Paper Glider vs Gnomes Free iOS and Android Game Download

Neon Play released Paper Glider vs Gnomes in the free to play model for both iOS and the Android platform. Consumers can play Paper Glider vs Gnomes on their IPhones, IPads, and Android devices. In Paper Glider vs Gnomes, the game play uses Paper Gliders like UAVs to deliver weapons of a destructive nature to harm friendly little Gnomes. Where’s the love? Why the violence? Apparently Garden Gnomes are threatening to take over the world, or at least the world’s gardens. (more…)

BlackTower3 Destroy Free iOS Game Download

BuBu Company released a free to play version of BlackTower 3 Destroy for the iOS platforms – IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch. This physics puzzle game fans will really enjoy this game. BuBu company designed BlackTower 3 Destroy using black and white visuals except for the gems you must throw to kill the little monsters – Kind of like the movie Sin City. On each level you strategically throw a gem stone at robots, aliens and bad guys so they disappear permanently while music out of a who done it mystery movie plays in the background. This game presents intellectual challenges more quickly than games like Angry Birds. Since its free you will see ads in the game mostly for other games.

BlackTower3 Destroy Free iOS Physics Puzzle Game Download

Jumbled iOS Puzzle Game Download

Uk based Game Developer Neon Play released Jumbled, a puzzle game for the iOS platform in the free to play model. Consumers can buy elements of the game like coins $0.99 for 2500 and/or $1.99 for 5000 coins, unlimited hints for 2.99 and unlock all levels for $2.99. Jumbled doesn’t offer much in terms of unique game play. Its a low quality Tetris clone.

Jumbled iOS Free Puzzle Game Download

Cut the Rope iOS Puzzle Game Update

Chillingo and ZeptoLab released an update of Cut the Rope, an iOS game playable on the IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch. In the physics puzzle game Cut The Rope the game player must feed candy to the main character Om Nom, a friendly little creature who arrives at your doorstep in box. The candy hangs on a rope or a set of connected ropes so you must cut them so the candy falls gently into Om Nom’s mouth to advance to the next levels. The update also adds bees which add some buzz to Cut the Rope. Cut the Rope costs $0.99 on the IPhone and IPod Touch and $1.99 on the IPad for the HD version. (more…)

Attack the Fridge iOS Puzzle Game Download

Cygni Software released Attack the Fridge, a puzzle game for the IPhone and IPad priced at $1.99. In Attack the Fridge the game player must draw arrows directing the mice to the cheese. So far after the first few levels Attack The Fridge seems like a simple game appropriate for kids and families. (more…)

RoboSockets Free Android Puzzle Game Download

Tatem Games released Robosockets, a free ad supported puzzle game on the Android platform. Tatem Games blended tetric, pipes and match 3 game elements into one game. Tatem Games originally released Robosockets in the iOS platform in February 2011. Robosockets takes place on a small tiny planet many light years away. You must save the robots from destruction. You have to connect five or more robots together as they float down to the bottom of the screen like Tetris. The robots each have arms and legs coming out of different directions of the robots body like the different shaped tiles in Tetris. Robotsockets offers the most unique take on Tetris we have seen in a while. (more…)

Planet Buster iOS Android Puzzle Game Download

Exit Strategy Entertainment released their space pirate themed puzzle title Planet Buster on iPhone, iPad and Android devices for $2.99. Its a match 3 puzzle game! Wow. We haven’t seen one of these before. That’s sarcasm for those of you who are unfamiliar with our humor. Match 3 games, regardless of platform, are more common than the element oxygen. (more…)

Cover Orange iOS Puzzle Game Download Update

FDG Entertainment released a 40 level update for their iOS physics puzzle game called Cover Orange which FDG Entertainment originally released last year. The game player must re-arrange items on the screen to protect the main character, an orange from acid rain. Now consumers get 300 levels for $0.99 or $1.99 with the HD version. (more…)

Holiday Bonus iOS Android Game Download

Grey Alien Games released Holiday Bonus, a Christmas themed match 3 game for the iOS and Android platforms for $0.99. They have actually released two versions one with smaller levels for smaller screens and HD versions with larger levels for tablets. Holiday Bonus looks like a standard run of the mill match three game. Match 3 games were interesting years ago when PopCap’s Bejeweled first launched. Bejeweled created the Match 3 genre and hundreds of game developers cloned the concept like this game. (more…)

Andy Card Match IPad Puzzle Game Download

A game company named Suspicious Activity released Andy Card Match, a puzzle game, for the IPad for $0.99. In Andy Card Match the game player must match two like looking cards just like the game Concentration. We don’t see anything unique or new in the game play but children and families will enjoy it. Suspicous Activity plans to release an Android version in 2012. (more…)

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