Defend and Defeat: Kingdoms Strategy Game

Game Review by Wayne K Wilkins
Game Rating = 3/5

A truly vintage retro gaming experience that those from the era of “Civilization” and “The Settlers” can enjoy, but modern day gamers may find out-dated both graphically and in gameplay.

Three reasons to buy “Defend and Defeat: Kingdoms”

#1 – It is a vintage tribute to old-style strategy games.

# 2 – It has a unique soundtrack.

#3 – It is simplistic, easy to play and very addictive.

Three reasons to avoid “Defend and Defeat: Kingdoms”

#1 – It is graphically outdated for a 2010 game.

#2 – It lacks originality and creativity.

#3 – 60 minute trial is too short.

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Defend and Defeat:  Kingdoms Strategy Game Download

While the title of the game leaves nothing to the imagination, “Defend and Defeat: Kingdoms” from PigDog games does in fact hold a much more in depth and truly retro strategic gaming experience that many enthusiasts from all eras of the age-old PC genre will adore.

From the first time players load the game and begin exploring the map, they will see many vintage aspects reminiscent of such strategy icons and cult legends as “Civilization” and “The Settlers”. This is not simply a coincidence; as a paid downloadable game, a simple look at Kingdoms sees that the designers aim to bring that cult-favorite illusion to life in the modern day and age with the look, the feel and the gameplay aspect of their game. While many may look at this as a lack of creativity and originality, others may see it as a testament and a tribute to the strategic games of the past generation.

The gameplay is fairly simplistic but that is certainly not a negative. It is a traditional point and click strategy game. Players will find themselves clicking on empty circles of unused ground and it is here that they can begin to build their own towns, cities and outposts ready to defend. They can also build their own forces and scouts to investigate the enemy’s outposts ready to launch a full-scale war on the opponent. Players can also upgrade their forces and their buildings for added defense and damage, all via a simple point and click interface by simply clicking on the object they wish to advance.

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Defend and Defeat:  Kingdoms Strategy Game Download

The graphics of Kingdoms is something that can be looked at in two different ways. Many vintage strategy seekers will arguably be awe-struck by the simplicity and vintage aspect of the graphics from the way the buildings look to the way the windmills spin. Others however that are familiar with more up to date strategy games may see the graphics as being outdated for a 2010 game.

Players will be given an original soundtrack that is actually very smoothly sounding and very unique while still maintaining the traditional “war time” aspect that strategy games of this genre often feature. There are also sounds for aspects such as attacking and building which add an authentic touch to the game also.

Overall, if you are looking for a vintage strategy experience, “Defend and Defeat: Kingdoms” is for you. For modern day strategy gamers however, it should be avoided.

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Plants Vs Zombies Game of the Year Edition

Game Review by Wayne K Wilkins
Game Rating = 4/5

A highly addictive combination of handily crafted strategic gameplay and truly mental storyline situations; it can only be the war between Plants and Zombies.

Three reasons to buy “Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Edition”

#1 – It is highly addictive and entertaining.
# 2 – It features non-repetitive strategic gameplay with endless choices.
#3 – It is the first game with more content.

Three reasons to avoid “Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Edition”

#1 – It is the same game, just with added content.
#2 – It has no major storyline.
#3 – It is over-priced; $19.95 for essentially the same game.

The title of “Plants Vs. Zombies” may not leave much to the imagination in regards to the gameplay aspect, but the “Game of the Year Edition” truly adds an endless amount of extra zombie blasting mayhem to what was already a truly flawless strategic gameplay experience.

Plants Vs Zombies Game of the Year Screenshots

“Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Edition” much like the previous title in the series is basically the same game, just with plenty of added content. The player finds themselves defending a house from an onslaught of hungry undead brain eaters using a unique arsenal of mutant garden plants as defensive weapons. The game features 50 adventure levels, 5 different game modes, 49 defensive plants and 29 different zombies all with their own unique and creative strengths and weaknesses making each play-through a unique strategic experience each and every time.

The gameplay is very and easy to master and original and this is the game’s major strong point. When you start the level, you see the zombies trying to break through your garden fence. You then have to select which plants are going to defend your house. Each plant costs money to place and you gain more money depending on the outcome of the battle and based on any additional objectives you may complete.

The graphics of “Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Edition” are very appealing. It is not meant to be a horror-style game despite the genre and the truly horrifying aspect behind the fact that an army of mutant plants are battling the living dead in your back garden. The game is meant to be for the sake of humour. This is reflected in the colorful and cartoon-like graphics that accompany you throughout the battles.

