Update: Clumsy Cat Coming iOS Arcade Game

Dingo Games released Clumsy Cat, a free unique feline themed action game for IPhone and IPad devices. Consumers can download Clumsy Cat for free but they buy a one time upgrade which will unlock more levels and cats.

Clumsy Cat IPhone IPad Game Download

Clumsy Cat game players will guide a cat around a large house to break as many objects as possible. Ideally you will break the most expensive items in the house. You flick the cat to make him jump and tap the screen to walk.

Hairy Balls Free iOS Puzzle Game Download

RedTribe, an Australian based game developer released Hairy Balls, a free puzzle game for the ios platform consumers can download to their IPhone and IPad devices. The Hairy Balls game offers an unoriginal sliding puzzle game mechanism. Each level takes place on what looks like a flat grassy elevated plain. You must slide the balls around the grassy plain to solve the level. It’s free to play but you can buy hints to help speed up the progress.

One word of warning. The game sends us push messages. They didn’t ask for our permission to do this upfront like most games do and we cannot find a way to turn them off. Not cool.

Hairy Balls Free iOS Puzzle Game Download

Endless Empires IndieGoGo Campaign

Canadian based Rusty Axe Games launched an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign for their free to play online WW II strategy game called Endless Empires Endless Empires takes place during World War II across the northern European continent. Rusty Axe Games will invest the IndiGoGo funds to enhance and improve the game. If you like indie strategy games check out the pitch and empty your wallet.

Support Endless Empires IndieGoGo Campaign

Comedy Central Indecision Game iOS and Android

Comedy Central Indecision Game

Do you like political trivia, satire and video games? Comedy Central, home to shows like The Daily Show and the Colbert Report released a new mobile game called Comedy Central’s Indecision in partnership with 2K games on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.

Comedy Central Indecision Free iOS Game Download

Comedy Central Indecision Free Android Game Download

The United States focused political trivia game opens by asking the game player to choose a political party Democrat, Republican or Independent. Each round challenges the player with real politically themed questions like What kind of therapy did FDR intend to offer at a house he purchased in the state of Georgia? Or in 20 states who can a women marry? These are real questions and they are difficult.

You rack up voters as you correctly answer the questions. Then you can place the voters in states of your choice to “win” the state like in an election. The game tracks tracks “who is smarter” by political party. You can tap political aides for answers and you can even request a recount.

A politically aware gamer will enjoy Comedy Central’s Indecision game.

Comedy Central Indecision Free iOS Game Download

Comedy Central Indecision Free Android Game Download

Do Penguins Fly.. in the Air?

Do you know if penguins can actually fly? Zoologists have classified Penguins as birds with wings. Maybe penguins cannot fly in real life but that’s the objective for the game player in Penguins Wings 2 from InfiApps. You must make the penguin fly the greatest distance possible to earn points and embarrass your friends (in the multi-player mode). (more…)

ZombieWords iOS Word Game Download

The cracked editorial team at Harry Balls.com aims to publish news about at least one Zombie themed video game weekly. We have an under the table “agreement” with the International Association for the Advancement of Zombies to contribute to the pro zombie cause.

The association notified us about the release of ZombieWords, a new free to play (the first five levels) zombie themed word game from San Diego based Monkey Prism. Word Game Fans can play the first five levels for free and unlock the remaining 35 levels for $0.99. ZombieWords includes the first 5 levels of play, including multiplayer – the rest of the journey can be unlocked through a one-time $0.99 (USD) in-app purchase. (more…)

Mechadroids Free Android Game Download

Cracker from Mechadroid

Cracker from Mechadroids

Deadworld Studios, a small UK based independent games company released Mechadroids a free-to-play, menu-based, massively multiplayer mech combat game with a satirical twist. (more…)

Presidents Run iOS Game Download

React Games released Presidents Run, a side scrolling platform game allowing you to experience the life of a presidential candidate crisscrossing the country collecting votes. Power Ups include power-shoes which may make you the most powerful leader on earth. Gamers can download the Presidential Run to their IPhones, IPads, and IPod Touch. President’s Run seems like a pretty standard platform running style game without offering any super earth shattering.

Presidents Run Free iOS Game Download

Here’s React Games Description of President’s Run:

“From Utah-based independent developer, ‘React! Games’, comes a brilliantly designed distance runner in which you choose your favorite presidential candidate, and run across the country collecting as many votes as you can! To help you along the way, upgrades such as power-shoes are available that give you special abilities to help you become the most powerful man on earth!

“We wanted to give people a fun and engaging way to participate in the race to the White House,” said Chad Lee, Managing Director of React! Games. “Not only will they compete against friends to see who can make it farthest, but every mile they run and vote they collect will be reflected at www.presidentsrun.com. We think ‘Presidents Run’ can predict the results of this year’s election.”

Published by 6waves and just released on iOS for the Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod Touch®, and the Apple iPad®, as well as in the Android™ Play Store, ‘Presidents Run’ will be updated by the developer on a bi-monthly basis with new features, characters, backgrounds, items, shoes and accessories. Available as a FREE download, this awesome title will have live updates (online) featuring cumulative distance and vote totals for each candidate in the game. ‘Presidents Run’ is a unique twist on the American Idol™ type of call-in for your favorite contestant but instead of calling in, you simply play the game. Each play session records your distance and votes earned per candidate, and upload those numbers online – the more you play, the farther your favorite candidate gets. Players are encouraged to keep a close eye on the games Facebook & Twitter as weekly challenges and prizes will be posted and drawn. To kick things off, React! Games is sponsoring a sweepstakes on the game’s website www.presidentsrun.com where you can enter to win a free Apple iPad® and other prizes.

“We see ‘Presidents Run’ as a way for players to show support for their favorite candidate, and if that happens to be Zombie George Washington, then all the more fun!” continues Casey Spencer, Producer at React! Games.”

Presidents Run Free iOS Game Download

Tower Siege Free IOS Game Download

Synaptic Wave, a Ukrainian game development company decided to offer Tower Siege for free for a limited amount of time. Synaptic Wave pointed us to the game play video trailer above for their extremely similar game called Tesla Wars because they don’t have one for Tower Siege. We have played both Tower Siege and Tesla Wars each to the 10th level and they are both identical so far, except Tower Siege is free for the time being.

Tower Siege iOS Game Download

Both games are a twist on the tower defense genre without the strategy but require much more eye hand coordination. You must direct Tesla type electrical energy strikes towards black stick figures attacking both your power tower and the fence. You earn points for how many you kill and taking no mercy on the injured stick figures crawling away from your attacks.

Hollyweird Zombies iOS Game Download

We like to highlight apps that may inject some humor into our lives. With a name like “Harry Balls” would you expect otherwise? We came across Hollyweird Zombies, a free ios game consumers can download to their IPhone, IPod Touch, and IPad using iOS 4.1 or later. What does Hollyweird Zombies do? As you might guess its a Zombie themed side scrolling game that let’s you turn photos of your favorite and less than favorites folks into Zombies so you can destroy them with weapons like machine guns and chainsaws. Admittedly the game mechanic won’t win any awards for innovation but Hollyweird Zombies may help you blow off steam.

Hollyweird Zombies Free iOS Game Download

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