Worms Crazy Golf Game Download

We love Worms. Not the kind you use for bait, silly, but the Worms game franchise from UK based Team 17. They have released Worms Crazy Golf on multiple platforms: PlayStation┬« Network, PC from Steam and for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Golf? Will Tiger Woods make an appearance? How about his golf club swinging ex wife? Maybe. (more…)

Blue Libra Strategy Game Download

Blue Libra Strategy Game Download

Orator Games released Blue Libra, a space strategy game for the PC, Mac for $4.99 and $3.99 for the IPad version. In Blue Libra the game player commands a class of space ships called Libra class. You will build more ships to conquer planets and travel the universe. (more…)

Gratuitous Tank Battles Game Download

UK based Positech Games released the this game trailer for their upcoming strategy tower defense game Gratuitous Tank battles due to download to consumers PCs and Mac computers in Q1 2012. Gratuitous Tank Battles takes place in the year 2114 where the great war continues as soldiers fight with laser rifles from trenches countries use giant mech machines to do battle. (more…)

Fate of the World Tipping Point Game Download

Red Redemption released a hardcore strategy game for the Mac and PC called Fate of the World: Tipping Point, where game players must make economic, environmental and political decisions to save the world. The title of the game describes it pretty well. You have find a way to save the world amidst floods, flash fires, global resource wars, famine and political backlash. We aren’t sure if Al Gore makes an appearance in the game.

Fate of The World: Tipping Point Game Download $18.99 -Direct from Red Redemption

Fate of the World: Tipping Point Game Download $18.99 – Steam

Fate of the World: Tipping Point Game Download $18.99 – Gamers Gate

Gravinaytor IPhone/IPad Game Download

Wild Games Studio and Alnoor Games released their platform game Gravinaytor on the iOS platform for IPad, IPhone and IPad Touch for $0.99. Alnoor Game originally released Gravinaytor in flash and now has 10,000,000 flash users. In Gravinaytor you have to escape from a lab experimenting with the rules of gravity forcing you to walk on walls and ceilings. This is a fantastic game. (more…)

Blackwell Deception Game Download

Wadjet Eye Games released the latest downloadable mystery paranormal adventure game called Blackwell Deception for $14.99 (digital download) or $24.99 on a DVD which comes with all four Blackwell games. (more…)

The Baconing on Steam Sale through October 18th

Vancouver based Hothead Games decided to celebrate Canadian Thanskgiving by offering The Baconing for a special price of $7.49 at Steam through October 18th. Consumers can also purchase a new co-op character named Roesha for $0.99. The Baconing features Deathspank, hero of the downtrodden. Consumers can only buy The Baconing at the special sale price through Steam (more…)

Orcs Must Die PC Game Download

Indie game developer Robot Entertainment released Orcs Must Die, a downloadable action strategy game for sale on the PC through Steam today for $14.99. Robot Entertainment released Orcs Must Die for Xbox 360 last week. (more…)

Botanicula Adventure Game Trailer

Jara Plachy and Amantia Design released this game trailer for Botanicula, a point’n’click exploration game about a bunch of five tree creature friends who must journey to save the last seed from their home tree which is infested by evil parasites. The original soundtrack and sound effects are created by Czech alternative band DVA created the original soundtrack and sound effects. Release of Botanicula for PC, Mac and probably also for iOS and Android is planned for early 2012.

Waves Game Demo Download

Squid in A Box released the downloadable demo for Waves, their upcoming Psychedelic Arena Shooter coming soon for $9.99 to a PC near you. The Wave demo offers 3 Minutes of gameplay. In game Waves, the player controls a heavily armed ball to clear enemies off the field. The game play reminds us of a supped up version of Asteroids on steroids with a tech house music sound track.

Waves Game Demo Download

Waves System Requirements

A PC (2GHz Processor, 2GB memory, Shader Model 3 Compatible graphics card and Windows XP SP2 or better)

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