Plants Vs Zombies Game of the Year Screenshots

The soundtrack is also a masterwork. It features a vintage strategic-style soundtrack reminiscent of such games as “Worms” that can truly get your heart racing as the zombies make progress against your own. Each plant also has its own unique sounds when it attacks or dies, as do each individual horde of zombies.

Overall, “Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Edition” is one of the most innovative downloadable games on the internet today and greatly surpasses the regular game. It is worth purchasing just for the additional content, but if you are new to the game then obviously purchasing this version over the previous is an added bonus that entitles you to a flawless strategic gaming experience.

You can download the game at Popcap’s site.

Delve Deeper Adventure Strategy Game

Game Review by Matt Remley
Game Rating = 4/5

Developed by Lunar Giant, Delve Deeper is an adventure/strategy game that is being released on PC and Xbox 360 as a downloadable game. Boasting a small price tag and interesting box art, it’s very clear that Lunar Giant may be the next big hit from a small gaming developer.

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Delve Deeper Downloadable Game Screenshot

Most people will initially have their doubt’s about downloadable games like this without trying first. Good thing that sitting down for at least a hour will take care of those doubt’s, but is Delve Deeper really worth it compared to other downloadable games? To be short, yes, Delve Deeper turns out to be an amazing game for a 5 dollar price tag but lets take a moment to discuss it. (more…)

Loco Mogul Game Download

Loco Mogul Game Review by Danelle Karth

Most of us will probably never have the chance to become rich by running our own business. This is what makes games working our way up from the bottom to the top so appealing. There are a huge number to choose from including a variety of Sims and Tycoon games, Diner Dash, and Loco Mogul. Some say that Loco Mogul is a cross between Oasis and Rail Road Tycoon. How does it rate?

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Loco Mogul Downloadable Game Screenshot

When it comes to downloadable games, graphics matter. This downloadable game does a good job providing graphics that are fun, entertaining, and that work well with the game play. They aren’t going to win any awards, but for the type of game it is they are definitely good and deserve a 4/5 rating.

Loco Mogul supposedly has “catchy tunes” from the 1800’s. Whether the tunes are indeed from the era, I wouldn’t know. As for whether they are catchy or not I would definitely have to say not. The sound isn’t all that exciting. Most music included in such games is either relaxing or exciting, this is neither. On the other hand, the music and the sound effects that go with the game aren’t annoying either, which says something! I would give it a 2/5 for sound.

Game Play.
For me, game play means a lot and is the most important part of the downloadable game. This game is a little confusing at first. It doesn’t have clear instructions to get you started and in the beginning you may fumble around a bit. Once you see what is going on the game moves quickly, is fun, and offers a nice variety of actions. There is also a game manual that I found after I finished with my trial period. It is well written, clear, and will save you a lot of fumbling time.

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Loco Mogul Downloadable Game Screenshot

With this game you get to survey land, choose where to lay tracks and build stations, and finally run the route to make money. You will need that money to build in the next level, to pay off investors, and to buy bigger and better steam engines.

All in all, the downloadable game is interesting and fun. I find myself at the end of the game feeling good that I did better then the last game, but that I want to do better yet. I was excited to pay off the various investors and wanted to continue to do so. For game play I would give it 4/5. It seems to be over too quickly to get a 5/5.

Creativity and Innovation.
This certainly isn’t a new idea. There is Railroad Tycoon and a number of other games with similar goals. However, the play is fairly creative and fun, even if you are person who spends a fair amount of time playing similar games. Things progress nicely and it offers a lot of fun. I would say that it is creative enough to deserve 3/5 without being innovative enough to get a higher rating.

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Loco Mogul Downloadable Game Screenshot

Value of a game is important and needs to be considered before one spends $19.99 on a game they just spent an hour playing (and often getting addicted to). This game does have addictive play and it can feel very exciting. However, I am a little concerned about value and have decided not to purchase it. It seems that the game progresses well, but would end very quickly and doesn’t offer enough rounds or challenges. Because of this I think it would become boring quickly and only deserves a 2/5 for value.

Overall, this downloadable game gets a 3/5. It was a fun hour (the trial period is an hour) and I would love to play some more. However, the sound quality, the quick end, and the value concerns make this game lower then it could score. It was definitely an enjoyable game, but I am not sure that that would last.

