Help Fund This Very Funny Game of Thrones Parody

Help Fund This Game Of Throne Parody

Help Fund This Game Of Throne Parody

Some Youtube artists have been able to fund their work through advertising revenue their videos generate. Sometimes no matter how many laugns a video generates the number of folks who watch it fall short of the amount needed to generate enough advertising page views to pay for the production of the show. Then what happens? A Youtube artist look for investors, stop producing videos or ask their friends and the public for funds via crowdfunding like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. (more…)

If Game of Thrones Was Happy Funny Video

Jacks Films and RageNineteen released this funny animated video depicting happy scenes between Game of Thrones characters normally known for their animosity towards each other like Geoffery & Tyrion, Arya & The Hound, Tyrion & Tywin. We love Game of Thrones comedy.

George R.R. Martin Leads An All Nighter

Everyone’s favorite fantasy medieval fiction author George R. R. Martin leads a team of script writers in an all night writing session in this funny video from College Humor.

Game of Thrones – House of Cards Funny Video Parody

What would happen if you parody the Game of Thrones and House of Cards in one video? You would get something like this funny House of Thrones video. The guy pictured in the screenshot does a really great impression of Kevin Spacey.

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Game of Thrones Personality Quiz by Doogtoons

Hey Game of Throne fans, do you wonder what GOT family your personality most closely resembles? You can live vicariously through one of characters in the funny video cartoon from Doogtoons.