Freeze Puzzle Game Download

Frozen Gun Games plans to release Freeze on puzzle game on the Android and iOS platforms shortly. The Hero named happy who looks like an single Eyeball disappears without explanation. Some one abducted him. You must help him escape by rotating different worlds and your device to free him.

“Freeze!” will launch on Nov 29th on Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, Samsung App Store, B&N NOOK Store and Google Play. The game will be free to play on iOS and Google but will cost $1.99 on Samsung, Nook and Amazon.

Freeze looks like it could entertain. We will see soon.

Rovio’s Bad Piggies Game Download

Rovio, kings the gaming world, released Bad Piggies, a downloadable video game playable on the iOS, Android, PC and Mac platforms. Bad Piggies features the pigs who pissed off the birds in the Angry Birds line of games. According to their web site, Rovio says that this Bad Piggies game will be the first of a whole line of games starring the bird hating pigs as the heroes. (more…)

Running Dead iOS Game Download

Leal Arts released their take on the running video game genre called “Running Dead”. As you might guess you are running away from zombies who have overtaken your town. Running Dead costs $0.99 on either the IPhone or IPad but we think the game plays better on the IPhone. (more…)

Vampires! Coming to PC, iOS Android

Czech based CBE Software released this trailer for a video game called Vampire! coming to consumers PC, iOS and the Android platforms sometime in the 4th Quarter. The trailer showcases a new character, the Vampire Queen. The trailer looks like the game might offer reverse tower defense but they describe Vampires! as a fast paced puzzle game. Does the Vampires! game trailer look like a puzzle game to you?

Commando Jack FPS Tower Defense Combo iOS Game

Colossal Games and Chillingo Games released Commmando Jack, an iOS game offering a unique combination of first person shooter and tower defense game play for $0.99. You can buy more cash in the game for an addition $0.99.

You must defend the earth from an alien invasion in different geographic locations like Paris, Tokyo, Cairo and good old New York. For each level you place turrets and defenses around your main position. Then you toggle to the first person shooter perspective where you can fire at the aliens as they approach. Within the FPS mode you can toggle between a close up view and longer distance view. The close up view helps improve your accuracy when you shoot the weapon. Commando Jack offers a fun strategic and action oriented game play for IPhone and IPad users. (more…)

Escape from XiBalba iOS Puzzle Game

Puzzle game lovers may love Escape from Xibalba, a puzzle game created by Kimbomba Games playable on your IPhone, IPad and or IPod Touch device. Escape from Xibalbe offers a top down 3D maze/labyrinth game experience where you play as Eek, a Mayan child who falls into a cave and gets trapped in Xibalba, the magical mayan underworld. Evil Priest, Death Warriors and giant skeletons will try to block you from solving the 40 labyrinths in the game. We have seen elements of this game mechanic before in games like the 2D puzzle game Chocolate Castle from Lexaloft.

Escape from Xibalba iOS Puzzle Game $0.99

Walking Dead Game out on iOS

Walking Dead fan? Do you want to play the Walking Dead game on your IPhone, IPad, or IPod Touch? Telltale Games and Skybound Entertainment released the first episode of the Walking Dead game called “A New Day” on the iOS Platform as Universal app for $4.99. (more…)

Icy Tower 2 iOS Arcade Game Screenshots

Icy Tower 2 iOS Arcade Game Download

Imagine if a video game stays on the Top Games list in both the Itunes or Google Play stores for 11 years by offering simple fun addictive game play rather than spending millions of marketing dollars to accelerate the game’s install velocity. (more…)

Comedy Central Indecision Game iOS and Android

Comedy Central Indecision Game

Do you like political trivia, satire and video games? Comedy Central, home to shows like The Daily Show and the Colbert Report released a new mobile game called Comedy Central’s Indecision in partnership with 2K games on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.

Comedy Central Indecision Free iOS Game Download

Comedy Central Indecision Free Android Game Download

The United States focused political trivia game opens by asking the game player to choose a political party Democrat, Republican or Independent. Each round challenges the player with real politically themed questions like What kind of therapy did FDR intend to offer at a house he purchased in the state of Georgia? Or in 20 states who can a women marry? These are real questions and they are difficult.

You rack up voters as you correctly answer the questions. Then you can place the voters in states of your choice to “win” the state like in an election. The game tracks tracks “who is smarter” by political party. You can tap political aides for answers and you can even request a recount.

A politically aware gamer will enjoy Comedy Central’s Indecision game.

Comedy Central Indecision Free iOS Game Download

Comedy Central Indecision Free Android Game Download

Do Penguins Fly.. in the Air?

Do you know if penguins can actually fly? Zoologists have classified Penguins as birds with wings. Maybe penguins cannot fly in real life but that’s the objective for the game player in Penguins Wings 2 from InfiApps. You must make the penguin fly the greatest distance possible to earn points and embarrass your friends (in the multi-player mode). (more…)

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