New Apps: Guess Them All, ColorDrop, Back to the Moon, Shower Defense

Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2

    1. Guess The All (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) (more…)

New Apps: Klickset, Logic Lines, Fists of Jesus, Gelluloid Pro


Here’s today’s list of new apps out for your mobile device or PC.


    1. Klickset – A New Social Network for Talented People (iOS, Android)



    2. Logic Lines – Logic Lines is a free tactical puzzle game (iOS, Google Play)


    3. Fist of Jesus – The Bloody Gospel of Judas (Windows, Mac, Linux via Steam)



    4. Gelluloid Pro: Micro War Strategy (iOS, Android)

SouthPark’s Take on Freemium Games



Here’s South Park’s hilarious take on Freemium Games.

Swing Copters, Flappy Birds Sequel, Out Now

Swing Copters Out Now

Swing Copters Out Now

Vietnam bases Dot Gears, the creator of extremely popular Flappy Birds, released Swing Copters, the semi-sequel. It’s a simple but extremely difficult game developed by one person who will probably make a boat load of money.

You must guide the pixelated white tiny helicopter vertically through obstacles as it swings from side to side. You must immediately tap the screen when Swing Copters starts before the copter crashes off to the side of the screen. Brilliant simple game play. You can download Swing Copters to your iPhone or iPad for free and pay $0.99 to remove the ads.

Video Courtesy of Touch Arcade

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Out Now on iOS

Popcap/EA released Plants vs Zombies 2 on the iOS platform this evening for free with in app purchases which aren’t cheap. So far it seems to be more of the same game play with new plants, new zombies and new worlds like ancient Egypt.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 iTunes Link

Rise of the Blobs 3D Puzzle game

The blobs are rising and they are quite colorful. An indie game studio called Robot Invader created Rise of the Blobs, a free 3D puzzle game playable on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Robot Invaders decided to use the free to play business model for Rise of the Blobs with in app purchases.

Rise of the Blobs iOS Free Puzzle Game Download

Rise of the Blobs Free Android Puzzle Game Download

The player must drop different colored fruit onto the same colored blobs. Then you explode the blog with the fruit by tapping it which also causes the same colored blobs directly next to the blob to burst. You rotate the blobs around the column to hit the highest row of blobs before they reach the column’s top. Players of Rise of the Blobs can earn different power-ups like fruit hammers and coconut bombs.

Rise of the Blobs offers a fun unique game experience even with the in app purchases.

Blendoku Great Puzzle Game on iOS and Android

Blendoku, a great puzzle game from Lonely Few, combines sudoku game play with colors. Rather than plotting numbers sequentially you place colored tiles in the right visual sequence. Pretty simple. Pretty amazing game. You can play Blendoku for free on both iOS and Android and it will entertain all puzzle game fans and maybe some visual designers too.

Blendoku Free iOS Puzzle Game Download iTunes Link

Blendoku Free Android Puzzle Game Download

Naughty Boy Sling and Shoot Game Out On iOS and Android

Have you ever stayed home from school? Have your family members ever chased you around the house? Did you ever shoot your family members with your sling shot? (more…)

Marbly Free Puzzle Game Designed by Tetris Inventor

Marbly Free Puzzle Game

Marbly Free Puzzle Game

Its been ages since we wrote post about a video game. Why? Could it be laziness? Depression? Boredom? Maybe a lack or dearth of games offering original game play or put another way clones of clones of clones. More likely a combination of all the above.

Wild Snake Software partnered with Alexey Pajitnov, credited as the creator of Tetris, to release a free puzzle game for your iPhone or iPad called Marbly. The game takes place on a checkered board similar to a chess board where you must move the marbles into a line of three or more marbles of the same color. It sounds like a match 3 game but its not really. Look at the attached screenshot to see. You can tap or touch each marble to prompt the game to show you all its possible moves without highlighting to right move to solve the puzzle. Like many games you will probably breeze through the first few levels.

For each level you really should look at the screen carefully because ultimately the Marbly comes with a limited number of replays or restarts which is where the game really began to annoy us. Rather than charging a flat $0.99, $1.99 even $2.99 like some great puzzle games like Connectrode they nickel and dime you to buy coins so you can advance to what they call volumes of levels II and III. That’s a bunch of crap. The game offers fairly unique game play with a crappy business model. Here’s the iTunes link for Marbly.

Marbly iOS Free Puzzle Game Download

Harry Balls Bathing Suit Edition Preview

Harry Balls Bathing Suit Edition Preview - Panda from Talking Bear Hugs

Harry Balls Bathing Suit Edition Preview - Panda from Talking Bear Hugs

Prior to the release of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition their PR team made sure everyone and their mother knew the lengths they went to conduct a photo shoot with Kate Upton at Antarctica. Well frakk them. The nutty HarryBalls team conducted our Bathing Suit Edition photo shoot in space and on Mars. How do you like them apples Sports Illustrated?

The HarryBalls Bathing Suit Edition features characters from select apps and video games posing in their bath suit. We released a preview of the 2013 HarryBalls Bathing Suit Edition and the image features The Panda from the Talking Bear Hugs app created by Australian based App Village.

The Talking Bear Hugs app offers consumers a fun way to send virtual hugs to their contacts, friends, enemies and political opponents. Consumers can download and use the Talking Bear Hugs app for free but they have to pay $0.99 for additional characters like The Panda.

We will release the complete Bathing Suit Edition later this month.

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