Plight of the Zombies Coming to iOS and Android Spring 2012

Finally a game worthy of zombie lovers tired of seeing zombies die at the hands of crazed humans. Spark Plug Games anounced their plans to release Plight of the Zombies on the iOS and Android platforms later this summer.

Here’s a partial description of Plight of the Zombies from the folks at Spark Plug Games:

:All we ask is that you to check out our cause and help end zombie hunger. There are those among us who are misunderstood. They’re rejected by society and even killed, just for being who they are! It’s time to walk a mile in someone else’s shoe, or in this instance, someone’s deceased and quite undead shoe as you feel the everlasting pangs of hunger.

You know what it’s like to be counting down the clock to lunchtime, absolutely craving a burger (or veggie burger). Just imagine that feeling every day. And instead of burgers, you want brains. It could happen, right?

“Zombie hunger is a real epidemic and one that we take very seriously here at Spark Plug Games,” said John O’Neill, carnivorous President of Spark Plug Games. “We have invested heavily into the cure for zombie hunger in this yummy game, and we hope it solves the plight of zombies everywhere.”

Plight of the Zombie features:
● Play over 30 deliciously brainy puzzles
● Be one with your inner zombie. As you nom on yummy brains
● Support a savory cause by helping end zombie hunger
● Appetizing store with plenty of tasteful accessories for your zombies
● Available initially on Android platforms by Q2 2012, iOS by Q3
● It’s free! Some people say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. We beg to differ…”

We look forward to playing Plight of the Zombies when it becomes available for download.

Presidents Run iOS Game Download

React Games released Presidents Run, a side scrolling platform game allowing you to experience the life of a presidential candidate crisscrossing the country collecting votes. Power Ups include power-shoes which may make you the most powerful leader on earth. Gamers can download the Presidential Run to their IPhones, IPads, and IPod Touch. President’s Run seems like a pretty standard platform running style game without offering any super earth shattering.

Presidents Run Free iOS Game Download

Here’s React Games Description of President’s Run:

“From Utah-based independent developer, ‘React! Games’, comes a brilliantly designed distance runner in which you choose your favorite presidential candidate, and run across the country collecting as many votes as you can! To help you along the way, upgrades such as power-shoes are available that give you special abilities to help you become the most powerful man on earth!

“We wanted to give people a fun and engaging way to participate in the race to the White House,” said Chad Lee, Managing Director of React! Games. “Not only will they compete against friends to see who can make it farthest, but every mile they run and vote they collect will be reflected at We think ‘Presidents Run’ can predict the results of this year’s election.”

Published by 6waves and just released on iOS for the Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod Touch®, and the Apple iPad®, as well as in the Android™ Play Store, ‘Presidents Run’ will be updated by the developer on a bi-monthly basis with new features, characters, backgrounds, items, shoes and accessories. Available as a FREE download, this awesome title will have live updates (online) featuring cumulative distance and vote totals for each candidate in the game. ‘Presidents Run’ is a unique twist on the American Idol™ type of call-in for your favorite contestant but instead of calling in, you simply play the game. Each play session records your distance and votes earned per candidate, and upload those numbers online – the more you play, the farther your favorite candidate gets. Players are encouraged to keep a close eye on the games Facebook & Twitter as weekly challenges and prizes will be posted and drawn. To kick things off, React! Games is sponsoring a sweepstakes on the game’s website where you can enter to win a free Apple iPad® and other prizes.

“We see ‘Presidents Run’ as a way for players to show support for their favorite candidate, and if that happens to be Zombie George Washington, then all the more fun!” continues Casey Spencer, Producer at React! Games.”

Presidents Run Free iOS Game Download

Tower Siege Free IOS Game Download

Synaptic Wave, a Ukrainian game development company decided to offer Tower Siege for free for a limited amount of time. Synaptic Wave pointed us to the game play video trailer above for their extremely similar game called Tesla Wars because they don’t have one for Tower Siege. We have played both Tower Siege and Tesla Wars each to the 10th level and they are both identical so far, except Tower Siege is free for the time being.

Tower Siege iOS Game Download

Both games are a twist on the tower defense genre without the strategy but require much more eye hand coordination. You must direct Tesla type electrical energy strikes towards black stick figures attacking both your power tower and the fence. You earn points for how many you kill and taking no mercy on the injured stick figures crawling away from your attacks.

