Dirk Dashing 2 Evil Eye Pre-Order

Pre-Order Dirk Dashing 2 Evil Eye

Dirk Dashing 2 Evil Eye PC Download
Dirk Dashing 2 Evil Eye Mac Download
Dirk Dashing 2 Evil Eye Linux Download

My Game Company are accepting pre-orders for Dirk Dashing 2 E.V.I.L. Eye, a downloadable platform game containing more dastardly villains than an Austin Powers movie. This downloadable platform game features the secret agent Dirk Dashing who battles the evil Dr. Ego who allegedly planted a destructive virus in the G.O.O.D networks computer network. Pre-ordering the full version gives you access to the beta out now. (more…)

Puzzle Agent 2 Game Download

Puzzle Agent 2 Game Download

Telltale Games unleashed Puzzle Agents 2, the sequel to their Oscar, Emmy and Tony winning (it didn’t really win those award) mystery puzzle game Puzzle Agent featuring Nelson Tethers, the FBI’s only register “Puzzle” agent. (more…)

Spandex Force: Superhero U Game Download

Spandex Force Superhero U Game Download
Buy Spandex Force Superhero U $9.99

Independent game developer KarjaSoft released Spandex Force: Superhero U, a downloadable “tongue-in-cheek puzzle game with RPG and adventure elements” for the PC and Mac priced at $9.99. (more…)

Critical Mass Demo Download

Critical Mass Release Date Trailer

Critical Mass Game Demo Download
Buy Critical Mass $9.99

Manic Game Studio’s released the playable demo for their 3D puzzle game called Critical Mass available for sale on Steam and from the Manic Game Studio’s web site for $9.99. Critical Mass injects 3D into a match 3 game which kind of looks like a Rubik’s Cube. (more…)

A Virus Named Tom Game Trailer

A Virus Named TOM: Alpha Footage (6/11) from Misfits Attic on Vimeo.

Misfits Attic released this trailer for their action puzzler game called A Virus Named Tom due sometime in 2011. A scientist named Dr X creates “A virus Named Tom” to get back at the people who fired him. The virus named Tom must spread his infection to robot dogs and teleporters while avoiding drones in a City called Tomorrow. As of this post the platforms and price for A Virus Named Tom are tbd.

You can find more information on the games web site.


Interview with a Rockscrubber – Heavy Hogur

The cracked editorial team recently interviewed Hogur Rockscrubber, a dwarf who stars in the 3D downloadable puzzle platform game Heavy Hogur created by Spelagon for the PC for $9.95. Consumers can buy Heavy Hogur using this link – Buy Heavy Hogur for $9.99. You can read our complete review of Heavy Hogur here.

Mr. Rockscrubber, you star in the downloadable 3D puzzle game from Spelagon, Heavy Hogur, where you travel through the mountains and islands of a land called Ivereth to explore caves, collect crystals, discover buried treasure and recover legendary artifacts. According to our notes you weigh enough to make parts of the land crumble after you step off it. Our readers like to meet the virtual people starring in the games they plan to download to their PCs or Mac computers so we appreciate your willingness to answer our questions.

1. What is a Rockscrubber? Did one of your ancestors scrub rocks for a living? What’s your middle name?

We Rockscrubbers are proud descendants of Tyndol Rockscrubber one of the mightiest rock scrubbers in dwarven history. All dwarves loves rocks but some seem content with any drab rock you can find, but not us Rockscrubbers. We like to bring out the very best from the rocks, polish it until it shines like diamonds! An Ive got no “middle” name. Sonds like something those pointyear elves would come up with,.. middle name tsk.. (more…)

Blocks That Matter Out for XBLIG

Blocks That Matter Game Download

Swing Swing Submarine have released their first commercial game on the XBox Live Game Channel today. Swing Swing Submarine describes Blocks That Matter “as a puzzle/platformer in which a tiny driller robot travels underground in order to save its creators, Alexey and Markus, kidnapped by someone who wants to steal their work.” Blocks That Matter costs 240Mspoints. Swing Swing Submarine plans to release Blocks That Matter for the PC, Mac and Linux in May or June 2011.

Blocks That Matter Game Download

Puzzle Moppet Game Download

The indie game developer Garnet Games released Puzzle Moppet, a downloadable 3D Puzzle game for the PC and Linux for $14.95. You have to help the Moppet, lost, alone, sad and depressed in space, find its way home.

Puzzle Moppet Game Download


Buy Puzzle Moppet

Puzzle Moppet Game Download

Heavy Hogur Game Review

Heavy Hogur Game Review by Jerry Curtis
Heavy Hogur Game Rating: 5/5

Heavy Hogur Game Download
Buy Heavy Hogur $9.99

Heavy Hogur is a gorgeous 3D rendered experience and challenges the game player’s mind. As the adorable little hairball Hogur mines crystals in a wide variety of “caves,” puzzle aficionados will love its truly superior and increasingly difficult levels. Download and buy Heavy Hogur and it will stay in your inventory a very long time because it is so challenging and difficult. (more…)

Diamond Dan Game Download

Diamond Dan Game Review by Matt Bird
Game Rating = 3/5

You should buy Diamond Dan if:

– You enjoy fast-paced puzzles
– You don’t mind dying constantly
– You have good reflexes

You shouldn’t buy Diamond Dan if:

– You abhor repetition
– You’re easily annoyed
– You hate constantly-moving cameras (more…)

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