Ben There Dan That Special Edition

Ben There Dan That Special Edition

Size Five Games, formerly known as Zombie Cow Studios, released a special edition of their indie point and click adventure game Ben There Dan That. Consumers can pay what they want for the special edition of Ben There Dan That. (more…)

Worms Ultimate Mayhem Game Trailer

Team 17 released this trailer for their Worms Ultimate Mayhem strategy game, the latest in the Worms franchise due out soon for the XBox 360, PC and the PS3. Gamers can pre-order Worms Ultimate Mayhem on Steam now for $13.99. (more…)

Bunch of Heroes Indie Game Download

NGD Studios, a Latin American independent game developer released their downloadable 4 player cooperative top-down shooter indie action game called Bunch of Heroes on Steam and Gamersgate for $8.99. (more…)

Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon Game Download

Rampant Games released a trailer for their upcoming comedic RPG called Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon for windows and the mac. Frayed Knights: The Skull of S’makh-Daon offers consumers a 3D turn-based combat, old-school sensibilities, and a story of high adventure and comedy. (more…)

Unstoppable Gorg Beta Game Download

Tower defense fans can sign up for the beta of Future Mark Game Studios upcoming tower defense PC game called Unstoppable Gorg. Future Mark will ultimately release Unstoppable Gorg on the PC, IPad, and XBox Live Arcade but the beta will run on the PC only. (more…)

Worms Ultimate Mayhem Game Download Pre-Order

Team 17 have pushed the launch of Worms Ultimate Mayhem on Steam to Wednesday September 28th for $14.99. Consumers can get a 10% discount if they pre-order Worms Ultimate Mayhem from Steam now. If consumers pre-order four copies of Worms Ultimate Mayhem you will get a 25% “discount. In this 3D PC game Worms Ultimate Mayhem offers consumers many ways to customize the worms which you can see in the game trailer above. Worms Ultimate Mayhem players can also create their own weapon of mass destruction. We wonder if Dick Cheney approved this feature.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem Game Download Pre-Order

Astroslugs iOS Puzzle Game

Astroslugs Game Download (IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch)

Astroslugs Game Download – PC and Mac

Bit Barrons released their comic strip puzzle board game Astroslugs for the IPad, IPhone, and IPod touch for $.99. (more…)

Orcs Must Die Interactive Game Trailer

Robot Entertainment released this interactive game trailer for their upcoming orc discriminatory game called Orcs Must Die. During the Orcs Must Die trailer the viewer can choose to play the trailer with two different traps: a spike trap or a cross bow. Again we don’t know or understand Robot Entertainment’s problem with Orcs. Haven’t they heard Rodney King ask “Can’t we all get along”? WTF? (more…)

Lunar Pack Pay What You Want

UK based independent game studio Boss Baddie partnered with Indievania to release a pay what you want bundle of two of their PC games Lunnye Devitsy and Wake. (more…)

Blackwell Deception Game Download Pre-Order

Blackwell Deception Demo Download
Blackwell Deception Pre-Oder Link

Consumers can pre-order Blackwell Deception, the fourth installment of the Blackwell adventure series from Wadjeteye Games. (more…)