CowBeam iOS Puzzle Game

Netherlands based Indie game developer Digital Dreams released Cowbeam, a confusing mess of a seek n find with hints puzzle game for the iOS platform priced at $1.99 but consumers can buy for the first week at $0.99. The game confused us equally on the IPhone and the IPad. (more…)

Orcs Must Die 2 PC Download

Robot Entertainment released Orcs Must Die 2, the sequel to the mysteriously named Orcs Must Die for the PC. If you are unfamiliar with the original Orcs Must Die Robot Entertainment combined action and strategy/tower defense game play. Orcs Must Die 2 costs $14.99. (more…)

Vampires! Coming to PC, iOS Android

Czech based CBE Software released this trailer for a video game called Vampire! coming to consumers PC, iOS and the Android platforms sometime in the 4th Quarter. The trailer showcases a new character, the Vampire Queen. The trailer looks like the game might offer reverse tower defense but they describe Vampires! as a fast paced puzzle game. Does the Vampires! game trailer look like a puzzle game to you?

Commando Jack FPS Tower Defense Combo iOS Game

Colossal Games and Chillingo Games released Commmando Jack, an iOS game offering a unique combination of first person shooter and tower defense game play for $0.99. You can buy more cash in the game for an addition $0.99.

You must defend the earth from an alien invasion in different geographic locations like Paris, Tokyo, Cairo and good old New York. For each level you place turrets and defenses around your main position. Then you toggle to the first person shooter perspective where you can fire at the aliens as they approach. Within the FPS mode you can toggle between a close up view and longer distance view. The close up view helps improve your accuracy when you shoot the weapon. Commando Jack offers a fun strategic and action oriented game play for IPhone and IPad users. (more…)

A Virus Named Tom PC Puzzle Game Out

Indie game developer Misfits Attic released their first pc game called “A Virus Named Tom”, a puzzle game on sale for 25% off the $9.99 price. A Virus Named Tom offers a well executed take on what we call a connect the pipes to let the water flow puzzle game. Don’t get us wrong. Misfits Attic designed very difficult puzzles. (more…)

Escape from XiBalba iOS Puzzle Game

Puzzle game lovers may love Escape from Xibalba, a puzzle game created by Kimbomba Games playable on your IPhone, IPad and or IPod Touch device. Escape from Xibalbe offers a top down 3D maze/labyrinth game experience where you play as Eek, a Mayan child who falls into a cave and gets trapped in Xibalba, the magical mayan underworld. Evil Priest, Death Warriors and giant skeletons will try to block you from solving the 40 labyrinths in the game. We have seen elements of this game mechanic before in games like the 2D puzzle game Chocolate Castle from Lexaloft.

Escape from Xibalba iOS Puzzle Game $0.99

Funny Interview with the Higgs Boson God Particle

Agent Higgs iOS Puzzle Game Download

Harold Balls, the mythical hero/leader of our editorial team scored an exclusive interview with the elusive but long sought after Higgs Boson God Particle, a theorized piece of the Standard model of particle physics. Dr. Peter Higgs, a British Theoretical Physicist and emeritus professor at the University of Edinburgh, and his team originally proposed the existence of the “God Particle” in 1964. The folks at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear research recently announced they have found this “God Particle”, who we contacted through back channels to arrange this rogue interview, sponsored by TestTube Games creators of Agent Higgs, a puzzle game consumers can play on their IPhones, IPads and or IPod Touch devices. Consumers can buy and download Agent Higgs through Apple’s App Store for $0.99. (more…)

Do Penguins Fly.. in the Air?

Do you know if penguins can actually fly? Zoologists have classified Penguins as birds with wings. Maybe penguins cannot fly in real life but that’s the objective for the game player in Penguins Wings 2 from InfiApps. You must make the penguin fly the greatest distance possible to earn points and embarrass your friends (in the multi-player mode). (more…)

Gets to the Exit iOS Android Game Download

Gets to the Exit from Rolling Media offers a unique take on the platform puzzle genre. Gets to the Exit game features “The Gets” and you must solve each level’s puzzle platform to guide them to the exits. Rolling Media constructed the platform in columns, which can slide up or down to allow the “gets” to the exit. Sometimes the columns contain tunnels which the Gets must travel through to complete the level.

Consumers can download Gets to the Exit to their IPhones, IPads and Android devices for $0.99.

Gets to the Exit iOS Puzzle Platform Game Download $0.99

Gets to the Exit Android Puzzle Platform Game Download $0.99

Great Big War Game Out on iOS and Android

UK based Independent game developer, Rubicon Dev, released Great Big War Game, a turned based multi-player strategy game on both the iOS and Android platforms for $2.99. GBWG follows Rubicon’s mega hit Great Little War Game. The game stars Jenkins and a not so smart General named Generalissimo. Generalissimo kindly shared a photo of himself posing in his bathing suit for the HarryBalls Bathing Suit Edition. (more…)

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