Gratuitous Tank Battles Development Video

Cliff Harris, owner and sole programmer for the indie studio known as Positech Games released this video where Cliff explains the debugging tools he uses during the development of his upcoming strategy PC game called Gratuitous Bank Battles (GTB). Cliff (Positech Games) makes elaborate strategy and simulation video games and this video gives the audience insight into the development process. The video may not appeal to everyone but certainly to folks who want to learn more about the game development process. GTB is currently in alpha and the beta release will be made available to folks who pre-order the game soon. (more…)

Hero Academy Free Multiplayer iOS Game

Robot Entertainment released their first mobile game called Hero Academy, a multi-player tactics game where users create custom armies to battle their friends on the iOS platform. Gamers can play the Hero Academy for free while buying elements of the game like teams of Dark elves $0.99, Uniform Colors $0.99, Ten Taunts $0.99 as well as other items (more…)

Gratuitous Tank Battles Video

Cliff Harris, a one man indie game creator, discusses the thematic and gameplay influences of his upcoming tower defense strategy PC game due out in early 2012. Look closely to see some of the video games on his shelf. (more…)

Creepy Creeps Android Tower Defense Game

Evil Lemon released Creepy Creeps, a tower defense game for the Android platform. Android gamers can play the first three levels for free and play $1.99 to access the remaining 7 levels. Creepy Creeps takes place in the desert where the evil creeps attack and steal your people. You can use eight different towers, traps and weapons to stop them dead in their tracks. Atomic bombs make an appearance. (more…)

Modern Conflict Free Android Game Download

Gaijin Entertainment released Modern Conflict, a one touch strategy game, in free to play mode, for the Android Market. In Modern Conflict game players tap the screen to direct tanks into battle positions. Gamers compete in the United States, Russia and China. (more…)

Gaslight iOS Android Strategy Game

Pixofactor released Gaslight a free to play steampunk themed strategy game for both the iOS and Android platforms. The game trailer above acts only as a teaser and doesn’t show any element of the game play which leads us to believe the game doesn’t offer much new in terms of game play. Our experience with Gaslight so far reinforces this conclusion. The game takes place in a land called Eastland where two groups, The Coalition and The Underground, fight over natural resources. Our experience with Gaslight so far reinforces this conclusion. Players must build empires and armies one building at a time. (more…)

Star Hammer Tactics IPad Game Download

Australia based Black Lab Games released a Star Hammer Tactics, combat based strategy game for the IPad in a free to play model. Consumers can play the first four campaigns for free and then pay $2.99 within the game to access 11 additional campaigns and to get access medium and large skirmish modes. Consumers can pay a special price of AU$1.99 / US$1.99 / GBP1.49 / EUR 1.59 through Tuesday November 29th. (more…)

Shiny Treasure Pirate Tower Defense iOS Game Download

Netherlands based Infinity Lane, formerly known as GD8 Games, and Essenza Media released Shiny Treasure, a free pirate themed tower defense for the iOS platform – IPhone 3GS, IPhone 4, IPhone 4S, IPod Touch, and IPad. To enable free game play Infinity Labs inserted ads into the game. The Shiny Treasure game player must build guard towers and use the powers of the mysterious green pearl, to protect their valuable treasure chest from pirates. (more…)

Unity of Command Strategy Game Download

Independent game developer 2×2 Games released their downloadable World War II PC strategy game called Unity of Command for $29.99 directly from their web site –

In Unity of Command, an operational-level wargame that covers the entire 1942/43 Stalingrad Campaign on the Eastern Front, the gamer can play from both the Axis and Soviet perspectives. (more…)

Mob Rules Kickstarter Game Developer

Sarasota, Florida based Mob Rules decided to use an interesting approach to their fundraising efforts on Kickstarter for their game development. Most game companies on Kickstarter allow backers to donate money for a specific game. Mob Rules allows backers to vote by designating which Mob Rules game will receive the backer’s funds: Guerrilla Gorilla, Haunts and The Last Second. Feel free to visit the Mob Rules Kickstarter page. (more…)

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