Smuggle Truck Game Download

Owlcherry released the not so PC (as in politically correct) downloadable platform game Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration for the PC and Mac for $5.99. The Smuggle Truck game player must guide a truck full of illegal aliens across the border with the clock ticking. This physics based driving game looks like an extremely funny downloadable adventure. Consumers can buy the IPhone and and IPad version within the Apple Store.

Buy Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration $5.99

Smuggle Track Game Download

Also Owlbert from Owlcherry predicts the 2711 World Series will be won by the Cincinnati Jetpacks.

Proun Tube Racing Game Coming Spring 2011

Joost van Dongen will release Proun aptly described as a downloadable tube racing game later this spring for the PC. You are racing against time on the outside of a tube while avoiding modern art like obstacles by rotating your position using the control buttons or arrows. Proun looks very interesting, unique, addicting and fun. Proun belongs in any city’s museum of modern art. Dongen, Proun’s game developer combines beautiful art with challenging eye hand coordination with speed. You can still download Proun’s beta here.

Proun’s price is to be determined.

Proun Tube Racing Game

MiniOne Racing – Pay What You Want

MiniOne Racing Pay What You Want

Frogames, an indie game developer, have joined the pay what you want business model faction for their downloadable racing game called MiniOne Racing. MiniOne Racing offers players a 3D racing and we would say balancing game. The game player doesn’t simply race around a track which you will discover on the first level. MiniOne Racing’s opening level requires the game player to race and balance along a narrow wooden dock above water. We fell off 6 times in the first 2 minutes of track. Consumers can download Minione Racing for their PC or Mac and they get to pay what they want.

Download MiniOne Racing Game

Here’s the game trailer:

MiniOne Racing Trailer from Frogames on Vimeo.

Blocks Indie released on XBOX Live

Darkwinds Media released a physics based racing game called Blocks Indie on the XBOX Indie Marketplace January 29th 2011. The game player must deliver a wood crate to a magically floating island by controlling jet thrusters on the bottom of the delivery platform while overcome obstacles like moving blocks, tight spaces, and sharp corners.

Driving Speed Pro Racing Game Download

Driving Speed Pro Game Review by Cindy Shanks
Game Rating = 4/5

Game Review Summary

Have you always wanting to race cars? Driving Speed Pro allows you the chance to experience what being a professional driceris really like as you competing in races to improve your rankiing.

Driving Speed Pro Racing Game Screenshot

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Springworld Challenge Game Download

Springworld Challenge Game Review by Matt Bird
Game Rating = 3/5 Balls

SpringWorld Challenge isn’t what I’d call this game. I think I’d rename it to something along the lines of ‘A Cautionary Tale for Drivers.’ Doesn’t click? Oh well.

Springworld Challenge Screenshot

Download Free Game Trial
Buy The Game Now $9.99


Mad Skills Motocross Racing Game Download

Game Review by Matt Bird
Game Rating = 4/5 Balls

Download Free Game Trial
Buy The Game Now $24.95

Gotta say, the first screen shot of Mad Skills Motocross didn’t fill me with much confidence. Plain old dirt bike game. Dull.
Don’t make my mistake. Play this game. You will love it to death. (Literally.)

Mad Skills Motocross Screenshot

Download Free Game Trial
Buy The Game Now $24.95


New Star Grand Prix Racing Game

Game Review by Abasster
Game Rating = 3/5 Balls

Download Free Game Trial
Buy The Game Now $9.99

Upon starting the New Star Grand Prix, a single player Formula One Championship racing game by New Star Games Ltd, players are shown a basic gray colored setup screen to choose language, screen resolution & size – hardly an invigorating start to a racing game. Consequently, electronic pop music will begin to play & the player is greeted with good contemporary 3-dimensional (3D) glossy imagery of a checkered flag, adorning a simple four button user interface.

New Star Grand Prix Racing Game Screenshot (more…)

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