Great Big War Game Out on iOS and Android

UK based Independent game developer, Rubicon Dev, released Great Big War Game, a turned based multi-player strategy game on both the iOS and Android platforms for $2.99. GBWG follows Rubicon’s mega hit Great Little War Game. The game stars Jenkins and a not so smart General named Generalissimo. Generalissimo kindly shared a photo of himself posing in his bathing suit for the HarryBalls Bathing Suit Edition. (more…)

Gratuitous Space Zombies and Pirate Battles Bundle

Positech Games and MinMax Games (Space Pirates and Zombies) are now offering a seven day bundle sale for two indie PC games: Gratuituous Space Battles by Positech and Space Pirates and Zombies by MinMax through the Show Me the Games web site for $14.95. Consumers can only play both these games on their PCs. (more…)

Great Big War Game Trailer

Would you like to see a military general wearing tidy whitey underwear? Maybe not. Would you like to see the trailer to the sequel of one best strategy war video games released in the last few years? Rubicon Development unleashed this game trailer above for the sequel to their award winning strategy war game called “Great Little War Game”. They have creatively named the sequel “Great Big War Game” which features the General as well as many of the same characters from the first game. (more…)

Gratuitous Tank Battles Game Demo Download

Positech Games released the Gratuitous Tank Battles downloadable demo although you can purchase the full version of GTB now for $22.95 through their site, Steam, Gamers Gate and Impulse Driven. (more…)

Mechadroids Free Android Game Download

Cracker from Mechadroid

Cracker from Mechadroids

Deadworld Studios, a small UK based independent games company released Mechadroids a free-to-play, menu-based, massively multiplayer mech combat game with a satirical twist. (more…)

Orcs Must Die 2 Coming This Summer

Coming this summer to a PC and the XBox 360 near you. Avengers? Battleship? Men in Black 3? Maybe if you find a movie bootlegger or find a torrent site still operating. No. This summer more Orcs will die (even though we personally think Orcs bring a lot to table) in Orcs Must Die 2, the next episode of the action strategy franchise from Robot Entertainment. In Orcs Must Die 2, you must cause more Orcs and other so called monsters to permanently stop breathing, this time with a female companion called “The Sorceress”. (more…)

Great Little War Game Out on BlackBerry

Rubicon Development released their 3D turned based strategy game called Great Little War Game on the android market for $4.99. Great Little War Game features opposing armies of infantry armed with artillery, tanks, helicopters and ships. There are 24 different units to play with and extra speech packs to download in-game. Players use their brain against an A.I. enemy across 20 levels of environments in temperate, jungle, desert and arctic terrain.

Great Little War Game BlackBerry Download $4.99

Gratuitous Tank Battles PC Strategy Game Pre-Order

The tanks are coming! The tanks are coming. Gamers can now pre-order Gratuitous Tank Battles for $22.00 from Positech Games. Cliff Harris, Positech Games’ sole makes elaborate strategy and simulation video games like Gratuitous Space Battles, Democracy 2 and Kudos 2. Gratuitous Tank Battles takes place in a alternative version of future earth where the great war (WW1) still rages on. The game contains elements of strategy, tower defense and real time management game mechanics.

Gratuitous Tank Battles Game Download

Here’s Positech Games Description of Gratuitous Tank Battles:

Gratuitous Tank Battles, the alternate history ‘World-War-1-with mechs’ strategy game has entered Beta, and is available for pre-orders NOW. Gratuitous Tank battles is a new PC strategy game that blends the best bits of tower-defense, real-time-strategy and simulation / management games. A spiritual (if not actual) successor to Gratuitous Space Battles, GTB takes the tower defence genre by the scruff of the neck and stamps on it with heavily armored mechs-feet.

GTB differs from conventional Tower Defense in many ways. Firstly, you can play either side (attack/defense), secondly all the units are customised both simulation-wise and visually. Thirdly, the game has a built in map-editor and map-sharing feature to encourage widespread custom-map-making. Fourthly, GTB lets you save out your own attacking decisions, then play against them as defender. And lastly, the game also features optional ‘adaptive’ AI rather than just pre-scripted waves of enemies (although these are available as well).

Set during an alternate future where world war one never ended, and continues to be fought with mechs and laser-tanks, GTB blends hardcore strategy gaming with a light-hearted sarcastic sense of humour. The war has raged for 200 years, but our superior officers are convinced it will all be over this Christmas, however many poor beggars have to be crushed into the dirt to make that happen.

Gratuitous Tank Battles Game Download

Unstoppable Gorg Lite IPad Game Download

Unstoppable Gorg Tower Defense IPad Game Download

Future Mark Studios released a lite version of their 1950’s Sci-Fi themed tower defense game called Unstoppable Gorg for the IPad. The game takes place in earth’s orbit where you must build weapons to defend the satellites and ultimately earth. As the Gorg’s various attacking space ships approach you can change the orbital positions of the defensive weapons during the battle to maximize the damage inflicted in the Gorg crafts. (more…)

Eufloria HD IPad Game Download

Eufloria IPad HD Game Download

Tuna HQ and Omni Systems Ltd have published the award winning Eufloria HD for the IPad for $4.99. If you own an IPad and like strategic ambient video games than you must download and buy Eufloria HD. Originally named Dyson the game takes place in deep space where you command floral life forms who grow on asteroids. (more…)

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