Agent Higgs iOS Puzzle Game Download

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Particle Physics so you can debate Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory? If you answered “yes” to this question continue reading about Agent Biggs, a puzzle game created by Test Tube Games out for IPhones, IPads and IPod Touch devices for $0.99. (more…)

Ichi iOS Puzzle Game Download

Jay van Hutten and Stolen Couch Games released Ichi, a puzzle game on the iOS platform for $0.99. Ichi offers a solid family and kid friendly puzzle game experience. (more…)

Monsters Kickstarter Game Project

Reve Studios and Gray Squid Division want your help. Well. actually they want you to back their 2d platform puzzle game called Monsters, due out on iOS, PC and Mac platforms, at Kickstarter. They have eight days to raise about $62,000. Help them. (more…)

Back Nomsters Game on Kickstarter

You have 20 plus hours left to back Nomsters, a fast paced arcade puzzle game from New York based indie game studio Large Animal Games, on KickStarter. (more…)

Graffiti Heaven iOS Android Puzzle Game

Are you looking to increase your level of patience and focus? Graffiti Heaven, a puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms will definitely help you do this if you stick with it. A group of Italian game development students who call themselves “Just Another Indie Game Company” collaborated to release Graffiti Heaven this week. Graffiti Heaven costs $.99 for IPhone, IPad and IPod Touch and $0.99 for Android version.

Graffiti Heaven iOS Game Download $0.99

Graffiti Heaven Android Game Download $0.99

In Graffiti Heaven a graffiti artist’s soul gets trapped in graffiti after his death. You must free his soul by repainting graffiti art tilting your device to guide the paint brush along its path. If the paint brush travels outside the art you must restart the level. Graffiti Heaven features art from actual graffiti artists. Graffiti Heaven offers an unhurried game play experience. Buy this game if you want to help enhance your children’s patience.

Mechadroids Free Android Game Download

Cracker from Mechadroid

Cracker from Mechadroids

Deadworld Studios, a small UK based independent games company released Mechadroids a free-to-play, menu-based, massively multiplayer mech combat game with a satirical twist. (more…)

Bitter Sam iOS Physics Game Download

Bitter Sam iOS Physics Game

Bitter Sam iOS Physics Arcade Game

Moon Active Games released Bitter Sam, a clever iOS Physics game priced at $0.99.

Bitter Sam features Sam, a little creature kidnapped by a scientist who forces Sam to search a bottomless pit for special crystals. The scientist lowers Sam on a rope into the pit and you must tilt your device to swing Sam away from danger like stones and cutting devices and towards the crystals to acquire them. We breezed through the first four levels which act as the tutorial but were stopped cold on the five level. The obstacles get trickier and the power-ups get harder to acquire without cutting the rope and dropping Sam to his death. (more…)

Sheep Up iOS Puzzle Platform Game Download

Italy based Bad Seed Entertainment released Sheep Up!, a top down puzzle platform bouncy bouncy tilt game for $0.99. You guide the single sheep through 20 levels by tilting your device as the sheep bounces along the path while avoiding the black chasm of death. (more…)

Nuclear Hipster iOS Game Download

California based Doriguzzi Studios, released Nuclear Hipster, where you have to save your bandmates by locating all the nuclear bombs before the timer goes off. They call the game an instant cult classic featuring anarchist aliens, robot dinosaurs, and bear-sharks. We call Nuclear Hipster a game that lacks direction, fun and any sort of engaging game play not worth the $1.99 price. They should give it away for free and attempt to make money through ads. (more…)

Canyon Dash iOS Game Download

Gavin Clifton, a one man indie game developer, released Canyon Dash on the ios platform for $0.99. In Canyon Dash, you guide a railroad cart down train tracks by tilting your ios device. You collect gold and gems for bonus points and dynamite to blow up giant boulders blocking the track. We like the tilting element but would like an option to use touch to guide the rail cart. The options to choose come very fast and tilting the screen makes it harder to see them. Maybe the game developer designed the game that way purposely. You will get your money’s worth with Canyon Dash.

Canyon Dash iOS Game Download $0.99

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