Jets and Guns Gold Action Game Download

Jets and Guns Gold Game Review by Kenneth Andrews
Game Rating = 4/5 Balls

Once upon a time, all action games were like Jets n Guns Gold. Piloting a heavily armed yet highly manoeuvrable starfighter around unlikely structures in outer space and blasting seven shades of starlight out of all manner of alien beasties. Sideways scrolling shooters are back with a vengance.

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Chicken Rush Deluxe Action Shooter Game Download

Game Review by Debbie Lester
Game Rating = 4/5 Balls

Chicken Rush Game Download

Which came first the chicken or the egg? In the new game Chicken Rush Deluxe, it had to be the chicken. This a retro 80’s style game that is reminiscent of Centipede. Players must use weapons to destroy a fast paced moving force before it reaches the bottom of the screen. There are various power-ups, that can increase speed or change the playing format. This is a casual gamers dream! (more…)

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