Temple Run Out On Android Today

Imangi Studios released Temple Run, a well known treasure hunter running style game, for “select” Android devices. Temple Run requires Android version 2.1 and higher. The Android marketplace will auto-detect the compatibility with your Android device when you connect. In Temple Run you direct the main character, who looks kind of like Indiana Jones, escape from an ancient temple as crazy dark colored creatures chase him. You make him avoid obstacles by directing him to slide jump or stick to the side of the escape route. Temple Run climbed to the top of the iOS app charts when Imangi Studios first released the game which costs nothing on Android. Fans of the Temple Run game created the above trailer for the fictional Temple Run Movie. If you like fast paced action think on your feet games you will enjoy Temple Run.

Temple Run Free Android Game Download

Save the Monster Free iOS Action Puzzler

Scotti Studios released a free version Save the Monster on the iOS Platform. Consumers can play this PacMan game clone on their iPhones, IPads and IPod Touch devices. In Save the Monster you help the cute cuddly little monster escape from the clutches of the evil robots by guiding him through maze looking level. In our opinion Save the Monster looks alot like Pacman or Ms Pacman. (more…)

Letris Power iOS Game Download

Bear with us one second.  A game company called Ivanovich Games sent us a confusing press release about two of their games, Letris 2 and Letris Power where they blended elements of Tetris and Scrabble like Ben & Jerry’s combination of cookies & cream ice cream with chocolate fudge brownies to make their Half Baked ice cream flavor. They have made a great game harder than Tetris and Scrabble. Consumers can play both Letris 2 and Letris Power for free on the ios platform.  Conceptually the games’ concepts are simple and we suspect many game developers will say “Hey, why didn’t I think of that?  Oh wait, I’ll just clone it.” If you haven’t noticed many game developers clone other game developers original game concepts because they lack creativity. (more…)

Blast Aliens Free iOS Action Game Download

Neil Baller, co-founder of Owzom introduced us to their free to play action alien shooter game called Blast Aliens. When we first opened the game we saw the reticle on our IPhone screen we thought ahh a boring first person shooter. However our initial impression was very wrong. Owzom combined a western and sci fi themed game which takes place in the Outworld colonies In Blast Aliens you have to duel with alien species. You aim the reticle by tilting your device until its on the target. Its not easy although we get lost in the shower. It’s an interesting approach to a shooter game. (more…)

Paper Glider vs Gnomes Free iOS and Android Game Download

Neon Play released Paper Glider vs Gnomes in the free to play model for both iOS and the Android platform. Consumers can play Paper Glider vs Gnomes on their IPhones, IPads, and Android devices. In Paper Glider vs Gnomes, the game play uses Paper Gliders like UAVs to deliver weapons of a destructive nature to harm friendly little Gnomes. Where’s the love? Why the violence? Apparently Garden Gnomes are threatening to take over the world, or at least the world’s gardens. (more…)

Run Like Hell Yeti Edition Android Game Download

Mass Creation released Run Like Hell Yeti Edition, a free platform game for the Android platform staring Yeti. Does the Yeti get royalties? Who is his agent.

Run Like Hell Yeti Edition takes place in extreme locals in extreme weather conditions where the Yeti chases you as you run over and around obstacles as you would in a platform game. You must move faster than the Yeti, because he’s surprisingly quick. If he catches you, your fucked. Mass Creation embedded the game controls right on the screen which we prefer. (more…)

Bob the Rock IPhone Arcade Game Download

Bears that Fly released their lame iOS Arcade game called Bob The Rock. The opening game play screen looks like a top down view of a short bowling alley or shuffle board game. You flick the white disc from behind a blue line into the six red discs to score points. It looks like you also earn points everytime the red discs collide although its not clear how many points you need to score to advance to the next level. If you play the lite version you will have to figure out away to get around the big ad “encouraging” you to upgrade to the paid version. Consumers can play Bob The Rock on their iPhones, IPads and IPod Touch Devices. (more…)

JetPack JoyRide Free iOS Game Download

Update: Half Brick Studios released JetPack JoyRide as a Free download on Android through both Google Play and the Amazon’s App store.

JetPack Joyride Free Google Play Download

Jetpack Joyride Free Amazon App Store Game Download

Jetpack Joyride

Half Brick Studios released JetPack Joyride, a fun side scrolling arcade game for free on Apple’s App store. Jetpack JoyRide features the not so clean shaven Barry Steakfries who previously starred in such HalfBrick classics as Age of Zombies and Monster Dash. Barry discovers and evil laboratory containing jetpacks and lined with obstacles like a giant electric barrier which resembles a giant rubber band. Gamers can play Jetpack Joyride on their IPhones, IPod Touches and IPads. Half Brick Studios has yet to confirm the permanence of this price change but it may lower your cholesterol levels. Half Brick does offer in app purchases of coins and other fun goodies. (more…)

Creepy Creeps Android Tower Defense Game

Evil Lemon released Creepy Creeps, a tower defense game for the Android platform. Android gamers can play the first three levels for free and play $1.99 to access the remaining 7 levels. Creepy Creeps takes place in the desert where the evil creeps attack and steal your people. You can use eight different towers, traps and weapons to stop them dead in their tracks. Atomic bombs make an appearance. (more…)

To-Fu 2 Apple Game of the Year RunnerUp

We receive many press releases from game developers who simply ported their PC game to the iOS platform and Android platforms. The games may be first person shooters or match 3 puzzle games. So many of these games fail to take advantage of the unique elements of the iOS and touch pad platform capabilities. They are simply plain old PC games “fixed” to work on the iOS or Android platforms. Happily we cannot say this about a game called To-Fu 2, created by UK based HotGen which Apple named RunnerUp Best Game of 2011. We are embarrassed we missed To-Fu 2 when it came out earlier this September. (more…)

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