Midnight Mansion 2: The Haunted Hills

Game Review by Wayne K Wilkins
Game Rating = 3/5
MAC Only

While the platformer is one of the oldest and the most famous genre of video games, it is also one that has tried and tested almost every storyline opportunity to both success and failure. “Midnight Mansion 2: The Haunted Hills” is in its entirety, a game attempting to bring back vintage platformer gameplay with somewhat of a SNES “Addams Family” and horror style feel, and it actually does a fairly good job. (more…)

Actionsoft releases Midnight Mansion 2 – New Platformer

Actionsoft released the sequel to their classic downloadable platformer, Midnight Mansion, aptly called Midnight Mansion 2. Actionsoft has revived their version of Indiana Jones, Jack Malone who pursues a quest for treasure as he explores underground caverns, mad scientist laboratories, spooky graveyards, old abandoned castles, and outwits enemies. Feel free to try it out. It retails for $25.00. We will publish a complete review of this downloadable platformer in the next two weeks.

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Midnight Mansion 2 Downloadable Platformer

Midnight Mansion 2 Downloadable Platformer

A Man with A Monocle Platform Game

Game Review by Matt Bird
Game Rating = 4/5

You should buy this game if:

– You love old-style platform games
– You relish a challenge
– You have a sense of old-school, gentlemanly style

You should not buy this game if:

– You want an easy game – even on low settings this title is tough
– You want flashy, spectacular graphics
– You dislike monocles (crazy!) (more…)

Alex Gordon Platform Game Download

Game Review by Tim Peters
Game Rating = 3/5 Balls

With so many computer game genres like match-three, hidden object, and time management being so saturated recently, it’s good to see that Alex Gordon (an anthropomorphic cat, not the Kansas City Royals third baseman) is none of the above. It’s an average side-scrolling platform-jumping adventure game with a feline explorer on a tropical island trying to rescue his sister Alice and assemble an amulet. It’s not particularly innovative or technically impressive, but it is a refreshing change of pace for those burned out by other types of games. (more…)

Mr Smoozles Goes Nutso Game Download

Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso Game Review Rainier Wong
Game Rating: 4/5

Who says only 3D games can rule the gaming world? Mr. Smoozle Goes Nutso is a game that proves whoever says such thing wrong. If you love Pac-man, you will like this game even more. Although I am not a great scorer in games, I enjoy this game very much due to the uniqueness in its interactions especially the comic strips at the beginning of the game that reminded me of my childhood days. This game greatly challenged to my memory, and my ablity to obey instructions when I was playing it.

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Mr Smoozles Goes Nutso Game Screenshot

The object of this game is exciting. In this game, you play the role of Ed, a friendly creature who is responsible for bringing everything back to normal and restoring Mr. Smoozle’s mind who was affected by creatures from another dimension, the Gorogans who had also taken away reality.

Playing this game was really fun as it challenged my mind especially when I needed to remember instructions, when it really pumped up my andrenalin while being chased by Mr. Zmoozle, and when I had to quickly get the crown for the frog to get the “Displacer” before being hit by some “Reality Wave”. Like the traditional Pac-man game , you have to move Ed along paths to collect items to gain some scores. However, unlike Pac-man, you have to complete certain tasks before gaining enough power to collect the items, and find keys to open doors to other rooms. The way the instructions are given is interesting. You as Ed has to ‘converse’ with other characters to get them, and I like the way how each conversation was presented in comic-like speech baloons. Some of the conversions involved some humor too. Remembering those instructions was indeed a challenge to me. Another thing that challenged my memory was having to remember the way to exit to other rooms.

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Mr Smoozles Goes Nutso Game Screenshot

Using the keyboard to control the game was easy as only the arrow keys were used to move Ed around; and the Enter and Control keys to interact with the other characters and certain objects.
There are three levels of difficulties you can choose on this game. What sounded strange and funny to me was the second or intermediate level was called normal.

The game creators were very creative and innovative indeed when he used comic strips as part of the game especially in the introduction. It was indeed my first time playing such a game. Although the graphics seem to be more appealing to the kids especially the comic strips, and the characters involved, this game is great challenge for adults like me as well, and brings fond memories to many. The lobby room was the most colorful place in my opinion. The less colorful place was the Vortex room. There was something that appeared to be drawer but I didn’t seem to be able to jump to it. Perhaps, I must have missed an instruction earlier.