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Downloadable Game Democracy 2 75% off 48 Hour Sale

The King of All Indies, Positech is offering 75% sale for 48 hours on their downloadable political simulation game called Democracy 2. The sale only applies to the PC version. In this downloadable political simulation the game the player is tasked with running a government as the prime minister of a fictional country. The game simulates the opinions, loyalties and political allegiances of thousands of smart AI voters in an innovative UI that shows the complex relationships between everything in the political and economic world. In this downloadable turn based strategy game you decide which laws to pass, such as banning firearms, or legalizing drugs, and what tax rates to set, or how much it should spend on projects such as defense, transport, social housing and many more. You need to use this code to get the sale price:


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Here are two screenshots:

Democracy 2 Downloadable Simulation Game Screenshot

Democracy 2 Downloadable Simulation Game Screenshot

The sale lasts 48 hours. Positech also created the downloadable simulation games Gratuitous Space Battles and Kudos 2.

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Virtual Villagers 4 Game Review

Virtual Villagers 4 Game Review by Pat J Smith
Game Rating = 2/5

Three Reasons to buy Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life

1. Relatively Low Cost
2. Long play time
3. Fun characters

Three Reasons to avoid buying Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life

1. Slow Pace
2. Simple Graphics
3. Gets Boring Fast (more…)

Positech Releases “Swarm” New Expansion Pack for GSB

Positech, publishers of Democracy and Kudos, released a new expansion pack called Swarm for their downloadable game Gratuitous Space Battles. According to Positech, the Swarm are Space-dwelling nomads who destroy all they encounter, using cunning new gratuitous weapons such as disruptor beams, fusion guns, and deadly smart-bombs. Here’s the Swarm Video:

Check out Positech’s site for more information and to buy the expansion pack which costs $5.99.

TV Manager 2 Released in Beta

Niels Bauer Games released TV Manager 2 in beta. Here’s the trailer:

You can try the game at this link:

Flotilla Strategy Game Download

Flotilla Game Review by Pat J Smith
Game Rating = 5/5

Game Review Summary: Flotilla is fun and quirky, like a fast play version of Sid Meier’s Pirates, but in space.

Three Reasons to buy Flotilla

– Reason #1: Fun, easy to learn
– Reason # 2: Great value for ten Dollars
– Reason # 3: Re-playability

Three Reasons to avoid buying Flotilla

– Reason #1: Not so great graphics.
– Reason #2: “Careers” are short.
– Reason # 3: No story to follow

Flotilla Strategy Game Screenshot

Download Free Game Trial
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Full Game Review:

Remember when strategy games were fun and compelling without requiring years of your life. Or worse, when they degenerate into annoying click-fests, when the player wins by merely being able to drag and drop faster than the AI. Flotilla by independent game developer, Blendo easily avoids both these pitfalls. (more…)

Telepath Psy Arena 2 Strategy Game Review

Game Review by Matt Shelton
Game Rating = 4/5

Telepath Psy Arena 2 – A pickup-and-play turn based tactics game worthy of praise, and your hard earned cash.

I sat down to demo the game earlier today with the intentions of playing for an hour or so and writing my review. Nearly 9 hours later I am pulling myself away, to say this to you fine folks, for the love of god stay away from this game if you are a parent of a small child, or own a pet, because they will surely be neglected.

Telepath Psy Arena Strategy Game Screenshot

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OK, lets get down to brass tacks.

TPA2 is all about moving and attacking the bad guys with efficiency. At the beginning of a turn, each character under the control of the player is given a finite number of steps and PSY points to use during that turn for movement and attacks. During the turn you use steps to move units, PSY points to fire weapons. Picking up items or changing the way your facing also uses up steps. Once you have used all your steps and PSY points, the turn goes to the computer and moves its units and sets up its attacks. With the great job Sinister Design has done with the AI driving the game, It wont go down with out fight.

It starts with you traveling from a distance to seek fame and fortune in the Grand Tournament of Ravinale, a competition of blood. Why are you fighting? Who is the big baddie everyone is afraid to speak of? Well, I will not spoil that for you. What I will say is you are sure to love the journey.

The care Sinister has put into this game is very clear, from the surprisingly good soundtrack, to the hilarious dialog, and the slick graphics, you can see the love behind this. I have been a fan of the genre for years, and after being disappointed with almost every offering the mainstream publisher’s has thrown up at us, It’s good to see that someone out there actually gives a crap about quality.

Three Reasons for purchasing, Easy.

1. The best indie game I’ve run across in a long time.

2. CHEAP! 12.95?!? You can’t even get a pizza for that.

3. I think the thing I enjoyed most about this game was the dialog, seriously funny guys.

Three Reasons for not purchasing, this one is a little harder.

1. If you don’t like TBT games this one is NOT for you.
2. If you are required to wear a helmet at all times this game is not for you.
3. If you are prone to fits of epilepsy, this is not the game for you.

In all seriousness, I did enjoy this game VERY much and I hope you will give it a shot.

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