Dark Incursion Android Platform Game Download

Big Blue Bubble released Dark Incursion, a steam punk style, platform game set an alternate reality version of the 1800s on Android for $2.99. Consumers can also buy in app credits for different prices. (more…)

Lumi IPad Puzzle Platform Game

Foundation Games released Lumi , an HD action puzzle game for the IPad priced at $2.99. The game features Lumi, a creature who players must guide to save the universe. Darkness reigns in this universe but Lumi has the ability to lighten things up so to speak. Using Lumi’s abilities players must use magnetism and light through the keyboard controls to play Lumi. Foundation Games plans to release Lumi for the IPhone and IPhod Touch December 20th. (more…)

Contre Jour IPad Game of the Year

Apple named Contre Jour the IPad Game of the Year. Created by Mokus and published by Chillingo, Contre Jour enables the user to change the landscape to help you solve each level. For example if you can use your finger to make a piece of flat land ramp up or incline so Petit, the main character, can roll down the hill. Contre Jour’s video trailer showcases this feature. Contre Jour reminds us a bit of the World of Goo with darker visuals. Consumers can download Contre Jour to their IPad, IPhone and Ipod Touch both in “regular” and HD versions. (more…)

To-Fu 2 Apple Game of the Year RunnerUp

We receive many press releases from game developers who simply ported their PC game to the iOS platform and Android platforms. The games may be first person shooters or match 3 puzzle games. So many of these games fail to take advantage of the unique elements of the iOS and touch pad platform capabilities. They are simply plain old PC games “fixed” to work on the iOS or Android platforms. Happily we cannot say this about a game called To-Fu 2, created by UK based HotGen which Apple named RunnerUp Best Game of 2011. We are embarrassed we missed To-Fu 2 when it came out earlier this September. (more…)

Elf Rescue iOS Platform Game Download

Lapland Studios released Elf Rescue, an action platform game allegedly approved by Santa Claus. Santa also interviewed for a job at Lapland Studios seen above in the video. Elf Rescue costs $0.99. (more…)

Courage Wolf Jump iOS Tilt Platform Game Download

Courage Wolf Jump iOS Platform Game

Rocket Splash Games released Courage Wolf Jump, a tilt based vertical scrolling platform game. The Courage Wolf Jump game player must tilt the device to direct the wolf onto each platform level. Courage Wolf doesn’t offer much in way of a story or plot. You must collect coins which enable you to buy new weapons and equipment. (more…)

Imbalanced Free iOS Android Platform Game Download

Sebastian Tobler, a Swiss based indie game developer created in one day a free mobile platform game called Imbalanced for the iOS and Android platforms. The game player directs the black character hop from column to column by taping the screen as it scrolls, fairly quickly, from left to right. As Sebastian says this is a super simple but challenging game but it can get boring quickly unless you enjoy playing a game exclusively to hunt for the highest score.


Crittter Rollers Android Game Trails Content Download

Rampant Mango Collective content update called “the Trials” for their free to play Android Platform game called Critter Rollers. “The Trials” are available for purchasers of Level Pack 1 or the VIP Pack, and the game is free to download with extra purchases required to unlock additional content. (more…)

Egg Punch Free iOS Game Download

Denmark based Pixel Juice released Egg Punch, a 3D egg themed miniature golf puzzle platform game for your IPhone, IPad, and IPod Touch for free with in-app purchases. In a Egg Punch, a sneaky rabbit stole the feathers from the bird, the hero character. What’s with everyone attacking the birds? Anyway the game player must recover those feathers by aiming the egg (as opposed to the golf) at the feathers situated on each hole of the golf course. Pixel Juice designed each hole with obstacles like the ones you would find on a real world miniature golf course. You can earn coins or buy them through the in-app purchase system. Coins enable you to buy virtual items like new colorful eggs. (more…)

Archibald’s Adventures iOS Game Download

If you are looking for a great puzzle platform game for your IPhone or IPad definitely consider Archibald’s Adventures by Rake In Grass, based in the Czech Republic. Rake In Grass released the game almost one year ago but as NBC used to say its new to you if you haven’t heard of it before. Archibald’s Adventures costs $3.99 but it offers over 191 mentally challenging playable levels. (more…)

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