Streetball Android Game Download

Indie game developers Battery Acid Games and Crank Games released a free/lite version of their two-on-two basketball game, Streetball for the Android Platform. The free Android version of StreetBall offers 2 game modes vs 4 in the paid version and 4 characters vs 14 in the paid version. The paid version of Streetball costs $1.99 (more…)

Beer Pong iOS Game Download

It finally happened. Everyone can breath a sigh of relief. Codeglue released their mobile version of everyone’s favorite drinking game Beer Pong free on the iOS plaform. Consumer’s can already download Beer Pong for their Android. Emmm… How does one describe BeerPong? (more…)

Soccer Cup Solitaire Download

Anawiki Games published Soccer Cup Solitaire, a fantastic downloadable game which combines elements of solitaire and soccer, known as football to most of the world. Available for Windows, Linux and the Mac Anawiki offers this game for $6.99.

Soccer Cup Solitaire Game Download

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The Soccer Cup Solitaire game player, representing countries like Brazil, England, Spain and the United States, must match two cards of the same value, for example a two of hearts with a two of clubs. The player moves down the soccer field and scores goals by stringing consecutive matches of the cards of the same value together. Players can earn wild cards and find bonus cards which lead to mini games. Soccer Cup Solitaire offers an interesting twist on the classic and one of the most popular card games ever invented, Solitaire. It will take you a few minutes to get familiar with this version of Solitaire but once you get the hang of it the downloadable game gets addicting pretty quickly.

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Soccer Cup Solitaire Screenshots

Soccer Cup Solitaire Game Download

Awesome Soccer Game Download

Game Review by Bruce Tyson
Game Rating = 3/5

Awesome Soccer is an austere soccer game available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Play is fast and easy. This is a fun game with some remarkable options for a game in its price range.

Reasons to buy the game
• Simple game controls
• Basic graphics
• Customizations

Reasons not to by the game
• Poor view of the pitch
• Limited player control
• Limited options

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Awesome Soccer Screenshot (more…)

Stir Fry Soccer Game Download

Stir Fry Soccer Game Review by Josh Komon
Game Rating = 5/5 Balls

With the World Cup looming just around the corner, soccer (or football) video games are going to be in high demand. One such game, available for the PC, or Xbox Live, is Stir Fry Soccer. It is a simplified, six on six, action-packed sports experience.

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Stir Fry Soccer Game Screenshot


The instructions are few, which makes Stir Fry Soccer a game you can just sit down and play, without investing much time into learning how to do it right. The keyboard arrows can be used to control the movement of the selected player. A, S, D, W, and F are used for various passes, shots, tackles, switching players, and so on. The average player can get away with the arrows, one pass, and one shot. (more…)

New Star Grand Prix Racing Game

Game Review by Abasster
Game Rating = 3/5 Balls

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Upon starting the New Star Grand Prix, a single player Formula One Championship racing game by New Star Games Ltd, players are shown a basic gray colored setup screen to choose language, screen resolution & size – hardly an invigorating start to a racing game. Consequently, electronic pop music will begin to play & the player is greeted with good contemporary 3-dimensional (3D) glossy imagery of a checkered flag, adorning a simple four button user interface.

New Star Grand Prix Racing Game Screenshot (more…)