NSA Admits Collecting Emails from France and Mexico.. For the Recipes

NSA Admits Collecting Emails from France and Mexico...For the Recipes

NSA Admits Collecting Emails from France and Mexico...For the Recipes

NSA’s Prism Project stopped by the HarryBalls.com offices to address France’s accusations that the NSA collected millions of French citizens email addresses.

HarryBalls.com: Hello NSA Prism. Welcome back to the HarryBalls.com. Did you have any problem finding our new virtual office? (more…)

American Exceptionalism, Deemed Non-Essential, Furloughed By The US Gov’t

American Exceptionalism, Deemed Non-Essential, Fuloughed By the US Gov't

American Exceptionalism, Deemed Non-Essential, Fuloughed By the US Gov't

Every American politicians’ favorite concept, American Exceptionalism, stopped by the HarryBalls.com virtual offices to share its thoughts on the current dysfunctional gridlock in Washington, DC. (more…)

Love Me Cat Talk Show Debuts on My Damn Channel

The Love Me Cat show debuted on My Damn Channel with Andy Richter as their first guest. The show stars a cat puppet who interviews guests like Mr Richter. Eric Kaplan, a Big Bang Theory Writer and Andy Bobrow, a Community writer created Love Me Cat. The puppet cast includes Owly, Bronzo the Robot – musician/drummer and Sheepy the only regular audience member.

Interview with Louisa Toff, star of “Trouble at Toff Towers” novel

Louisa Toff Star The Funny Novel of "Trouble at Toff Towers"

The unhinged HarryBalls.com editorial team interviewed Louisa Toff, the protagonist in the funny novel called Trouble at Toff Towers written by Anne Ullah and available for purchase and download at Amazon for $2.99. (more…)

Funny Interview with Jake Barnes Hero of the Comic Novel Killin Machine

Interview with Jake Barnes Here of Killin Machine, A Dark Comic Novel

Interview with Jake Barnes Here of Killin Machine, A Dark Comic Novel

The kooky HarryBalls.com editorial team interviewed Jake Barnes, the protagonist in the funny free quirky, dark comic novel, Killin Machine written by JT Pearson and available for download from Smashwords.

1. HarryBalls: Hello Jake Barnes. Thank you for stopping by the HarryBalls.com virtual offices. Were you able to find our hidden virtual location without any problems?

Jake: You’re welcome. At first I had trouble getting a hand on HarryBalls. But after becoming more familiar, I really love them-you-I mean-your magazine. I’m not gay. (more…)

Interview with a CNN Microphone

The unhinged HarryBalls editorial team conducted an email interview with a microphone who claims it works for CNN, the cable news network. We cannot positively confirm the microphone’s identity but its CNN – does it matter? If you think this interview with an inanimate object like a microphone from CNN represents CNN’s official position than you may want to consider consulting with a psychotherapist who specializes in common sense and reality.

HarryBalls.com: Hello CNN Microphone. Thank you for sharing your time today with us. (more…)

Roar Rampage Game Out on iOS Feb 7th

What happens when you piss off a giant pastel green giant horned dinosaur wearing a punching glove in a 2D world? A game called Roar Rampage happens. Neutronix and FDG Entertainment partnered to release Rage Dinosaur, a side scrolling 2D destruction game on the iOS platform priced at $0.99 on February 7th. (more…)

John Boehner’s Boner Comments on Uplifted, A New Mobile Happiness Game

Wow. We can’t believe how lucky we are today. The nutty HarryBalls.com editorial team scored an exclusive guest interview/game review with the honorable Congressman John Boehner’s Boner who shares its thoughts on a new free happiness inspiring game called Uplifted, out now on iOS and Android created through a partnership with the UK’s Channel 4 and a digital creative agency called Kanoti. Consumers can play Uplifted on their iPhones, iPads as well as their Android phones and tablets. (more…)

Temple Run 2 out on iOS: Interview with Pete The Primate

Have you heard? About 20,000,000 people have. That’s how many folks have downloaded Temple Run 2 from iTunes in four days! Four frakkin days! Monster indie game studio Imangi released Temple Run 2 on the Apple App store aka iTunes Thursday January 17th and they will release Temple Run 2 on Android later this week. (more…)

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