Happily Ever After IPad Game Download

Happily Ever After Trailer from Slug Vids on Vimeo.

UK independent game developer Honeyslug and publishing partner Boiled Frog released a multi dimensional puzzle game for the IPad priced at $4.99.

Honeyslug describes Happily Ever After as follows:

Happily Ever After is a humorous puzzle adventure game which takes place in the contemporary fairytale Kingdom of Unbelievaville. After receiving a series of strange emails to your problem solving blog you find yourself trapped in the Kingdom. Following a hostile encounter with the Evil Queen, your only way home is to help out the cast of familiar fairytale characters with unfamiliar problems. These inhabitants include BB Wolff – the local smarmy, estate agent and apparent master of disguise, Goldilocks, a special girl with very particular tastes and an oafish, lazy prince who is charming only by name. (more…)

Them: The Summoning Game Download

Gamatic released Them: The Summoning, a ghostly mysterious hidden object game available for download for the PC and Mac with IPad, IPhone and Android editions coming later this year. (more…)

Interview with Edwina Margrave – Curse of the Severed Heart

Edwina Margrave Curse of the Severed Heart
We were lucky enough interview Edwina Margrave who stars in the hidden object mystery game from Inertia Game Studios called Margrave: The Curse of the Severed Heart Collector’s Edition available for $13.99.

1. Your name, Edwina Margrave is quite unique. Did your classmates make fun of your name when you went to school?

Oh Harry, I suspect that this is an issue close to your own heart. Would you like a hug? Purely by coincidence, my name is an anagram of I draw raven game. Isn’t life funny!

2. What was your nickname growing up?

I have a friend Harry – she works with people like you. She’s very good. Would you like her number?

3. How did the first two hidden object adventures prepare you for this challenge?

They paved the way for a bigger team supporting me, and richer, more immersive, better looking adventures. And the best is yet to come! (more…)

Mac Game News – Brunhilda and The Dark Crystal

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal Puzzle Game Screenshot

Codeminion, publishers of the downloadable game classics Ancient Quest of Saqqarah, StoneLoops! of Jurassica, Magic Match and Phantasma, have released Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal for the Mac at $9.99. Twin Bottles created the game featuring Brunhilda, a linguistic student from New York who travels on a wild adventure to the Magical Realm, a not so innocent fantasy destination conjured up by her unique aunt. Twin Bottles included elements of hidden object, puzzles and point and click problem solving.

Game Trailer:

Mac Store Link:


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Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal

Phantasmat Puzzle Game Download

Codeminion, publishers of downloadable puzzle game classics like Brunilda, Saqqarah, Stoneloops have released their latest puzzle game called Phantasmat through their own site. Codeminion offers two versions of the game, The Codeminion game development team has combined hidden object, match 3 and seek n find elements into one mysterious downloadable puzzle lover’s dream game. Codeminion offer two versions of Phantasmat, a regular edition for $9.99 and a collectors edition which extends gameplay for an hour with an epilogue adventure and contains a strategy guide all for $19.99.

Phantasmat Regular Edition $9.99

Phantasmat Collector’s Edition $19.99

Phantasmat Puzzle Game Screenshot

Phantasmat Puzzle Game Screenshot

Mishap: An Accidental Haunting Puzzle Game

Namco, publishers of PacMan, have released a hidden object game called Mishap: An Accidental Haunting Hidden Object Game. The player take the role of Kelly and Brock Burton, a young couple who have discovered their newly purchased house is haunted and they hire Milton Hobblepop, a paranormal investigator who helps them to clear out all the haunted beings in their house. (more…)

Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch Game Download

Game Review by Emele Maisey
Game Rating = 4/5 Balls

Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch

The famous archaeologist and adventurer, Samantha Swift is off on yet another quest to uncover artifacts and mysteries in this hidden object adventure game.

Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch Screen shot (more…)

Wizard’s Pen Puzzle Game Download

Game Review by Ryan Ambrose
Game Rating = 5/5 Balls

Wizard’s Pen by Popcap is a thoroughly enjoyable hidden object game. I give it a 5/5, and if you’re a fan of hidden object or puzzle games in general, it’s worth your while to get it.

Wizards Pen ScreenShot (more…)