You Are Not A Banana Indie Adventure Video Game

Are you a banana? Are you about six inches, curved and have thick yellow skin? Chances are not. In that case maybe ths new point and click adventure indie game from Brian Cullen will appeal to you. You can buy chapter 1 of “You Are Not A Banana” indie video game on Desura and Steam Greenlight for $2.99. The accompaning twelve and half minute video gives you a very detailed game overplay. If you like adventure games with a retro look you may like “You Are Not A Banana.”

Outlands 8 Bit Cartoon Episode 3

In the third episode of Outlands, an 8 Bit cartoon created by Adam de la Pena, the crew of Titanic II, find themselves rescued on a planet by the handsomest man in universe named after a real actor. Check it out.

Space Janitors Season 2 Finale: Fish Planet Part 2

As the summer goes on so do the lives of Darby (Brendan O’Halloran) and Mike (Pat Thorton), the main characters in Space Janitors, a Star Wars parody and one of our favorite web comedy TV Shows whose final episode of its sophomore season debuted today at Geek & Sundry. Davin Lengyei and Geoff Lapaire created Space Janitors. (more…)

Ghost Ghirls from Jack Black and Yahoo

The actor commonly known as Jack Black is producing a new comedy called Ghost Ghirls about a pair of slightly functional female ghost buster like characters. Ghost Ghirls will debut on Yahoo Screen later in 2013. You should be able to play the video in on an iOS or Android Tablet. It looks funny.

You may see a few famous faces like Jake Johnson (New Girl), Dave Ghorl (Foo Fighters), Val Kilmer, and the great Molly Shannon (SNL).

Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC Out Now

TellTale Games and SkyBound Entertainment released Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC on iOS as an in-app purchase in The Walking Dead game for $4.99. You must have the first episode, which comes free, installed on your device to buy this episode of Walking Dead. TellTale Games and Skybound Entertainment created an intense entertaining game.

Walking Dead iTunes Store Link

Cognition Game Download

Phoenix Studios and Khaeon Studios released this teaser trailer for an upcoming episodic thriller called Cognition: An Erica Reed game slated for release as four episodes in 2012. Cognition tells the story of FBI agent Erica Reed who after investigating the her brothers murder develops a special powers that enable her to see an object’s past. (more…)