Walking Dead Season 4 Comic Con Trailer

The title says it all. What else do you need to know? Oh. Lori, Rick’s wife, and Andrea both bought the big one in Season 3. What will Rick and the gang do in Season 4? Will the Governor make an ugly appearance? Stay tuned for Season 4 of the Walking Dead Premiering on October 13th at 9 PM. Oh crap that’s past our bed time. (more…)

Candy Carnage Free Android Game Download

German based Handy Games released Candy Carnage, a free Android game download. Children and families may want to avoid Candy Carnage.
Candy Carnage takes place in Candyland where the local butcher boys, apparently bored with life, decide to corral the princesses of the land into meat grinders. The game player must save the princesses by tapping your finger on each prince before she sinks into the meat grinder. (more…)