Orcs Must Die PC Game Download

Indie game developer Robot Entertainment released Orcs Must Die, a downloadable action strategy game for sale on the PC through Steam today for $14.99. Robot Entertainment released Orcs Must Die for Xbox 360 last week. (more…)

Waves Game Demo Download

Squid in A Box released the downloadable demo for Waves, their upcoming Psychedelic Arena Shooter coming soon for $9.99 to a PC near you. The Wave demo offers 3 Minutes of gameplay. In game Waves, the player controls a heavily armed ball to clear enemies off the field. The game play reminds us of a supped up version of Asteroids on steroids with a tech house music sound track.

Waves Game Demo Download

Waves System Requirements

A PC (2GHz Processor, 2GB memory, Shader Model 3 Compatible graphics card and Windows XP SP2 or better)

Catch the Candy IPhone IPad Game Download

Have you ever used your tongue to grab sweet delicious delights? You will in Catch the Candy. Game publisher BulkyPix and independent developer, FedoIT released an update of Catch the Candy for iPhone and iPad. They have added more levels and new achievements . (more…)

Captain Blackwater Puzzle Game Download

Captain Blackwater Puzzle Game Download

Intermediaware released Captain Blackwater, a downloadable puzzle game priced at 9.99 euros for the PC and Mac. They describe Captain Blackwater as a puzzle game with new mechanics but they didn’t release game trailer or a downloadable playable demo so draw your own conclusions.

Captain Blackwater Puzzle Game Download

The game player helps the main character, Captain Backwater, find loot in dangerous treasure caves.

Hammer Penguins Puzzle Game Download

Hammer Penguins Puzzle Game Download

Small Fun Games created Hammer Pengiuns, featuring the heroine, a pengiun named Gwynn who must free her animal friends and neighbors from a frozen life. They are literally frozen in ice. Hammer Penguins reminds us of Mahjong with cartoon animals rather than tiles covered in chinese letters. When you start a game you will see a screen that looks similar to a typical match 2 game but have no fear this game is much better than most match 3 games. Consumers can buy and download Hammer Penguins for $9.95.

Hammer Penguins Puzzle Game Download $9.95
Hammer Penguins Puzzle Game Demo Download

The game player must find and match two like animals in the ice. When you do, Gwynne, the hammer wielding heroine penguin pounds the matching animals out of the ice. As the challenges get more difficult the number of similar looking but not the same animals increase taxing your brain cells.

Hammer Penguins Puzzle Game Download $9.95
Hammer Penguins Puzzle Game Demo Download

Hammer Penguins System Requirements

Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Orcs Must Die Game Trailer

Robot Entertainment plans to release their downloadable action strategy game Orcs Must Die on XBox Live Arcade and PCs later this summer. Microsoft Studio will publish Orcs Must Die. (more…)

Infested Planet Beta Download

Infested Planet Trailer from Alex Vostrov on Vimeo.

Rocket Bear Games released their downloadable RTS game called Infested Planet for Pre-order for the PC and Mac for $14.95. Consumers who pro-order Infested Planet get immediate access to the beta download. (more…)

Interview with a Rockscrubber – Heavy Hogur

The cracked editorial team recently interviewed Hogur Rockscrubber, a dwarf who stars in the 3D downloadable puzzle platform game Heavy Hogur created by Spelagon for the PC for $9.95. Consumers can buy Heavy Hogur using this link – Buy Heavy Hogur for $9.99. You can read our complete review of Heavy Hogur here.

Mr. Rockscrubber, you star in the downloadable 3D puzzle game from Spelagon, Heavy Hogur, where you travel through the mountains and islands of a land called Ivereth to explore caves, collect crystals, discover buried treasure and recover legendary artifacts. According to our notes you weigh enough to make parts of the land crumble after you step off it. Our readers like to meet the virtual people starring in the games they plan to download to their PCs or Mac computers so we appreciate your willingness to answer our questions.

1. What is a Rockscrubber? Did one of your ancestors scrub rocks for a living? What’s your middle name?

We Rockscrubbers are proud descendants of Tyndol Rockscrubber one of the mightiest rock scrubbers in dwarven history. All dwarves loves rocks but some seem content with any drab rock you can find, but not us Rockscrubbers. We like to bring out the very best from the rocks, polish it until it shines like diamonds! An Ive got no “middle” name. Sonds like something those pointyear elves would come up with,.. middle name tsk.. (more…)

Frozen Synapse Game Download

Mode 7 released Frozen Synapse, a downloadable turn based strategy game out for the PC and Mac for $19.99. Consumers can buy Frozen Synapse directly from Mode 7 Games or Desura, Gamer’s Gate, GetGames, Matrix Games, Impulse, Steam. (more…)

Dungeons of Dredmor RPG Trailer

GasLamp Games released the 5th trailer for their upcoming comic like downloadable RPG coming out May/June 2011. GasLamp Games describes Dungeons of Dredmor as “a comic fantasy roguelike dungeon crawler game”. GasLamp Games plans to release Dungeon of Dredmor for the PC, Mac and Linux. Gaslamp haven’t announce a price for Dungeon and Dredmor but have said it will cost less than $10. (more…)

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