Snap Trap iOS Puzzle Game Download

8 Bit Grenade released Snap Trap for the iPhone 3 GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd & 4th generation iPod Touch priced at $2.99. 8 Bit Grenade says Snap Trap uses Apple’s touch screen technology, in an unique and intuitive way. We aren’t sure about that but the game looks like a souped version of the classic game Snake and consumers think twice about paying $2.99 for Snap Trap. (more…)

Aqualux Kindle Fire Game Download

Aqualux Kindle HD Game Download

San Francisco based Milkman Games released a special optimized HD edition of Aqualux on the Kindle Fire for $2.99. Aqualux tells the story of a girl name Lux, who together with her Persian cat Oliver, embarks on a journey to restore color to the world of dreams. Players will swap, twist, and teleport a flow of goo over 100 brain-challenging layouts of colorful tubes while unlocking the secrets of Lux’s slumber. (more…)

Archibald’s Adventures iOS Game Download

If you are looking for a great puzzle platform game for your IPhone or IPad definitely consider Archibald’s Adventures by Rake In Grass, based in the Czech Republic. Rake In Grass released the game almost one year ago but as NBC used to say its new to you if you haven’t heard of it before. Archibald’s Adventures costs $3.99 but it offers over 191 mentally challenging playable levels. (more…)

Giana Sisters Android Game Download

Giana Sisters Android Game Download

Spellbound Entertainment released “Giana Sisters” on Android platforms for $5.52. The game tells the story of Giana who lives in a fantasy dreamworld collecting diamonds. The android version of Giana Sisters includes 32 remastered levels with a total of 80 levels in all. Spellbound also offers 10 expansion levels which can be purchased separately. They will release additional expansion levels over the next few months.

According to Spellbound Entertainment, “The Android version of “Giana Sisters” is characterized by a completely new set of graphics and intuitive controls. The player can control Giana with his fingers on the screen in an easy and obvious fashion.”

Giana Sisters Android Game Download $5.52

“Giana Sisters” for Android supports five languages (English, German, Spanish, French and Italian). The soundtrack is inspired by Chris Huelsbeck and legendary as always.

Sony Ericson Xperia smartphone owners will be happy as the game as the game is optimized for Xperia PLAY.

TurtleWorld IPhone IPad Game Download

PlaySnack, self described “makers of delicious games”, released TurtleWorld, a physics based arcade game for the IPhone and the IPad priced at $0.99. Turtleworld stars Frank, an ordinary turtle tasked with doing extra-ordinary things like shooting Frank’s shell at the bad guys. (more…)

Midnight Mansion HD Game Download

Actionsoft released the HD version of Midnight Mansion which runs on both PPC and Intel Macs, and requires OS X 10.4 or higher, and portions of the game can be played for free. The Midnight Mansion HD user playing as Jack Malone, explores eleven mansions, each filled with traps, puzzles, and secrets, as you search for legendary treasure. (more…)

Casper’s Costume Closet IPad Game Download

Mindshapes, a mobile education company, released Casper’s Costume Closet for the iOS platform – IPad, IPhone, and IPod Touch for $2.99 from the ITunes/Apple App Store. Mindshapes designed Casper’s Costume Closet to help children ages three to seven strengthen short-term memory.

Casper’s Costume Closet iOS Game Download $2.99

Tiny Defense iOS Game Download

Tiny Defense IPhone/IPod Touch Game Download $2.99

Bangkok based Picsoft Studio released Tiny Defense, a strategy tower defense game for the iOS platform for $2.99. Tiny Defense takes place on the Green planet in a far away galaxy where the game player must help “cute” little robots defend their land against invading hordes of evil invaders. (more…)

Monster Warrior IPad Game Download

Sparkin Apps released Monster Warrior released for the IPhone IPod Touch for $0.99 and Monster Warrior HD for the IPad for $1.99. (more…)

Tommy Tronic Game Review

Tommy Tronic Game Review Download

Tommy Tronic Game Review by Wayne K. Wilkins
Tommy Tronic Game Rating = 4/5

Tommy Tronic Game Download
Buy Tommy Tronic Game

Game Review Summary

Tommy Tronic is probably the best ten bucks you will ever spend on a downloadable game. It features retro style gameplay with 2D graphics, a catchy and addictive music score and multiple difficulty levels to challenge veteran platform gamers or newcomers alike. A simple, family friendly storyline makes it arguably one of the best downloadable games on the Internet. (more…)

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