Funny Interview: Mitt Romney’s UnReleased Tax Returns

The nutty editorial team at sat down to interview Mitt Romney’s unreleased tax returns from the years 2000 through 2009. How can we interview a bunch of non human non speaking paperwork you ask? Magic happens at The unreleased tax returns elected the tax return for the year 2009, to voice their responses to our questions. Hello Mitt Romney’s missing tax returns. How are you?

Romney’s 2009 Tax Return: Fine. But we aren’t really missing. We are just in “seclusion”. (more…)

Funny Interview with the Higgs Boson God Particle

Agent Higgs iOS Puzzle Game Download

Harold Balls, the mythical hero/leader of our editorial team scored an exclusive interview with the elusive but long sought after Higgs Boson God Particle, a theorized piece of the Standard model of particle physics. Dr. Peter Higgs, a British Theoretical Physicist and emeritus professor at the University of Edinburgh, and his team originally proposed the existence of the “God Particle” in 1964. The folks at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear research recently announced they have found this “God Particle”, who we contacted through back channels to arrange this rogue interview, sponsored by TestTube Games creators of Agent Higgs, a puzzle game consumers can play on their IPhones, IPads and or IPod Touch devices. Consumers can buy and download Agent Higgs through Apple’s App Store for $0.99. (more…)

Interview with a Rockscrubber – Heavy Hogur

The cracked editorial team recently interviewed Hogur Rockscrubber, a dwarf who stars in the 3D downloadable puzzle platform game Heavy Hogur created by Spelagon for the PC for $9.95. Consumers can buy Heavy Hogur using this link – Buy Heavy Hogur for $9.99. You can read our complete review of Heavy Hogur here.

Mr. Rockscrubber, you star in the downloadable 3D puzzle game from Spelagon, Heavy Hogur, where you travel through the mountains and islands of a land called Ivereth to explore caves, collect crystals, discover buried treasure and recover legendary artifacts. According to our notes you weigh enough to make parts of the land crumble after you step off it. Our readers like to meet the virtual people starring in the games they plan to download to their PCs or Mac computers so we appreciate your willingness to answer our questions.

1. What is a Rockscrubber? Did one of your ancestors scrub rocks for a living? What’s your middle name?

We Rockscrubbers are proud descendants of Tyndol Rockscrubber one of the mightiest rock scrubbers in dwarven history. All dwarves loves rocks but some seem content with any drab rock you can find, but not us Rockscrubbers. We like to bring out the very best from the rocks, polish it until it shines like diamonds! An Ive got no “middle” name. Sonds like something those pointyear elves would come up with,.. middle name tsk.. (more…)

Interview with a Pig Who Escaped The Angry Birds

We were secretly approached through back channels by a pig who calls himself “Slim” who claims he survived the Angry Birds “War on Swine” onslaught in the Angry Birds game from Rovio. We cannot confirm his identity so we consider this a rogue interview. (more…)

Zombies on Zombie Video Games

The cracked editorial team at recently noticed the proliferation of Zombies in many downloadable video games. We find this Zombie games trend perplexing, alarming and slightly disturbing so we thought should investigate the matter. Why are zombies popping up in downloadable video games, what’s or who is behind this? Should “regular” game characters be fearful for their jobs? Do Zombies work in video games for lower salaries? WTF? (more…)

Interview with Edwina Margrave – Curse of the Severed Heart

Edwina Margrave Curse of the Severed Heart
We were lucky enough interview Edwina Margrave who stars in the hidden object mystery game from Inertia Game Studios called Margrave: The Curse of the Severed Heart Collector’s Edition available for $13.99.

1. Your name, Edwina Margrave is quite unique. Did your classmates make fun of your name when you went to school?

Oh Harry, I suspect that this is an issue close to your own heart. Would you like a hug? Purely by coincidence, my name is an anagram of I draw raven game. Isn’t life funny!

2. What was your nickname growing up?

I have a friend Harry – she works with people like you. She’s very good. Would you like her number?

3. How did the first two hidden object adventures prepare you for this challenge?

They paved the way for a bigger team supporting me, and richer, more immersive, better looking adventures. And the best is yet to come! (more…)

Interview with an Alien – Revenge of the Titans

Interview with a Titan - Revenge of the Titans

We recently sat down with Occulus Rex, one of the aliens attacking earth in the tower defense style downloadable pc game from Puppy Games available for purchase at $13.37. In general Mr Rex treated us with disdain but showed some patience by waiting to eat our writer until after the interview which was kind and considerate of Mr Rex. Occulus Rex refused to share his picture for fear of being targeted by the earthling’s facial recognition software. Consumers can download Revenge of the Titans to their PC, Linux or Mac computers. (more…)

Interview with a Dragon – Hoard Game On Steam

Buy Hoard Now on Steam

Hoard, a downloadable action game from Big Sandwich Games becomes available today on Steam for both the PC and Mac for $9.99. In Hoard, a dragon plays the hero role who gets to pursue every day regular dragon activities like kidnapping princesses, burning villages, collecting treasures and toasting knights over fire pits although we assume the dragon doesn’t need lighter fluid. Hoard offers both single and multi-player co-op and competitive game play. Mr Harold Balls, owner and operator of the famous in his own mind game news and information site, recently interviewed the Dragon, star of Hoard from Big Sandwich Games. (more…)

Interview with the Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble Puzzle Game Screenshot

Recently we were lucky enough the interview the female cast (Charlotte, Eleanor, Clara, Mildred, Emma, Louise, Alma, and Viola) of the downloadable puzzle game from Mousechief called Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble, the game were good girls get better by being bad. You can download Dangerous High School Girls for the Mac and PC for $20.00. (more…)

Kei – Virtual Villagers New Believers Interview


We recently had the chance interview Kei (pictured above), one of the characters in the downloadable game from Last Day at Work called Virtual Villagers New Believers out now for the PC and Mac Platforms at $19.95. This simulation game takes place on a mysterious land called Isola and the game player must direct characters like Kei to work with the local island population otherwise known as the heathens. (more…)

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