The sound in general was great. However, it would be a nicer to have a more lively tune as a theme song or something that is usually used for sci-fi or space movies. I enjoy the music used in the lobby as it was the most upbeat of all in the game. Perhaps we can have someone or a group to sing the theme song like those used in the old Hanna Barbara production cartoons. It would be nice if the player could shut down the sound as some people who prefer to play in a quiet mood. It would also be great if the player can just only shut down the background music.

Overall the game is superb for children who are 6 years old or more, and adults as well. You will surely enjoy this Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso. My verdict? A 4/5 for this game.

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Free Game Download – A Man with A Monocle

Neogen 2 released the downloadable platform game called A Man With A Monocle” about a monocle wearing man who’s monocle contains the soul of another man. Interesting concept for a downloadable game. But hey, its meant to entertain. Give it a whirl.

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Dingo Games Plans to Release Tasty Planet: Back For Seconds

Dingo Games announced their plans to release the sequel to their game Tasty Planet called Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds towards the end of August this year we assume.  Players guide a a tiny ball of grey goo through six different time periods as it eats objects smaller than itself.   Here’s the trailer.

Free Game Download – Zombie Cow Studio’s Privates

Zombie Cow Studios, creators of Ben There Dan That and Time Gentleman please! released their latest downloadable game called Privates for free on the PC. We don’t understand why game developers give their downloadable games away for free but we are sharing the news with you. Here’s a screenshot.

Privates Downloadable Game

Here’s the link to the free downloadable game

Gish Update and Pay Your Own Price Sale

Chronic Logic has released Gish 1.6 with the following enhancements listed below. Gish follows a ball of tar (the Hero) as he looks for his girlfriend in the subterranean sewers of Dross, a long forgotten city filled with twisting corridors, evil traps and some of the most demented creatures imaginable.

Here’s a screenshot

Gish Screenshot

-You can now choose the price of Gish when you purchase it

-All registration and DRM has been removed (no more hassling with registration)
-Added community campaigns totaling over 40 new levels
-Added 5 new community vs. levels
-Changed file saving locations in Windows and OSX to be in user folders
-Added 64-bit Linux support

Buy now and pay whatever you want:

If you have already purchased Gish you can look up your registration information and
download the new version here:

Check out the list of changes along with update instructions for the full version here:

Or Try the new demo here:

Dale Hardshovel and The Bloomstone Mystery

Game Review by Josh Komon
Game Rating = 3/5

This is by no means one for the ages, but Dale Hardshovel and the Bloomstone Mystery is a passable puzzle game, likely to be enjoyed for a short period of time by fans of the genre.


-$9.99 is about as low a price as one can expect to pay for any video game.
-The puzzles are most certainly challenging.
-The annoying parts of the game are easy to skip or ignore.


-Production quality is lacking.
-Those who are easily frustrated will not enjoy this game.
-The story is not enjoyable.

Dale hardshovel Bloomstone Mystery Screenshot

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There is a growing trend in downloadable video games of puzzle games trying to have a plot. Fans of puzzle games do not generally play these games because they like the story. They play because they like to be challenged. Dale Hardshovel and the Bloomstone Mystery provides plenty of challenge. Unfortunately it also provides plenty of story line.


In a completely forced, hackneyed, and quite frankly, lame attempt at being mysterious, players take on the role of Dale Hardshovel as he works his way through a mysterious pyramid, trying to find the Bloomstone. Thankfully, with a couple of quick clicks, players can blast through the still shot cut scenes, and get right to the meat and potatoes of the game, which are the puzzles that compose each stage.

Each room of the pyramid has artifacts scattered throughout it. It is up to Dale Hardshovel to move like items so they are grouped together, in order to make them disappear. Once two are next to each other or on top of each other, they will go away. When there are three of an item, players need to be careful not to let two of them combine before all three can be lined up. At first, the game is easy to the point of boredom. Very quickly, the puzzles get much harder, often requiring multiple attempts to get right. At that point, players who are not easily frustrated will likely enjoy playing this game, and exploring the new additions that accompany later stages.

Dale hardshovel Bloomstone Mystery Screenshot

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The menus and cut scenes of Dale Hardshovel and the Bloomstone Mystery look decent, but without any movement, there is little evidence of effort by the graphic designers. during game play, the graphics only look as good as they have to in order for players to be able to enjoy it.


The music is droning, and somewhat enjoyable, but repetitive comments made by Dale during the puzzles will force players to turn the volume off.


Pairing objects in a puzzle game is nothing new. Including a story line has also been done. Still, there is just enough different about sliding these pieces around, that players will find this game to be not quite like any other played before.

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