirky Fun
Quick gameplay
Learning made fun

Three Reasons to avoid buying the Air Forte

Flat Graphics
Strictly for the Younger set

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Air Forte Educational Game Download

“Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” was one of the seminal games of the early PC game craze. It was one of those games that every kid had to have and it practically started the “learning games” genre. Blendo’s new downloadable game “Air Forte” fits right into that inestimable game genre. (more…)

Puzzle Bots Game Review

Puzzle Bots Game Review by Phyllis G.
Game Rating = 4.5/5

This is an adventurous goofy but charming video game of clever puzzles. An outstanding presentation in an adorable cartoon style setting. Fantastic voice acting with of course adorable mechanical companions. Human and robotic alike. More pro’s to purchasing then cons.

Puzzle Bots Screenshot

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There is Dr. Hugo’s Factory for making cute little mechanical companions of all sorts. Plus it is packed with plenty of humor. You will get to control five robots as they search the factory for clues as to how to open a mysterious metal box found. There are flamethrowers with deviously clever puzzles.Creativity with innovation exudes from this game. The sounds are so pleasing to your ears and nothing about them is annoying. Once or twice while I was playing the sound skipped. It is not very obvious and can be dismissed. (more…)

WadJetEye Games Released PuzzleBots

WadjetEye Games released Puzzlebots, the story of a group of robots who outwit mischievous children, curious animals and dysfunctional inventors on their quest to find the truth. Sounds like Scully and Mulder if you ask us.

This downloadable game sells for $14.99 or $24.99 if you buy it on CD. They offer a demo as well as the option to but it directly. We will publish a review soon.

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Puzzle Bots Screenshot

Puzzle Bots Screenshot

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Puzzle Bots Now Available for Pre-Order

Wadejet Eye Games is allowing fans to pre-order their latest game called Puzzle Bots. The digital download of the game costs $14.99 and $24.99 to get the game on a CD. They plan to release the game May 7th. Here’s a link to the trailer:

Let us know what you think.

Alice’s Tea Cup Madness

Alice’s Tea Cup Madness Game Review by Danny Kalis
Game Rating = 4/5

Alice’s Tea Cup Madness is a game much like the popular “Diner Dash” series. In this game, players are Alice (from Wonderland), running a Tea shop, and attempting to serve all your customers in a timely and efficient manner. Customers are all characters from the Lewis Carroll classic including the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and the Cheshire Cat. If Alice’s customers are not served in the correct manner they will leave or attempt to steal from her. Success, in the game, is based upon goals for each day at Alice’s tea shop, which are attained by properly serving a majority of customers in a given time. Goals increase in difficulty as the game progresses throughout over 60 challenging levels. (more…)

Simplz: Zoo Puzzle Simulation Game Review

Simplz Zoo Game Review by Cindy Shanks
Game Rating = 4/5

Game Review Summary

If you’ve always wanted to own your own zoo, you’ll love this game. A letter arrives from your grandfather telling you he has provided you with a zoo to maintain. He wants it be the number one zoo. Your job is to care for the animals and upgrade the zoo.

Simplz Zoo Puzzle Simulation Game Screenshot

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Three Reasons to buy Simplz Zoo

– You are looking for a family game that provides hours of fun.
– You enjoy entrepreneurial games in this case managing a zoo.
– You enjoy matching puzzle games.

Three Reasons to avoid buying Simplz Zoo

– You prefer games with a short time span rather than lengthy games.
– You are a serious gamer who wants a challenging game.
– You prefer target shooting games rather than empire building games.

Full Game Review

Game Play

The game begins with a letter from your Grandfather who wants you to carry on with his dream of making Seagull Park Zoo, a number one zoo. All you have is a lion to start with who would like to be surrounded by more animals. Your job is to attract visitors by purchasing more animals for the zoo.

The game works on two levels. The first level is buying animals and putting your attractions where you want them. The second level is making sure the animals and the zoo has enough food and resources. This involves playing a matching puzzle where you have a grid and you have to match the same 3 objects together such as coins and food but there is a catch; you must make sure you have the amount it asks you. This leads you onto different rounds until you can afford to go upgrade your position until you are the best ranked zoo. It is highly addictive.

Simplz Zoo Puzzle Simulation Game Screenshot


The 2D animations are simplistic but striking on screen and easy to see. The colorful animation style graphics will appeal to children.


The background music is gentle and there are options to alter the level of noise. There are entertaining sound effects when you win each round.

Creativity and Innovation

Simplz zoo is very creative because it takes a simple idea of owning a zoo and gives it an extra edge with the extra puzzles within the game. The fact you have to earn food and resources on the quick fire matching puzzle games make the game innovative and more interesting. The variety stops the player becoming easily bored. The fact you can take the timer off the matching games means it is accessible for the whole family.

The game is good value for money because it is a game which will provide hours of fun for the whole family. This is a game I would consider buying because I love business games and this one also has matching puzzles making it even more entertaining.

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Bloobles Platform Game Download

Bloobles Game Review by Josh Komon
Game Rating =3/5

Many moons ago, fans of puzzle games were treated to a game called, “Lemmings.” Now, players can enjoy a similar experience with a new title, “Bloobles.” It is not the same exact game, but the similarities are unmistakable.

Bloobles Puzzle Game Screenshot

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Awesome Soccer Game Download

Game Review by Bruce Tyson
Game Rating = 3/5

Awesome Soccer is an austere soccer game available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Play is fast and easy. This is a fun game with some remarkable options for a game in its price range.

Reasons to buy the game
• Simple game controls
• Basic graphics
• Customizations

Reasons not to by the game
• Poor view of the pitch
• Limited player control
• Limited options

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Awesome Soccer Screenshot (more…)

Mole Control – Logic Based Minesweeper Released

Remode and Blitz 1UP released Mole Control, a logic based Minesweeper like puzzle game. You are the driver of a buggy tasked to find and dig up moles in the lawns of a town called Molar Creek. So far Mole Control looks interesting enough but we will post a full review in a week or so.

Feel free to check the game out for yourself at either Boonty or Impulse.

Here’s the trailer for the beta:

Magic Toy Chest Puzzle Game Download

Magic Toy Chest Game Review by Adrienne Brunner
Game Rating = 4/5

The Magic Toy Chest, by Graduate Games, is an extremely innovative game which uses physics to literally “get the ball rolling.” With this game, players can use tutorials, play and even create their own levels, play them, and submit them to the company through email.

Magic Toy Chest Puzzle Game Screenshot

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