DynaStunts iOS Racing Game Download – Coming Soon

Danlabs released this game trailer for their upcoming iOS racing game called Dynastunts. Like the game Bike Baron which we featured last week, the Dynastunt game player controls a motorcycle rider who must overcome obstacles using stunts like loop to loop while avoiding the deadly traps. The controls look simple. You can make the driver lean forward or backward and control the bike’s speed. We look forward to seeing how Dynastunts compare to Bike Baron. (more…)

Space Tap iOS Game Download

Here’s a trailer for an upcoming ios game called Space Tap described as a tower defense/line drawing game. We haven’t played Space Tap yet but we are sharing our observations based on the game trailer. You are the Space controller managing a cargo delivery business. You draw lines to lead the ships into the docking stations hopefully without causing the ships to crash. You have to watch out for competitive ships and asteroids.

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Bunch Of Heroes DLC Pack Download

Argentinian based NGD Studios released a new free survival mode for their funny 4 player cooperative top down action game for the PC called Bunch of Heroes. In the Bunch of Heroes game, a bunch of characters like Agent Liu, Jared Joe, El Comandante and Captain Smith must save humanity from aliens and zombies. Bunch of Heroes costs $9.99. (more…)

Bike Baron Racing Game Download

Mountain Sheep released Bike Baron, a physics based iOS racing game for the IPhone, IPad, and IPod Touch for $0.99. Bike Baron offers simple addictive game play. The Bike Baron Game player guides the Dudley Doright looking main character as he rides a motorcycle on a narrow Hotwheels like track while going through loops and avoiding obstacles like explosive oil filled drums. (more…)

Orcs Must Die Game Download DLC Packs

Robot Entertainment plans to release the first DLC pack for Orcs Must Die, their action strategy game on Tuesday October 25th for $2.49. In Orcs Must Die, game players defend castles from invading Orcs using traps and weapons like spiked floor traps and arrow shooting wall panels. In reality, the Orcs are just looking for a little shelter and wouldn’t hurt anyone but for some reason Robot Entertainment thinks Orcs represent a danger to their privileged castle living population and must live less than everyone else. (more…)

Huespace Arcade Game Download

Indie game developer Nonsuch Games released their first video game for purchase and download for the PC called HueSpace for $4.99. In Huespace you pilot a flying saucer to fight evil forces draining energy from the galaxy.

Huespace Arcade Game Download $4.99

Aiko Island IPad Game Download

UK based Ice Flame Studios released their first video game called Aiko Island for the IPhone ($0.99) and IPad ($1.99), a physics based game with 125 puzzles. In Aiko Island you have to Save the Cookies from the evil Red Aiko. You have rid the island of these Red Aiko’s by poppinr or dropping them without losing any Blue Aikos.

Aiko IPhone Puzzle Game Download $0.99 (one week)

Aiko IPad Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Waves Game Demo Download

Squid in A Box released the downloadable demo for Waves, their upcoming Psychedelic Arena Shooter coming soon for $9.99 to a PC near you. The Wave demo offers 3 Minutes of gameplay. In game Waves, the player controls a heavily armed ball to clear enemies off the field. The game play reminds us of a supped up version of Asteroids on steroids with a tech house music sound track.

Waves Game Demo Download

Waves System Requirements

A PC (2GHz Processor, 2GB memory, Shader Model 3 Compatible graphics card and Windows XP SP2 or better)

Gaia PC Jigsaw Puzzle 2 Game Download

Gaia Dream Creation released the 2.0 version of their jigsaw puzzle game called Gaia PC Jigsaw Puzzle 2, a video game that enables players to create their own jigsaw puzzle game using their own images with up to 2000 pieces. Gaia Dream Creation of offering this downloadable puzzle for 50% off ($9.99) through October 6th 2011. The game uses a real 3D space allowing gamers to play like traditional jigsaw puzzle games on table which removes the restriction of the computer screen. In this version the game developers have made the game and its controls more intuitive.

Gaia PC Jigsaw Puzzle 2 Game Demo Download
Buy Gaia PC Jigsaw Puzzle 2 $9.99

Gaia PC Jigsaw Puzzle 2 System Requirements

Minimum system requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Pentium II/equivalent
RAM Memory: 1024 MB
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Graphic card: DirectX 9.0c compatible with 3D capabilities
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Hard drive: 20 MB
Internet connection: One-time connection for installation

Worms Ultimate Mayhem Game Download

Consumers can finally play Worms Ultimate Mayhem on their PC or XBox 360s assuming they buy it from Stream or the XBox Live Arcade first :O). Worms Ultimate Mayhem costs 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and £10.99/€12.99/$14.99 for PC from Steam. Playstation Network users will have to wait until later this year to download and play Worms Ultimate Mayhem. (more…)

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