Skyline Puzzle Logic iOS Game Download

Aiden Media and Reiner Knizia released a refreshed version of their puzzle logic game City of Secrets Skyline in anticipation of the launch of the 2.0 version of City of Secrets 2. In the first game you must create a skyline of a city based on the parameters set forth for the level. For example in one row only one building can be visible hence the name Skyline. Skyline requires logic and intelligence, traits we seem to lack since we are stuck on the very first level of the trainee mode. Consumers can download the game to their IPhone ($0.99) IPod Touch ($0.99) and their IPads both regular ($1.99) and HD versions ($1.99).

City of Secrets Skyline IPhone Game Download $1.99
City of Secrets Skyline HD IPad Game Download $1.99

Here’s the game developers description:

The aim of the game is to place buildings on the board in such a way that from a given point in a straight line, the specified number of buildings are visible. At first glance, nothing difficult. However, the 56 carefully designed levels, divided into four categories of difficulty, will provide even the most experienced players with hours of entertainment. For the winners, who beat all the levels of the game, there’s a special prize allowing players to unlock extra features in the upcoming ‘City of Secrets 2’ game.

* Clear and easy-to-understand rules.
* An addictive challenge for all logic puzzle lovers.
* 56 challenging levels, divided into 4 categories.
* A special prize, to be used in the upcoming City of Secrets 2 game.

Regular Price:
iPhone: .99c
iPad HD: $1.99

City of Secrets Skyline IPhone Game Download $1.99
City of Secrets Skyline HD IPad Game Download $1.99

Carl The Spider iOS Platform Game Download

Oklahoma based Tagger Games released Carl The Spider, a platform game available for download on the iOS platform for $0.99. In Carl the Spider you help guide the spider through the level by touching and holding the spot the spider should aim his web. You must hold the touch on the spot until the Spider is over his target area. Once you release Carl drops hopefully onto the right landing zone. You have to be fairly precise when touching the screen because Tagger Game hasn’t left much room for error when moving the spider along his path. If you miss then spot the spider dies. You will understand how to play Carl the Spider but it will be tough to master. (more…)

Developer Diary Entry #5: Why We Kickstarted

Guest Post Written by Katie Hallahan, from Phoenix Online Studios

Kickstarter and adventure games have gotten a lot of attention lately thanks to the campaign being run by Tim Schafer and Double Fine Adventures—in less than 24 hours, their promise of an old school adventure game raised over $1 million, breaking records for number of backers, most money raised (in 24 hours, and in total), and as of this writing, it’s reached $2,250,660 from 65,456 backers and still has 15 days to go. (more…)

Gratuitous Tank Battles Development Video

Cliff Harris, owner and sole programmer for the indie studio known as Positech Games released this video where Cliff explains the debugging tools he uses during the development of his upcoming strategy PC game called Gratuitous Bank Battles (GTB). Cliff (Positech Games) makes elaborate strategy and simulation video games and this video gives the audience insight into the development process. The video may not appeal to everyone but certainly to folks who want to learn more about the game development process. GTB is currently in alpha and the beta release will be made available to folks who pre-order the game soon. (more…)

Make Life Thrive IPhone Game Download

Vivian Collignon released “Make Life Thrive”, an iOS game for the IPhone, IPod Touch and IPad in both an ad supported lite and a paid version for $0.99. You must make life “thrive” by nurturing a little stone using the right amount of elements like fire, water, air and earth. You capture the elements by dragging your finger around each element. You can also drag the stone to meet each element as it falls in the sky. You can also shake your device to use lightning as a catalyst. You can use snow flakes to freeze and slow down elements.

Make Life Thrive Lite Ad Supported iOS Game Download
Make Life Thrive iOS Game Download

Make Life Thrive System Requirements – IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch – iOS 4.0 or later

Elf Rescue iOS Platform Game Download

Lapland Studios released Elf Rescue, an action platform game allegedly approved by Santa Claus. Santa also interviewed for a job at Lapland Studios seen above in the video. Elf Rescue costs $0.99. (more…)

Imbalanced Free iOS Android Platform Game Download

Sebastian Tobler, a Swiss based indie game developer created in one day a free mobile platform game called Imbalanced for the iOS and Android platforms. The game player directs the black character hop from column to column by taping the screen as it scrolls, fairly quickly, from left to right. As Sebastian says this is a super simple but challenging game but it can get boring quickly unless you enjoy playing a game exclusively to hunt for the highest score.


Dragons Vs. Unicorns Game Trailer

Digital Harmony Games released the first game play video for Dragons vs. Unicorns, a multiplayer video game they are developing for multiplatforms – iOS, Android Smartphones & Tablets, and PC & Mac browsers which they plan to release in 2012. This video includes a kitten who belongs to team Unicorn, fighting the deadly Turtle who represents team Dragon. (more…)

Gaslight iOS Android Strategy Game

Pixofactor released Gaslight a free to play steampunk themed strategy game for both the iOS and Android platforms. The game trailer above acts only as a teaser and doesn’t show any element of the game play which leads us to believe the game doesn’t offer much new in terms of game play. Our experience with Gaslight so far reinforces this conclusion. The game takes place in a land called Eastland where two groups, The Coalition and The Underground, fight over natural resources. Our experience with Gaslight so far reinforces this conclusion. Players must build empires and armies one building at a time. (more…)

Crittter Rollers Android Game Trails Content Download

Rampant Mango Collective content update called “the Trials” for their free to play Android Platform game called Critter Rollers. “The Trials” are available for purchasers of Level Pack 1 or the VIP Pack, and the game is free to download with extra purchases required to unlock additional content. (more…)

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