Creepy Creeps Android Tower Defense Game

Evil Lemon released Creepy Creeps, a tower defense game for the Android platform. Android gamers can play the first three levels for free and play $1.99 to access the remaining 7 levels. Creepy Creeps takes place in the desert where the evil creeps attack and steal your people. You can use eight different towers, traps and weapons to stop them dead in their tracks. Atomic bombs make an appearance. (more…)

Imbalanced Free iOS Android Platform Game Download

Sebastian Tobler, a Swiss based indie game developer created in one day a free mobile platform game called Imbalanced for the iOS and Android platforms. The game player directs the black character hop from column to column by taping the screen as it scrolls, fairly quickly, from left to right. As Sebastian says this is a super simple but challenging game but it can get boring quickly unless you enjoy playing a game exclusively to hunt for the highest score.


Gaslight iOS Android Strategy Game

Pixofactor released Gaslight a free to play steampunk themed strategy game for both the iOS and Android platforms. The game trailer above acts only as a teaser and doesn’t show any element of the game play which leads us to believe the game doesn’t offer much new in terms of game play. Our experience with Gaslight so far reinforces this conclusion. The game takes place in a land called Eastland where two groups, The Coalition and The Underground, fight over natural resources. Our experience with Gaslight so far reinforces this conclusion. Players must build empires and armies one building at a time. (more…)

Happily Ever After IPad Game Download

Happily Ever After Trailer from Slug Vids on Vimeo.

UK independent game developer Honeyslug and publishing partner Boiled Frog released a multi dimensional puzzle game for the IPad priced at $4.99.

Honeyslug describes Happily Ever After as follows:

Happily Ever After is a humorous puzzle adventure game which takes place in the contemporary fairytale Kingdom of Unbelievaville. After receiving a series of strange emails to your problem solving blog you find yourself trapped in the Kingdom. Following a hostile encounter with the Evil Queen, your only way home is to help out the cast of familiar fairytale characters with unfamiliar problems. These inhabitants include BB Wolff – the local smarmy, estate agent and apparent master of disguise, Goldilocks, a special girl with very particular tastes and an oafish, lazy prince who is charming only by name. (more…)

Paul & Percy Puzzle IPad Game Download

Denmark based Kipper Digital released their unique platform puzzle game Paul & Percy on the IPad for $2.99. Paul & Percy players have to cooperate with themselvs as they progress through a strange but intriguing world. Jump, push and stomp your way through an epic puzzling adventure. Took a wrong step? No problem, the 5th dimension features a handy rewind button that makes puzzle solving more fun than ever. (more…)

Zombie Gnomes Attack Android Game Download

Arowx Games released Zombie Gnomes Attack for Android phones for $0.99. We would describe Zombie Gnomes Attack as a first person shooter as the Zombie Gnomes relentlessly come at you like Kamikaze piloted planes. (more…)

Unity of Command Strategy Game Download

Independent game developer 2×2 Games released their downloadable World War II PC strategy game called Unity of Command for $29.99 directly from their web site –

In Unity of Command, an operational-level wargame that covers the entire 1942/43 Stalingrad Campaign on the Eastern Front, the gamer can play from both the Axis and Soviet perspectives. (more…)

Ensign 1 Game Development Update

Leon Deckard, one of the stars of the game Ensign 1 shared this game development update with Harry Balls.

Ensign Monologue: Week 1

I signed up for the Ensign project today. I’m now part of the 200 man crew that will be sent as part of the Coalition’s most ambitious endeavor to find a new home for our people to live in. It’s been over a year now since deep space probes sent back intel of what looks to be our best hope of a new solar system capable of supporting life. No doubt the space pirates have also received word and are preparing something of their own. (more…)

Tap’N’Roll Game Development Update

Written by The Ball, one of the stars of the game Tap’N’Roll by Digital Prunes.

Wow, these magnets! They are so strong! It took me some bruises and some quick thinking to get around them. And you see, sometimes I do need them – to give me a push in the right direction. But boy, if you make me linger for too long in my heavy metal personality, I will not enjoy crashing into them, dragged and warped by their mantic field. So watch out, I am totally at the mercy of your skillful tapping. (more…)

Zombicider Game Character Development Diary

Written by Slow Pete, Star of the game Zombicider, by Better Bug Games coming to Kongregate.

Avast ye scurvy dogs! Slow Pete here, an the scags over at Better Bug Games ‘ave tasked me wit relayin news from the front lines. Would that they’d tell ye themselves, but ‘tween fighting off hordes o’ zombies and building Zombicider, they’ve given the duty te me. (more…)

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