The Lame Duck Show: Turn Key Tyranny Solutions

Watch as Barack Obama pitches Turn Key Tyranny Solutions to aspiring tyrants around the world in this episode of The Lame Duck Show called Turn Key Tyranny Solutions, a funny video written and directed by John Busher unless the NSA wants to know in which case Martin Dingleberry created it.

Ask My Mom – New Video Series from Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford, one of our favorite comedians from Minnesota, in conjunction with My Damn Channel, created a new satirical advice video series called “Ask My Mom” where viewers can ask Maria’s Mom, played by Maria, advice about their lives which debuted on the My Damn Channel channel on Youtube. We enjoy Maria’s sense of humor. You may recognize Maria from her appearance in Season 4 of Arrested Development and as the enthusiastic shopper in the Target Holiday TV ads. We have posted the first two episodes of Ask My Mom here. My Damn Channel will release new episodes of “Ask My Mom” on Thursdays in June 2013. (more…)

Interview with a CNN Microphone

The unhinged HarryBalls editorial team conducted an email interview with a microphone who claims it works for CNN, the cable news network. We cannot positively confirm the microphone’s identity but its CNN – does it matter? If you think this interview with an inanimate object like a microphone from CNN represents CNN’s official position than you may want to consider consulting with a psychotherapist who specializes in common sense and reality. Hello CNN Microphone. Thank you for sharing your time today with us. (more…)

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