Orcs Must Die Pre-Order Game Download

Consumers can pre-order Orcs Must Die by Robot Entertainment from Steam for $14.99. (more…)

Great Little War Game Android Download

Rubicon Development released their 3D turned based strategy game called Great Little War Game on the android market for $2.99.

Great Little War Game Android Download $2.99

Great Little War Game features opposing armies of infantry armed with artillery, tanks, helicopters and ships. There are 24 different units to play with and extra speech packs to download in-game. (more…)

Worms Ultimate Mayhem Game Download

Consumers can finally play Worms Ultimate Mayhem on their PC or XBox 360s assuming they buy it from Stream or the XBox Live Arcade first :O). Worms Ultimate Mayhem costs 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and £10.99/€12.99/$14.99 for PC from Steam. Playstation Network users will have to wait until later this year to download and play Worms Ultimate Mayhem. (more…)

Tiny Defense iOS Game Download

Tiny Defense IPhone/IPod Touch Game Download $2.99

Bangkok based Picsoft Studio released Tiny Defense, a strategy tower defense game for the iOS platform for $2.99. Tiny Defense takes place on the Green planet in a far away galaxy where the game player must help “cute” little robots defend their land against invading hordes of evil invaders. (more…)

Unstoppable Gorg Beta Game Download

Tower defense fans can sign up for the beta of Future Mark Game Studios upcoming tower defense PC game called Unstoppable Gorg. Future Mark will ultimately release Unstoppable Gorg on the PC, IPad, and XBox Live Arcade but the beta will run on the PC only. (more…)

Orcs Must Die Interactive Game Trailer

Robot Entertainment released this interactive game trailer for their upcoming orc discriminatory game called Orcs Must Die. During the Orcs Must Die trailer the viewer can choose to play the trailer with two different traps: a spike trap or a cross bow. Again we don’t know or understand Robot Entertainment’s problem with Orcs. Haven’t they heard Rodney King ask “Can’t we all get along”? WTF? (more…)

Sengoku Strategy Game Download

Paradox Interactive released their self developed PC Strategy RPG game called Sengoku for download priced at $29.99. In Sengoku the gamer plays as the head of a feudal Japanese where war has broken out. You must use military power, your wits and your diplomatic conversation skills, ninjas and samurai to unite medieval Japan. (more…)

Rock of Ages Out on XBLA

Games Developer Ace Team, based in Santiago, Chile, have released Rock of Ages on XBLA for 800 MS points. Rock of Ages is 500 Mbs. Ace Team will release the downloadable PC version of Rock of Ages in a week or so. This strategy tower defense like game takes the game player through different ages as they defend towers and kingdoms in Ancient Greece, Medieval, and the Renaissance. (more…)

Orcs Must Die Game Trailer

Robot Entertainment plans to release their downloadable action strategy game Orcs Must Die on XBox Live Arcade and PCs later this summer. Microsoft Studio will publish Orcs Must Die. (more…)

Positech Announces Gratuitous Tank Battles Fall 2011

Gratuitous Tank Battles Game Download

Positech Games announced plans to release Gratuitous Tank Battles, a real time strategy/tower defense game combo sometime in the fall of 2011. Consumers will be able to download Gratuitous Tank Battles for the PC or Mac. (more…)

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