Flight Control HD out on Intel App Up

Flight Control HD Game Download

Firemint, creators of downloadable action sports video games like Real Racing and Real Racing 2 have released Flight Control HD for the Intel App Up store which offers applications across all genres for Netbooks. Intel requires consumers to download their App Up Store to the desktop similar to Apple’s requirement to download their store within Itunes. Flight Plan HD costs $4.99 without a downloadable try before you buy version of the game. (more…)

Kei – Virtual Villagers New Believers Interview


We recently had the chance interview Kei (pictured above), one of the characters in the downloadable game from Last Day at Work called Virtual Villagers New Believers out now for the PC and Mac Platforms at $19.95. This simulation game takes place on a mysterious land called Isola and the game player must direct characters like Kei to work with the local island population otherwise known as the heathens. (more…)

Love & Order -Mystery and Dating Simulation Game

Love and Order Mystery Simulation Game Download

Winter Wolves released Love and Order, a mystery dating simulation game just in time for Valentine’s Day. The game opens you are Dana Larose, a new secretary at the Crowne Attorney’s office. On her first day on the job Dana finds an envelope containing a cryptic message about Case Number ML-265. As Dana quietly investigates Case ML-265 she meets her co-workers and the various bosses deciding whom to date and when (even though workers shouldn’t dip their pens in the company ink.) The game offers four datable characters each with a different ending. We will publish a complete review in the coming weeks. Winter Wolves created versions of this downloadable game for Windows, Mac and Linux for $19.99.

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Love and Order Mystery Simulation Game Download

Bumpkin Bros release The Machine

Bumpkins Brothers released The Machine, a downloadable puzzle simulation game. Here’s the information from the Bumkins Brothers: “The Bumpkin Brothers, independent game developers from the UK are inviting players to take control of ‘The Machine’ with the release of their contraption building simulation puzzle game via the Impulse Digital Distribution platform.

The Machine invites players to move and process units of Calibrated Unifying Bonded Energy Storage (also known as CUBES). Sounds like a simple job to begin with but it soon turns out you’ll need all your logic and puzzle-solving skill to build the right Machine. However, foreman Bob is available to lend a helping hand and he’s sure there’s always a way to get the job done.”

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The Machine Screenshot

The Machine Screenshot

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75% off on Kudos 2 Thru November 5th

Halloween! A time for pumpkins! Ghouls! Witches! and incredibly tempting discounts on unusual indie games!

UK Indie game developer Cliff Harris (he of ‘gratuitous space battles’ and ‘mark rein is a jerk’ fame) is offering a 75% discount to the whole interweb for his unusual ‘turn-based life sim’ game Kudos 2. From now until the 5th November, you can get Kudos 2 for under $4, buy buying direct from the developer at www.positech.co.uk

Just enter this magic code on the Kudos 2 order form to get 75% off the usual $14.99 price.

Kudos 2 Simulation Game Screenshot

For those wondering ‘what the hell is kudos 2 anyway’?, it’s best thought of as a turn-based strategy version of the Sims. Stay with it… The game puts you in the position of someone on their twentieth birthday, and lets you make just one major decision each day of their life, to see how they turn out by age thirty. The game has an unusual comic-book art style, based around the cool character art of Jamie McKelvie, he of ‘phonogram’ fame.

You can check out our review of Kudos 2 from November 2009.

Loco Mogul Game Download

Loco Mogul Game Review by Danelle Karth

Most of us will probably never have the chance to become rich by running our own business. This is what makes games working our way up from the bottom to the top so appealing. There are a huge number to choose from including a variety of Sims and Tycoon games, Diner Dash, and Loco Mogul. Some say that Loco Mogul is a cross between Oasis and Rail Road Tycoon. How does it rate?

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Loco Mogul Downloadable Game Screenshot

When it comes to downloadable games, graphics matter. This downloadable game does a good job providing graphics that are fun, entertaining, and that work well with the game play. They aren’t going to win any awards, but for the type of game it is they are definitely good and deserve a 4/5 rating.

Loco Mogul supposedly has “catchy tunes” from the 1800’s. Whether the tunes are indeed from the era, I wouldn’t know. As for whether they are catchy or not I would definitely have to say not. The sound isn’t all that exciting. Most music included in such games is either relaxing or exciting, this is neither. On the other hand, the music and the sound effects that go with the game aren’t annoying either, which says something! I would give it a 2/5 for sound.

Game Play.
For me, game play means a lot and is the most important part of the downloadable game. This game is a little confusing at first. It doesn’t have clear instructions to get you started and in the beginning you may fumble around a bit. Once you see what is going on the game moves quickly, is fun, and offers a nice variety of actions. There is also a game manual that I found after I finished with my trial period. It is well written, clear, and will save you a lot of fumbling time.

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Loco Mogul Downloadable Game Screenshot

With this game you get to survey land, choose where to lay tracks and build stations, and finally run the route to make money. You will need that money to build in the next level, to pay off investors, and to buy bigger and better steam engines.