A Little Turbulence iOS Arcade Game Download

With Inc and Will Jardine released “A Little Turbulence” an top down scrolling retro arcade game on iOS for $0.99. You guide a cloud through the sky as the cloud absorbs other clouds to increase its size. The cloud’s size determines how you will fair when you run into objects in the sky like birds, planes, jets, helicopters and anything else flying in the sky. The cloud transforms into a “rage mode” when it hits its maximum size. We see game mechanic influences from Tasty Planet, Tasty Planet 2 and any vertical scrolling arcade game.

A Little Turbulence iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99

MeatBot Upcoming Mobile Game Trailer

“AMAZING MeatBot!” Trailer (iPhone/Android/mobile game) from Milkman Games on Vimeo.

We came across this game trailer for MeatBot from San Francisco based indie game developer Milkman Games. The game features an anti veggy robot named Meatbot who clearly prefers meat for his nourishment. The game play looks interesting with some original mechanics and some influenced from games like Fruit Ninja. You flick Meatbot’s head to allow the meat to fly into his mouth and let the head drop to block the veggies from gaining entrance into Meatbot’s oral orifice. You will also be able to slice the veggies in half a la Fruit Ninja. MeatBot comes out April 19th on multiple platforms: iOS, Kindle, Android, BlackBerry, Nook and HP’s Web OS. Prices are TBD.

Spring Bonus Puzzle Game Out On Mobile – iOS, Android and Nook

Vancouver, Canada based Grey Alien Games partnered with Hot Head Games to publish Spring Bonus, their seasonal themed match three puzzle game on iOS, Android and Nook devices. Summer Bonus offers match 3 puzzle lovers a spring themed game featuring cuddly bunnies, carrots, different colored Easter Eggs, carrots and flowers. Spring Bonus’ game play may not be the most unique in the world but if you like match 3 puzzle games you will like this one. We started playing the pc version and before we know it an hour passed by. Match 3 puzzle games hypnotize us. iOS users can get Spring Bonus for free with paid upgrades while Android and Nook users will have to pay $1.99. Kindle Fire and Windows Phone users can also by Spring Bonus for $1.99.

Spring Bonus Nook Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Spring Bonus Free iOS Puzzle Game Download

Android Phone
Spring Bonus Android Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Kindle Fire
Spring Bonus Kindle Fire Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Windows Phone
Spring Bonus Windows Phone Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Hollyweird Zombies iOS Game Download

We like to highlight apps that may inject some humor into our lives. With a name like “Harry Balls” would you expect otherwise? We came across Hollyweird Zombies, a free ios game consumers can download to their IPhone, IPod Touch, and IPad using iOS 4.1 or later. What does Hollyweird Zombies do? As you might guess its a Zombie themed side scrolling game that let’s you turn photos of your favorite and less than favorites folks into Zombies so you can destroy them with weapons like machine guns and chainsaws. Admittedly the game mechanic won’t win any awards for innovation but Hollyweird Zombies may help you blow off steam.

Hollyweird Zombies Free iOS Game Download

Connectrode iOS Puzzle Game Download

We came across a fantastic puzzle game for the iOS platform called Connectrode created by Deep Plaid Games who say Tetris, Drop7, Dr. Mario, and Bejeweled games all influenced the game design. Many many game developers and publishers uses the adjective “addictive” to describe their work. Rarely does it apply. In the case of Connectrode we use words hypnotically addictive to describe this great puzzle game. (more…)

Zepi Dark Rabbit Hole iOS Game Download

Ostin Games released Zepi:Dark HD 1.2, an iOS game with a new feature called the Rabbit Hole, a parallel world where characters like TimePills and CrazyRockets which act as power-ups reside. If you grab one of the characters before the hole closes they will help you score higher in the game. In Zepi Dark you have to form as many links as possible between same characters either Skulls, eyeballs, vampire teeth and a blue heart shaped bottle. The more links you connect the higher your score. When you unleash the CrazyRocket power up it creates a massive link before you even start the game. (more…)

Nuclear Hipster iOS Game Download

California based Doriguzzi Studios, released Nuclear Hipster, where you have to save your bandmates by locating all the nuclear bombs before the timer goes off. They call the game an instant cult classic featuring anarchist aliens, robot dinosaurs, and bear-sharks. We call Nuclear Hipster a game that lacks direction, fun and any sort of engaging game play not worth the $1.99 price. They should give it away for free and attempt to make money through ads. (more…)

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