John Oliver Explains How Judges Get Elected In The United States



John Oliver explains, in his own sweet jaded way, the process employed in the United States to elect judges in this funny video from his Last Week Tonight show on HBO. (more…)

Frank Underwood Wishes Bill Clinton A Happy Birthday

Frank Underwood Wishes Bill Clinton Happy Birthday

Frank Underwood Wishes Bill Clinton Happy Birthday

Hillary Clinton enlists Frank Underwood’s help in this funny birthday video for her husband Bill Clinton in this funny video. If you aren’t familiar with Hillary Clinton, she’s the presumed 2016 Democratic Presidential who can’t campaign for shit and fears her own shadow. (more…)

The Internet Must Go – Funny Video Net Neutrality

Here’s a funny video from Move On about the net neutrality issue. This is the most important free speech issue since the the creation of the establishment of free speech way back in the late 1770s. Warning: It’s 90 minutes long.

Funny Presidents Day Videos According to Tricky Dick Nixon’s Chin

Funny Presidents Day Videos According to Tricky Dick Nixon's Chin

Funny Presidents Day Videos According to Tricky Dick Nixon's Chin

In honor of President’s Day, the semi-esteemed editorial team asked me, Tricky Dick Nixon’s chin, to select the funniest Presidential comedy videos. Of course after my owner Richard “I’m Not Crook” Nixon was the best President but George Washington and Abraham Lincoln did a pretty good job in the oval office. I found six funny presidential videos which I hope entertain you. (more…)

Joe Biden’s First Presidential Campaign Ad

Joe Biden partnered with the Conan O’Brien Communication’s team to produce this funny video ad of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Here’s his tagline: “There’s No Compelling Reason Not To Vote For the Opposite His Opponent.”

The Lame Duck Show: Turn Key Tyranny Solutions

Watch as Barack Obama pitches Turn Key Tyranny Solutions to aspiring tyrants around the world in this episode of The Lame Duck Show called Turn Key Tyranny Solutions, a funny video written and directed by John Busher unless the NSA wants to know in which case Martin Dingleberry created it.

The Lame Duck Show Starring President Obama

Check out this funny video commentary on the current state of President Obama’s presidency who some call a Lame Duck.

President Obama’s Re-Election Victory Speech

Watch President Obama deliver his victory speech in this funny video written and directed by our favorite slightly off contributor, John Busher.

Mitt Romney Explains the Number 47

The Mitt Romney Show: Forty Seven from John Busher on Vimeo.

In this funny video and inaugural episode of the Mitt Romney Show, Mitt Romney explains how he feels about the number 47.

Mitt Romney Asks Jon Stewart for Directions

by: johnbusher

Mitt Romney, the presumed Republican Presidential candidate asks Jon Stewart, The Daily Show host for directions.

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