All in all, the downloadable game is interesting and fun. I find myself at the end of the game feeling good that I did better then the last game, but that I want to do better yet. I was excited to pay off the various investors and wanted to continue to do so. For game play I would give it 4/5. It seems to be over too quickly to get a 5/5.

Creativity and Innovation.
This certainly isn’t a new idea. There is Railroad Tycoon and a number of other games with similar goals. However, the play is fairly creative and fun, even if you are person who spends a fair amount of time playing similar games. Things progress nicely and it offers a lot of fun. I would say that it is creative enough to deserve 3/5 without being innovative enough to get a higher rating.

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Loco Mogul Downloadable Game Screenshot

Value of a game is important and needs to be considered before one spends $19.99 on a game they just spent an hour playing (and often getting addicted to). This game does have addictive play and it can feel very exciting. However, I am a little concerned about value and have decided not to purchase it. It seems that the game progresses well, but would end very quickly and doesn’t offer enough rounds or challenges. Because of this I think it would become boring quickly and only deserves a 2/5 for value.

Overall, this downloadable game gets a 3/5. It was a fun hour (the trial period is an hour) and I would love to play some more. However, the sound quality, the quick end, and the value concerns make this game lower then it could score. It was definitely an enjoyable game, but I am not sure that that would last.

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Downloadable Game Democracy 2 75% off 48 Hour Sale

The King of All Indies, Positech is offering 75% sale for 48 hours on their downloadable political simulation game called Democracy 2. The sale only applies to the PC version. In this downloadable political simulation the game the player is tasked with running a government as the prime minister of a fictional country. The game simulates the opinions, loyalties and political allegiances of thousands of smart AI voters in an innovative UI that shows the complex relationships between everything in the political and economic world. In this downloadable turn based strategy game you decide which laws to pass, such as banning firearms, or legalizing drugs, and what tax rates to set, or how much it should spend on projects such as defense, transport, social housing and many more. You need to use this code to get the sale price:


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Here are two screenshots:

Democracy 2 Downloadable Simulation Game Screenshot

Democracy 2 Downloadable Simulation Game Screenshot

The sale lasts 48 hours. Positech also created the downloadable simulation games Gratuitous Space Battles and Kudos 2.

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Virtual Villagers 4 Game Review

Virtual Villagers 4 Game Review by Pat J Smith
Game Rating = 2/5

Three Reasons to buy Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life

1. Relatively Low Cost
2. Long play time
3. Fun characters

Three Reasons to avoid buying Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life

1. Slow Pace
2. Simple Graphics
3. Gets Boring Fast (more…)

TV Manager 2 Released in Beta

Niels Bauer Games released TV Manager 2 in beta. Here’s the trailer:

You can try the game at this link:


Simplz: Zoo Puzzle Simulation Game Review

Simplz Zoo Game Review by Cindy Shanks
Game Rating = 4/5

Game Review Summary

If you’ve always wanted to own your own zoo, you’ll love this game. A letter arrives from your grandfather telling you he has provided you with a zoo to maintain. He wants it be the number one zoo. Your job is to care for the animals and upgrade the zoo.

Simplz Zoo Puzzle Simulation Game Screenshot

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Three Reasons to buy Simplz Zoo

– You are looking for a family game that provides hours of fun.
– You enjoy entrepreneurial games in this case managing a zoo.
– You enjoy matching puzzle games.

Three Reasons to avoid buying Simplz Zoo

– You prefer games with a short time span rather than lengthy games.
– You are a serious gamer who wants a challenging game.
– You prefer target shooting games rather than empire building games.

Full Game Review

Game Play

The game begins with a letter from your Grandfather who wants you to carry on with his dream of making Seagull Park Zoo, a number one zoo. All you have is a lion to start with who would like to be surrounded by more animals. Your job is to attract visitors by purchasing more animals for the zoo.

The game works on two levels. The first level is buying animals and putting your attractions where you want them. The second level is making sure the animals and the zoo has enough food and resources. This involves playing a matching puzzle where you have a grid and you have to match the same 3 objects together such as coins and food but there is a catch; you must make sure you have the amount it asks you. This leads you onto different rounds until you can afford to go upgrade your position until you are the best ranked zoo. It is highly addictive.

Simplz Zoo Puzzle Simulation Game Screenshot


The 2D animations are simplistic but striking on screen and easy to see. The colorful animation style graphics will appeal to children.


The background music is gentle and there are options to alter the level of noise. There are entertaining sound effects when you win each round.

Creativity and Innovation

Simplz zoo is very creative because it takes a simple idea of owning a zoo and gives it an extra edge with the extra puzzles within the game. The fact you have to earn food and resources on the quick fire matching puzzle games make the game innovative and more interesting. The variety stops the player becoming easily bored. The fact you can take the timer off the matching games means it is accessible for the whole family.

The game is good value for money because it is a game which will provide hours of fun for the whole family. This is a game I would consider buying because I love business games and this one also has matching puzzles making it even more entertaining.

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