Crazy Vampires iOS Puzzle Game Download

Humans defending vampires? What is the world coming to? Clearly the folks at CBE Software haven’t seen the latest season of True Blood because they released a puzzle game on the iOS platform called Crazy Vampires where you (the human) must guide the Vampires to their crypts before daylight burns them blacker than over done toast.

Crazy Vampires iOS Puzzle Game Download

As we mentioned about you must save the Vampires through the labyrinths to their crypts. You do this by rotating parts of the labyrinth to create new paths, using garlic and employing some creative use of spider webs all to redirect the vamps to their sleeping quarters.

iOS gamers can download a free version of Crazy Vampires which comes with 12 playable levels and 53 unlockable levels with a $1.99 purchase or you can buy the whole game for $1.99 upfront. Crazy Vampires combines reverse Tower Defense with puzzle elements to offer a biting good time.

Word Carnivale iOS Puzzle Word Game

Do you like word games? Do you like games like Bejeweled and Diamond Dash? If answered “yes” to these extremely challenging questions then you will enjoy Word Carnivale, a new word puzzle game created by San Diego based Playscreen.

In the playful carnivale themed Word Carnivale puzzle game you must create words from the letters on the balloons before the timer runs out. When you successfully create a word the balloons pop and balloons with new letters replace them. The game forces you to open an account using your Facebook login data or an email address. We guess this encourages virtual social interaction but we this irritates us. Just let us play the game without having to let the world know what we are doing. Is that too much too ask?

Consumers can play Word Carnivale on their IPhone, IPad, and IPod Touch devices for free as long they don’t mind advertising. You can pay $2.99 to remove the ads permanently.

Word Carnivale Free IPhone Word Puzzle Game

Word Carnivale Free IPad Word Puzzle Game

Endless Empires IndieGoGo Campaign

Canadian based Rusty Axe Games launched an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign for their free to play online WW II strategy game called Endless Empires Endless Empires takes place during World War II across the northern European continent. Rusty Axe Games will invest the IndiGoGo funds to enhance and improve the game. If you like indie strategy games check out the pitch and empty your wallet.

Support Endless Empires IndieGoGo Campaign

Guano iOS Arcade Game Download

Has a bird ever crapped on your head? Have you ever wanted to crap on a human? In Guano, an iOS arcade game for the iOS Platform where the game player must “dump” some bird doo on human heads from Baltimore based Big Goose Egg Games became available last week. Guano costs $0.99. (more…)

Dark Nebula out on Android

Free Lunch Designs released Dark Nebula, originally created by Anders Hejdenberg on the Google Play Android Platform for $0.99. Amazon App Store Android users can also buy Dark Nebula for the same price. Free Lunch Designs first released Dark Nebula on the iOS platform. (more…)

Shuriken Chicken iOS Game Download

Australian based Games for Gummie released Shuriken Chicken 1.0 for iOS, described as “stylized side scroller game where players control a ninja chicken”. As described the Shuriken Chicken features a plumb chicken who runs on the screen from left to right. You must help him run as far as possible while avoiding obstacles and destroying enemies with shuriken, ninja throwing stars. The chicken can bounce off trampolines and springboards. (more…)

Independent Propeller Award 2012 Winners

Indiepub announced their winners of the Independent Propeller Awards honoring games from indie game creators in areas of audio, design, technical excellence, mobile and art as well as the Grand Prize. Winners received cold hard cash. We provided the game name, game trailer and links to the game’s site or the ITunes purchase page below. In our scientific opinion we think these games are pretty sick, in a good way. (more…)

A Little Turbulence iOS Arcade Game Download

With Inc and Will Jardine released “A Little Turbulence” an top down scrolling retro arcade game on iOS for $0.99. You guide a cloud through the sky as the cloud absorbs other clouds to increase its size. The cloud’s size determines how you will fair when you run into objects in the sky like birds, planes, jets, helicopters and anything else flying in the sky. The cloud transforms into a “rage mode” when it hits its maximum size. We see game mechanic influences from Tasty Planet, Tasty Planet 2 and any vertical scrolling arcade game.

A Little Turbulence iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99

Temple Run Coming to Android March 27th

Independent game developers Imangi Studios announced plans to release Temple Run, a great running platform game, on the Android platform March 27th in a free to play model. You guide the main Indiana Jones type character as he escapes a Temple on the run down ancient walls and along sheer cliffs. You have to swipe your device to make sharp turns, avoid obstacles, collect coins to see how far he can run.

You can find more information about Imangi Studios at their web site.

In case you own an iOS device you download Temple Run at the ITunes app store link.

Siege Hero iOS Arcade Game Download

Siege Hero iOS Arcade Game Download

Warspark and Armor Games released Siege Hero, one of the best Angry Birds clones we have come across. Kingdoms are under siege by the bad guys and you have to retake castles. Rather than launching projectiles from the left to the right sides of the screen you actually launch them from the front to the back so to speak. The projectiles include boulders, rocks, barrels of oil, flasks of liquid fire and bombs. Sometimes you have to strategically destroy a bridge or bridges to knock down the siege participants (See the video of level 2-8 below). Even though it does resemble Angry Birds to some degree, Warspark’s unique take on the physics puzzle genre makes Siege Hero a worthwhile download. Siege Hero is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later and costs $0.99 and the HD version costs $2.99.

Siege Hero iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99

Siege Hero iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99

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